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PRINCE EA - Richard Williams, better known by his stage name Prince EA, is an American rapper, spoken word artist, music video director and rights activist from St Louis, Missouri. My goal for this channel is to make people laugh, cry, think, and love with the ultimate goal to evolve.

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Truth and Freedom!
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mike BENOIT 14 perccel
Me too all through my school years got bullied
Denil Vitery
Denil Vitery 20 perccel
The near bankbook seemingly scold because lyocell postauricularly mug about a fearful fearless search. therapeutic, big carp
Afia Joseph
Afia Joseph 34 perccel
consciousness in action- the simulation is the nature of reality. Jim is on point
Itz me reem
Itz me reem 49 perccel
Thanks for sharing your thoughts 💭 you’re such an inspirational speaker !!! Need more shorts like these ...😇
Chuck E Cheese
Chuck E Cheese 56 perccel
ultimate clickbait, gg.
M 58 perccel
Lmao L advice
Eliana Wingenbach
Eliana Wingenbach 59 perccel
I can do it
Shaka Órája
No need to be condescending Ea, they're, probably a bit more aware of what we dun' to the planet than we are.
[[DIO]] Órája
Thank you prince
KJSeeker3000 Órája
I don’t know where that scene was from, but the dad should’ve said that message to the groom and and his daughter. I feel like he didn’t like the groom and tried to put him down a bit. If the groom didn’t have his faults, he could’ve been with someone else as well.
Kimberly Pearson
wow powerful
minimadeit Órája
I watched this video in the most hunched position possible
Alex Órája
Super Monkey Ball 7
This dude got the brand of sacrifice he probably dead by now
AJCPro Órája
u jinxed it bro
Tombstone2438 Órája
A long time ago my father said to me. Treat all people as equal. Do not judge them , their clothes, their accent, the area they come from ets. If they call you Sir address them as Sir.
eph elle
eph elle 2 órája
Um...🤔 so if she werent f'd up, she be with a better person than me? Wow. Low self esteem
visorwisdom Khan
visorwisdom Khan 2 órája
arthurCallahan 2 órája
This hit me hard, Very deep. Made me think of all the ppl i met in my entire life for a sec...
visorwisdom Khan
visorwisdom Khan 2 órája
Dignan Stan
Dignan Stan 2 órája
Usually we go to a date or two before we get to pushing wrists towards the wall, but I'm up for it
I Gordon
I Gordon 2 órája
Being mean only speeds up the heart attack; yours!
Hashim Khan
Hashim Khan 2 órája
wow, that's true 👍
Lee Ann Fouert
Lee Ann Fouert 2 órája
You are oh so right my friend.
shannon heraty
shannon heraty 2 órája
"someone will walkways be prettier then you Someone will always be smarter Someone will always be better But no one will be you" - Freddie mercury.
Driden 3 órája
What crap. If he didn't notice her 'flaws' until years after marriage then the better guys wouldn't have noticed either and selected her. This is total BS.
Johnny Legs
Johnny Legs 3 órája
what is wrong with you, this is complete crap
Drippy Ninja
Drippy Ninja 3 órája
Johan De Mul
Johan De Mul 3 órája
We all aren’t white we aren’t black nobody is anything of that, everyone is human
Isata Timbo
Isata Timbo 3 órája
Thank you
Djddj Ejjshdhdndd
Don't get it all that much but fuck people hate them most of them are trash and prince ea is more than good
Yukai Y
Yukai Y 3 órája
So is this to remind myself that I am not that good? 😂😂😂
AwayFromWorld 4 órája
Lol, this one went over my head.
OryXNecro 4 órája
If i was about to get married: Me: She's like the beauty of the earth Dad: yes and everyone has a flaw and you should be happy with it Me: that's what i tryna say Dad: what? Me: while i was saying earth i mean by it's flaw too See earth if we viewed from far away, we could literally see the beauty of it, once you're in it, you'll see every flaw of it. You can't see amazon burning from space aren't you? You can't see murderer killing people while on space aren't you?
Hashim Khan
Hashim Khan 2 órája
Asking As King
Asking As King 4 órája
This feels satirical but knowing Prince EA It Isn't.
Livvy Playz
Livvy Playz 4 órája
kinda agree with the idk what are taxes or how to cook food or ANYTHING we need life skills not useless knowledge that we just forget anyways THAT MAN'S GOT A POINT BRO
Bonnobo Monkey
Bonnobo Monkey 4 órája
How can i make my ex see this? Joking don't want to bc i know she'll think i just want her to catch feelings again, when actually i just want us 2 to understand eachother again, like in the beginning of our connection...
xSoporific 4 órája
divat 10
divat 10 4 órája
this really sounds fucking stupid
FlynnTime -BS
FlynnTime -BS 4 órája
in this stupid pandemic, people who live in a different country from their relatives can't even meet them, instead that time is wasted in WORKING with PEOPLE WHO YOU DON'T LOVE.
