10 Signs You Might Be Experiencing A Spiritual Awakening 

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Has your life felt adrift over the last year? It is time to become more attuned to yourself. Here are the signs you are on the path of experiencing a spiritual awakening.

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Prince Ea
Prince Ea 6 hónapja
Have you ever experienced anything like this?
Wayne 2 hónapja
Everything. Some of the items are faint but I have them. This awareness is so blissful yet so mentally devastating.
Timotej gaming
Timotej gaming 3 hónapja
MR. K 3 hónapja
yes i am going thru it but a different one i always been awakened but Now My vibration rised i am a lightworker/starseed etc
yes all tha stopeed peepol around me still misunderstanding me and think Im a guy with stopeed thoughts ill kill them all ez
Shayla Crockett
Shayla Crockett 3 hónapja
I ruined the 555 likes 😈😈
Lolita Dejumo
Lolita Dejumo 23 napja
When I was 12 I got spiritual awakening
Thank you. You explained it more than anybody.
Dax Babić
Dax Babić Hónapja
We're must go through, like how "Djindjic" says: hutown.info/base/vide/uJh6q4Cjhn2Tdq8.html
Honey Smith
Honey Smith Hónapja
Hello how are you doing just ran across your video I was looking up something on the Internet I have received some of those signs a lot of them matter of fact actually this morning I seen a snake crawl up on my tree outside my window
Jamie Williams
Jamie Williams Hónapja
Being spiritual awakened can make you feel very misunderstood by others, lot of people close to me are stuck in a rut and don't want to improve their awareness.
Nailah Hicks
Nailah Hicks 2 hónapja
Ahmad ibrahim Diallo
Let’s not forget about religion na
aisha f
aisha f 2 hónapja
omg... this is exactly what I have been going through I understand now...
Brett Kemp
Brett Kemp 2 hónapja
I meditate 7 days a week. Joe Dispenza has been my gudie. At the end of my meditation I ask for a sign from the universe so I know my message has been received. And I know and understand these signs will be mysterious and often come as a surprise. And I have been receiving them. " The universe doesnt respond to what you want. It responds to who you are being." Joe Dispenza
Song name?
Timotej gaming
Timotej gaming 3 hónapja
I have
MR. K 3 hónapja
1:24 you start to disidentify with your gender? ok but gender isn't a label, yes we should be treated equally but that means smn is becoming transgender ? lol and culture .. that depends
Mpumelelo Dlamini
Mpumelelo Dlamini 3 hónapja
please make one about this pandemic
Violet Ryugamine
Violet Ryugamine 3 hónapja
What after I awakened?? Yes I've been experiencing them since last September, I got kicked out from my job, I stopped communication with my friends, and family, living live as if I don't exist. I'm well aware of my deathly depression but I don't hate it. To be honest I don't really care if I die now or more I wish for it to happen.
Anjan Kumar
Anjan Kumar 3 hónapja
This video is really worth watching. And it happens when we profoundly observe the situation inside the internal form of state, without any perplexed mark of judgemental thoughts. Good souls always have spiritual experiences. Be happy
Dr. Amit Gautam
Dr. Amit Gautam 3 hónapja
Experiencing all these signs
missymiss210 3 hónapja
You are amazing💛
missymiss210 3 hónapja
This is sooo good💛
Bianca Christine P. Agustin
Book please
Amelia Charlotte
Amelia Charlotte 3 hónapja
I guess we all want someone who understands our life’s situations and resolving them..I’d strongly recommend @PRIESTESSCYFRIN on Twitter for consultation have a twitter account and leave her your complains highly recommend.
Mary Jane
Mary Jane 2 hónapja
Thanks DR Rorpopor spell on HUtown for helping me get my husband back thanks DR Rorpopor spell on HUtown
Amelia Charlotte
Amelia Charlotte 3 hónapja
I guess we all want someone who understands our life’s situations and resolving them..I’d strongly recommend @PRIESTESSCYFRIN on Twitter for consultation have a twitter account and leave her your complains highly recommend.
salman iltireh
salman iltireh 3 hónapja
Actually this is very important,, keep going bro, I support you
Godass moyh's Man
Godass moyh's Man 3 hónapja
I experienced every single one of them ... so wat should i do now.. senpai plz tell me @Prince Ea :
Dave Federighi
Dave Federighi 3 hónapja
I'm experiencing hallucinations and all that stuff you mentioned, maybe I'm experiencing that. Nope - I'm just drunk.
Brazil5D 4 hónapja
All of these, I mean, ALL of what you said is true for me. I have been in the middle of my spiritual awakening, and the only thing I still need to work out is quitting the drugs I do. I lessened the use of them quite a lot already but I still got a ways to go. Thank you for this video!
