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Do you ever feel groggy or slow during the week? What you consume is directly linked to how you feel so if you want to feel GOOD, you have to eat GOOD. Watch this video to find out which five foods you should avoid at all costs!

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2021.aug. 5.






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Prince Ea
Prince Ea Hónapja
Which lethal food are you most surprised about? Drop it below!
Kelly Z
Kelly Z 2 napja
On the milk Part u only got 2 of them correct٫burnt food is bad and does give u health problems٫sometimes cancer If its severe but the rest is cap
Kelly Z
Kelly Z 2 napja
I ate all of them and I dont got any cancer? or diabetes? or health problems?
Diji 8 napja
Price ea are they shadow ban Ning you?
MoonMeister 8 napja
i have a pretty reasonable one... MILKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!
Glenn Jackson
Glenn Jackson 10 napja
Spoilaged food, that causes diarrhoea
11 órája
I’m not watching the whole entire nine minutes of the video! I know everything from the thumbnail 😂
Skanda Swaroop
Skanda Swaroop 16 órája
Hey man milk might not be good according to you but I would suggest you to try out ayurvedic processes of intaking milk With right timing of consuming milk you can get the best nutrition
The THrasher
The THrasher 23 órája
Is eating one sausage a day harmful?
Infinity Blade 53
Infinity Blade 53
Are Gatorade bad too??
Space vibes 🟣
Oh yh and diet soda got poop inside it
Gabe Del Toro
Gabe Del Toro 2 napja
Me: *watches the video* Guess I'm screwed
Kelly Z
Kelly Z 2 napja
Lies. Milk doesn't give you cancer. Diet coke doesn't get you cancer. Lunchables don't get u cancer. fruit juice doesn't give u cancer too😑
Kelly Z
Kelly Z 2 napja
These are lies٫the rest is true
Kelly Z
Kelly Z 2 napja
Is literally everything going to be about cancer in this vid😑
kumara kurubaran
Sir I don't about diet soda can you explain please sir
The Megestic Tree
You forgot portobello mushrooms
The Megestic Tree
My dad used to force me to drink milk. I hate it
Sabina's Channel
About the diet soda thing. In another video you say being fat is good, you contradict yourself 🤷
Minecraft Zombie
*Petition for Doctor Mike to React to this*
Minecraft Zombie
Wow who know he was so good at Roasting Unhealthy Food... he should be in the Roasting Finals
Minecraft Zombie
No pressure but I'm waiting for that next video about what I should eat...
Mohamed Rim
Mohamed Rim 5 napja
I have constipation helps me decide i drink water but i still have it
Dead Bacon
Dead Bacon 6 napja
Who give a damn I don’t want to be that vegan teacher
Shashank. S. Pandey
Thank you You Spoke the TRUTH! Let go the Dislikes. Say What is Right.
Tees van Rosmalen
Wow only 20 seconds had gone by and I already learned more than my whole schoolday😮💯
The RuKy Show
The RuKy Show 7 napja
can i eat meat tho
G H 8 napja
What’s a good alternative to milk? Like what can I eat in my cereal instead 😩
MoonMeister 8 napja
8:23 honey: am i a joke to you
NirvanaFan105 9 napja
I don't eat more than half of that stuff, i only drink fruit juice and eat processed meat
George Horlock
He's absolutely correct. This information isn't new. Never seen so many angry comments from the uneducated public. It's very obvious by the comments who's eating these foods and who is not lol.
Jiajia Zhang
Jiajia Zhang 9 napja
Huh cancer?
Dante 10 napja
This is such bullshit
NotSimply 11 napja
Haven't ate in a month cuz I am waiting for him to make a video on what to eat ;-;
StevenGaming924 11 napja
Imagine forcing people to be vegan
tearson 11 napja
Thank you for the video i never knew about the meat or the burning of food, again Thank you
dhruvan patel
dhruvan patel 12 napja
Milk ahh you are wrong and rigth at same time! Because the milk you guys can have is a most toxic one Not desi cows one
I Am Aidan Smith
I feel like what you could do is if you weren’t eating enough healthy food drink diet soda to make you want healthy foods genius
WierdKid 13 napja
innerstand this: the things that, they're saying are bad for us, the truth is "it is good for us" and what is bad for us, is "good for us".
s z
s z 13 napja
Milk is not the problem. Stupid people are the problem. You guys don't know HOW to digest milk. Learn from Ayurveda. 1. Milk must be from a grass fed cow. 2. Milk must be from A2 cows. A1 milk is shit. 3. Cows must naturally become pregnant. No hormone chemical nonsense. 4. Milk must be consumed hot or warm and NEVER cold. Cold milk is extremely hard to digest. 5. To digest milk better add some spices like cardamom, cinnamon, saffron and have it warm. 6. Don't eat salty foods or citrus fruits with milk. In India for generations my vegetarian ancestors have consumed dairy like this and we don't have a problem. Big industries ruin everything and then they start shitty propaganda telling you that all you should eat is vegan food and insect powder. 😞
RuMkguy 13 napja
MILK?? but it has calcium, and milk make me feel fresh.