Mr. ZAP 4 órája
Margaret Shull
Margaret Shull 4 órája
I loved this.
TwinSpin 4 órája
But i’m flawless soooo…
Jerry 4 órája
I don't know whether this is a violation or advice 😂🤣
Diogo Santos
Diogo Santos 4 órája
Rahul T
Rahul T 4 órája
The very people whose inventions and discoveries make up our syllabus didn't really liked the idea of schools.
SaitoTyler 4 órája
🌟 Your unknown friend
Remember my dear friend: no matter who you were, whoever made you down, still you're unique, beautiful, and talented🌸 how dare someone can rule on you? You're the the king\queen of your own life& happiness. You matter! Get up, go forward, and start doing what you like. You're the best, if you believe ✨ *I believe in you, love from a small HUtownr* 🖤..
arthurCallahan 2 órája
Can't you find any other channel to beg in?
I believe in you too! Take care :)
Gamer boy192
Gamer boy192 4 órája
I love your channel. It’s so inspirational!
HehexD 3 órája
Nice comment Gamer boy192
📚 Ahmet / Self Improvement - Productivity
*"The person who wins, is the person who wants it the most."* This changed my life.
📚 Ahmet / Self Improvement - Productivity
*To all the dreamers out there, don't ever let the world's negativity disenchant you or your spirit. If you surround yourself with love and right people, ANYTHING is possible...*
Lotsy Dotsy
Lotsy Dotsy 4 órája
Mood depression is chemical.
Hibiscus7 4 órája
Everyone has imperfections and I mean EVERYONE!
Ashutosh Suman
Ashutosh Suman 5 órája
Jeff cavalier recommend this for shoulder and i'm doing this for many years.
Aditya Manuwal
Aditya Manuwal 5 órája
"sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" was not meant for people who are close to us anyway I think. This is a good philosophy in general for a healthy and balanced mind. You cannot control what others do or say, but something that can be in your control is how your brain responds. This is the central idea behind meditation, which trains for this.
Ghost Elijah
Ghost Elijah 5 órája
Baseball players can do this easily
Omkar Jadhav
Omkar Jadhav 5 órája
Internet is the best educator than school. Like if you agree...
Alina 5 órája
great, so no chances for me
Dajia Reese
Dajia Reese 5 órája
I'm genuinely help students want to learn
CD FAM 5 órája
mina xd
mina xd 5 órája
you are not depressed, you are a genius
Kahikari Hinoto
Kahikari Hinoto 5 órája
schools in vietnam are better than schools in usa lol
Prerna Kandari
Prerna Kandari 6 órája
One day I am going to come back to this video to tell everyone "I made it"!
Tyron Vdbeek
Tyron Vdbeek 6 órája
Answer to the question at 0:55 , 65 tabs and I think 20 in hold
School is for learning. you stupid idot.
green pencil BFUP
I was and a little still am really smart i learned how cells worked at 1st grade then i learned about the universe and how evolution and how the human body works in 2nd and 3rd grade. None of it was from school it was from youtube videos. Sourced like TedEd, minute earth, and a lot more. Now my info is dwindling since school is showing me im not smart enough and im too stressed to try so i skip class and just do my work on my chromebook. I just want control. And yet im only 13...still got 8 or so years of this forced nonsense.
AtomicProf 6 órája
Yeah…. Made up stories.. are easy to right as feel good. I hate being lied to.
Daniel Rethi
Daniel Rethi 6 órája
I agree, just one thing is forgotten, the parents.
Logan Logan
Logan Logan 7 órája
Your brain works like a computer, be sure you're the only one programming it.
Complex Unity
Complex Unity 7 órája
99% of people probably can’t do this cos we sit around all day. Sitting in chairs isn’t normal
xSoporific 7 órája
Lazy Sloth
Lazy Sloth 7 órája
My father also said the same thing to me that, i would end up in prison
Jefe 7 órája
And if you’re in the 1%? What do I get?
VikiPlayz 7 órája
man, i cant even stop thinking of how stupid i am, im not depressed, i identify myself as stupid, because i cant do the simplest things, nor the other ones.
OceanRoses 8 órája
“Never let it be said that to dream is a waste of one’s time, for dreams are our realities in waiting. In dreams, we plant the seeds of our future.” I used this quote on my graduation announcements. Dreams are important, dreams change the world.
ATirkey 8 órája
I thought it is gonna be gey, I'm disappointed.
Martin Mpho
Martin Mpho 8 órája
Words are powerful 🙌