Mary Jane
Mary Jane 2 hónapja
Thanks DR Rorpopor spell on HUtown for helping me get my husband back thanks DR Rorpopor spell on HUtown
Blazingboy77 Gaming
I am 12 and I have all of these except the 2nd one. I recently have been very interested in nature, I sometimes dream of laying in the middle of the ocean staring at the clouds lol, and I do feel like i was born to late. I do notice my patterns and habits. I do have all of these, wow this is really surprising for me lol,
Mary Jane
Mary Jane 2 hónapja
Thanks DR Rorpopor spell on HUtown for helping me get my husband back thanks DR Rorpopor spell on HUtown
Mary R
Mary R 4 hónapja
One of the best definitions of spiritual awakening I have heard!
Sathish Kumar
Sathish Kumar 4 hónapja
Number 5 make me smile 🌷
Warrior Kater
Warrior Kater 4 hónapja
Is it normal to have a spiritual awakening when your 15 because I am 15 and almost all of the signs I can Identify even when I fought i was a materialistic
M 4 hónapja
yes, people can have a spiritual awakening at any age.
Bru Capellà
Bru Capellà 4 hónapja
Thanks for everything Prince Ea... So many of us are experiencing these changes and this is unstoppable!
jane doe
jane doe 4 hónapja
Jesus is The Only Way !!!
J Lee
J Lee 4 hónapja
. ..but you forgot the 11th sign, the signs of synchronicities happening which are no “quirky coincidence” . ,,it happens as we are spiritually ascending. ..repetitive numbers also occur during ascension-
danny williams
danny williams 4 hónapja
this video blew me away...awesome advise
JollyJadenTNT 4 hónapja
nice gaming chair
Lily voon
Lily voon 4 hónapja
i have experience 8 only
brespace 4 hónapja
Lily voon
Lily voon 4 hónapja
8 spiritual experience
Jhade Vincent
Jhade Vincent 4 hónapja
I do feel like different like not different like an alien but different human i always question my self why do i feel different like really different like they can see me but I can't if i could transfer my feeling or soul to someone I wouldn't feel different anymore that someone would feel like me different
Bobby Zeno
Bobby Zeno 4 hónapja
I ve experienced every of these signs exepte the last one
SHOBI KHAN 4 hónapja
hutown.info/base/vide/mneNx4d0f5nWj80.html 💓💖
4 hónapja
I think i had this my hole life
Dominique 33 Speaks
Love this video 💎
Mihir Padhye
Mihir Padhye 5 hónapja
All of the signs.
桜中村 5 hónapja
All of these things actually keep on happening to me ( all of 10) i was actually surprised that i was in a spritual awakening actually I'm really happy to be like this
Brian Schmitz
Brian Schmitz 5 hónapja
Can you or have you, made a video about your name? Prince EA. I subscribed as soon as I saw your channel name! That story is goes WAY back. I absolutely love your spiritual messages. Only watched 3 of your vids so far. Much love brother!!!
nileshshef 5 hónapja
Well I guess then I’m having a spiritual awakening
Connor G.
Connor G. 5 hónapja
... I am a Christian. I am willing to stand up and say that there is only one true spiritual realm. And I have the ability to prove it
Wayne Hamilton
Wayne Hamilton 5 hónapja
Ik this is dumb but is this true......i hope pls tell
Reiley Taylor
Reiley Taylor 5 hónapja
I have been experiencing a lot of this, introverted and depressed looking for what's not the best, Looking for signs of death thinking I was just a pest, feeling alone like I don't belong. Judging people all the time, speaking only through wine's. Now I feel like a whole new person excepting who i am, loving myself, and having a craving for the outdoors, Weather it's in the woods or not. And less judgment towards others. I'm no longer depressed and looking for what IS the best knowing I'm not a pest knowing I was a little mess. Now I'm just going with the flow excited for the growth of who i am. I'm only 16 also curious who else my age is feeling the same. And in this time on earth right now im happier than before. Not say in I'm happy for covid
Loro 5 hónapja
What is a spiritual awakening, well it’s bs
SUBHAM KAR 5 hónapja
sorry i am athiest
Yogesh Padhiyar
Yogesh Padhiyar 5 hónapja
Right Now I am going through Spritual Awakening....All signs are suitable for me.
Palindrome 5 hónapja
Any one else going through the 10 signs? 😅
Daryan Aso
Daryan Aso 5 hónapja
Some of these action or these things are my nature!
TD DQ 5 hónapja
ujjwal prasad
ujjwal prasad 5 hónapja
One thing is not❌🚫 good, People lost what they are natural living And applies what they see from this HUtown video Forcefully Reality is simple but everyone is Complexifying itself People can only know themselves when all thier gather information about spiritually experience will washed When a child👶 grew up he has constain with his parents, the major reason why we have very less people
Gilbo 5 hónapja
I am currently 8 years of age and I experienced spiritual enlightenment around 2 years ago
TheSilentOne. 5 hónapja
I've experienced this 5-6months ago, and i just Ignored it. I also just turned 14
surya narayana
surya narayana 5 hónapja
(Excerpt from message of Shri Datta Swami) Yoga means simply attainment. But attainment of what is important? The Yoga shastra of Patanjali uses this word strictly in the attainment of Eswara (Lord). To render service (practical devotion) to the Lord, mental and physical health is needed. The early five stages (Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama and Pratyahara) concentrate on this attainment of physical and mental health. Afterwards the other three stages (Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi) deal with the main subject of attainment of the Lord. The preachers are stopping with the early five steps only and limiting their efforts by turning their spiritual workshops in to gymnasiums, hospitals and recreation centers. By this you are preaching the art of peaceful and happy living on this earth. If you stop here, the main goal of Patanjali Yoga is totally lost. A Boy who is admitted to the school is given fees and good food. He is expected to go to the school and study. But, he goes to the cinema theatre and uses the fees to purchase the ticket for cinema. This is the fate of Yoga today. The Yoga centre teaches all the steps to attain physical health by the first four steps and mental health by the fifth step. The person becomes fully healthy and attains mental peace by the control of thoughts (chittavrutti Nirodhah… Yoga Sutra). The thought is controlled so that it is diverted from the world to use it in the direction of devotion (Vyavasayatmika… Gita). A horse is controlled by the owner so that it will not have freedom to go as it likes in the wrong directions. Therefore, controlling thoughts to divert the mind to the right path is Pratyahara. It is withdrawal of mind (Kurmonganiva….Gita) but not destruction of mind (Manolaya Yoga). The preachers are talking about the dissolution of thoughts which is equal to killing the horse. By doing so the horse cannot be used in any direction. The purpose is lost. One medicine to cure the tooth pain was advertised like this: by using this medicine you will never get pain for any tooth because this medicine will remove all the teeth from your mouth! Similarly, if you kill the mind, the problems and all worries have ended once for all. By killing the horse, the problem in controlling it is solved forever! Such a state in which the thoughts are dissolved and the mind is destroyed results in the state of a stone in human form. You will become the statue of the human being carved in a stone! posted by: surya (disciple of Swamiji) HUtown Channel: Shri Datta Swami
Nqnja 5 hónapja
I'm a bit surprised now that I realized I match all 10 of them :>
Hi 5 hónapja
God is real. Repent for your sins
sebbseven Music
sebbseven Music 5 hónapja
Can we talk about how he is basically telling kids who are lonely that they are in another dimension and to not drink alcohol?
Rusikful John
Rusikful John 5 hónapja
Well done! Thank you very much
Михаил Богданов
I am experiencing these 10 signs for almost three years. And...that's great! I am living MY LIFE! ON MY TERMS!
INFOMationalist 5 hónapja
That was beautifully put Brotha very spiritual as am I and I love your content I've experienced all of the above in some way or another and I feel wonderful thank you
BasicEight6467 5 hónapja
I went through this in 2020
Andrew M
Andrew M 5 hónapja
Crazy? Genius? I don't see a difference.
DeMarco Brooks
DeMarco Brooks 5 hónapja
enes Bennani
enes Bennani 5 hónapja
you are just INCREDIBLE man, i am personally experiencing all the 10 signs a while ago, the one of Depression i never thought about it and thanks to you i do understand better many things
luka rekhviashvili
luka rekhviashvili 5 hónapja
Man this is dumb
Marko Nikolic
Marko Nikolic 5 hónapja
I thank God and live so thankful and givingfull life that I just explode of hapiness
Marko Nikolic
Marko Nikolic 5 hónapja
I am experienced spiritual awakening😇💆‍♂️🙂😊
Marko Nikolic
Marko Nikolic 5 hónapja
Oh my exactly thank you for everything you are just spiritual dimension
Sevgi Durdu
Sevgi Durdu 5 hónapja
I need too talk to someone about this
People 5 hónapja
Ngl but I'm scared of the dark and I was thinking something at night when everyone was asleep and somehow I wasn't crying BUT a little bit of water fell out of my eye I'm not gonna call it a tear bc I wasn't crying but I sometime cry at night
michelle hurt
michelle hurt 5 hónapja
I truelly have been awakened and it is amazing confusing but amazing
Home Alone
Home Alone 5 hónapja
Im a Muslim and I hate lil nax
I don't know I'm spiritually awakening or something else is going on with me. I swear on everything you believe in. I have been feeling this for the last 2 years. I feel something really not correct, it's like I am finding the solution of a math equation and I'm almost there. I also must confess it is quite painful too. It's painful that most of my likings are not matching with people around me. I wanna live more with nature, I wanna abandon all the superficial beliefs but at the same time I'm scared to say what I feel. People might call me a blasphemous or crazy. I might just lose my home or family. I'm scared. This video just extracted my hidden grief. I wanna cry.. I am in solitude for the last 18-20 months. Absolute no close friend in life coz people don't connect the vibration I'm in. Universe is asking something from me. I hope this painful struggle will be over. Soon.
Marius 5 hónapja
I once used to find trees "disgusting" but a couple of months ago i realized how comfortable it is to touch trees, especially the big old ones with cracks. It makes me comfortable, and feel in the present, i have no idea why or how. But imma be touching nature more
Notorious Neo
Notorious Neo 5 hónapja
Experienced a lot of these signs but definitely not the last one. The last one is kind-off wild.
urbedsheets 5 hónapja
i’m only 14 and i’ve always had really surreal thoughts about life and reality. i really want to connect with my spiritual being is it okay?
TheTip888 5 hónapja
I experience all of em.. ☺️
Minecrafter 5 hónapja
Not gonna lie i am experiencing from third to ninth signs
StormyGlitch 5 hónapja
I’ve been feeling depressed a little and have a lot of these things am I just depressed or have a spiritual awakening lmao
The Words of Silence
Have I, experienced this signs? Hahaha way before all the "spiritual coaches" began to appear on HUtown!!haha and many many more! This signs are just the TIP OF THE ICEBERG!! HAHAH some BELIEVE that enlightenment is the Goal, that "Samadhi" is the Goal, that "sat-chit-ananda" is the goal, hahahaha oh men oh men... That is just THE DOOR!! NOT EVEN THE ENTRANCE BUT JUST THE KNOCKING ON THE DOOR!! HAHAH YOU MEN are so funny... Haha The Hour of the Sons of the Light is HereNow. No more "Hereafter" but only HereNow. No soul shall enter, nor awaken, UNLESS initiated BY LIFE, not by other men! Anybody claiming to "awaken others" will be consider the LEAST IN THE KINGDOM OF HereNow! For no men shall teach his neighbor!! ATTENTION!!
The Words of Silence
One that says "to awaken other beings" is PROVING not knowing the whole true!! Attention! A bling CANNOT lead another blind!!! Or they both fall into a very DARK PIT!!
The Words of Silence
This dererously decieving, although true, this state of "sat-chit-ananda" is not what one may "imagine", attention!! The "tent" in the video, which moves the mouth is not necessarily in that state and it does not mean one continues to experiences sadness, happiness,etc, is not a dullness of feelings, sensations, and thoughts, but an ORDERING and ALIGNMENT of these that brings Peace through the Logos and Ego and the Earth, this is called at times, "Sophia" or Wisdom. A delicate mixture of sensation, spacial awareness and mental and spiritual awareness, all always in the Present, To-Day. So do not be RECIEVE by the easyness of recording a video and SEEM "enlightened", for that one would have to go and live with the man on the video to OBSERVE if he is indeed in "sat-chit-ananda"... Attention!
Van Nguyen
Van Nguyen 5 hónapja
11. When you realize you know nothing and seek out endless learning and life experiences humble you constantly 🙏 Ps Prince - ever thought about running conscious leadership coaching to coach the next gen? People craving for opportunities 💪✨
Soleya Junix
Soleya Junix 5 hónapja
This is real. I love this video, I went trough a spiritual awakening, or / and I am going trough one now. I really love this chanel, Prince Ea is a very brave and inspiring soul to all of us. We all came to this beautiful planet Earth to learn, and evolve, the spiritual awakenings are a part lifting our Earthly civilization on a higher level, a higher vibration. Peace to you all, 🦋beautiful souls🦚.
°NORWAYgrapher° 5 hónapja
oh,my god...,this is what i went through but never got to now the depth of reasoning...,,,
samara 5 hónapja
Are you a Christian prince 😊
chauncey raiford
chauncey raiford 5 hónapja
mouaz kh
mouaz kh 6 hónapja
i love this man
Professionalism 6 hónapja
Ah yes, I have been in jail for six years for theft, and I'm watching these videos and pretending I'm a good person.
Simbodu 6 hónapja
“You stopped drinking” hi I’m not 16 yet so can’t drink. Only a few months left
Viet Dung Tran
Viet Dung Tran 6 hónapja
Dear Prince Ea, what stage of enlightenment are you and would you told us? Greetings from a buddhist brother
mary j hise
mary j hise 6 hónapja
What did he mean when he said "no wood chopper" at the end?
Sips Gee
Sips Gee 6 hónapja
Empathy Depression Going with the flow Most of these signs resonate with me🙌🏽😌
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