Simon 1985
Simon 1985 13 napja
The amount of people in the comment section who are vehemently disagreeing with this is shocking. They’re clueless.
Noah Merseth
Noah Merseth 13 napja
And I will keep on doing that
Noah Merseth
Noah Merseth 13 napja
I drink 5 to 6 glasses of milk a day
ahmed 14 napja
Let's put you where you belong😏😏 Only for entertainment purposes, don't take anything serious
shalini 14 napja
dude i just eat some pizza and im dead
John Doe
John Doe 14 napja
Stefan Diestefan
This is so stupid, cant believe you could post this. And nothing to back it up with also. This is so wrong
serendipity 15 napja
Honestly ..I eat/drink none of them except milk .. But if I say my Indian mom that milk is harmful .. she's gonna beat me up with that broom 😭😭😭
audra Kayyisa naura dewi
well at least I can eat pizza
NachoMan 15 napja
But what about Gatorade zero, it tastes like normal juice, it's not like pop zero where it tastes like pop, + I hate milk, I never drink it
Hello There
Hello There 16 napja
This video in a nutshell: CaNcer
Teakbumblebee27 ✪
Here Is The List Of You Don’t Wanna Watch The Video: Processed Meat Diet Soda/Diet Coke Fruit Juice Burned Foods MILK (I Think We Are All Quite Sad Now)
Neema Paxima
Neema Paxima 16 napja
Diet soda goes to trash can and "regular soda" stays in the fridge ? what ?
Owen Smith
Owen Smith 16 napja
I'm going drink black tea and green tea after seeing milk as a lethal food. (Black and green tea is just tea without milk and sugar if anyone didn't know)
Adeles Daydreamers
I like buying pork belly and making my own bacon. Plus I don't like juice or pop lol.
Rastin Majzoob
Rastin Majzoob 17 napja
SUCH A LIAR, I could accept if you said that drinking milk a lot is bad for our body but WE NEED MILK for our body and growth as well as our health
gulliver e
gulliver e 17 napja
To everyone bashing price ea because he didn't mention every single unhealthy thing in the world, the point of the video is to point out a bunch of extremely unhealthy things that lots of people are unaware about. Simple things that are often labeled as healthy or healthier.
Jack Andrew
Jack Andrew 17 napja
Never heard such a load of waffle
17 napja
Why is alcohol not on that list
Dante 9 napja
Cause its not a food
garrysDEATH ye
garrysDEATH ye 18 napja
Avoiding baked bread and toast? Where's your sources?
Yusuf Islomov
Yusuf Islomov 19 napja
Ok I'm gonna just eat air forever
K2 Young
K2 Young 19 napja
Sep5. 224pm. Oh, nice. People say moderation is key but some foods still belongs in the trash.
Spectrical Waffle
Prince Ea: Milk is dangerous Me who has been eating cereal every morning and night: Chuckles I'm in danger
Kikispet 19 napja
Don’t think bout healthy eating too much cuz it can bring u to Ed as ortorexia. N just don’t allowing yourself to eat some certain food when u want to eat it can bring u to Binge eating, anorexia, bulimia n other EDs. So keep in mind if u want it then u can eat it, but don’t overeat for ur health. Actually don’t mind food
Bikash Bikash
Bikash Bikash 19 napja
Do not agree with milk. Milk is healthy ask medical scientists.
Pre-Kruisine Kallam
I have been drinking milk for years and nothing happend YES I HAVE POWER YES!!
Pre-Kruisine Kallam
Can you appreciate all the food bought just to help us food is really expensive
Marcus Tong
Marcus Tong 19 napja
you bought it just to throw it
Rodney 19 napja
I think the people in the comments fail to understand that while diet soda is better than regular soda, that does not make it any better for you to consume
Laura Marcacci
Laura Marcacci 20 napja
Please help us know more for our health. This was a great video. Have you watched this documentary: Fall of the Cabal on bitchute or rumble.
robins treecare
robins treecare 20 napja
Who here remembers bars from Sumner I miss those days
Just saying, In India Ayurveda has carefully breed cows and we have a2 milk here and it's way too healthy. So highlight that you are saying that a1 milk is causing harm.
Michael Jack
Michael Jack 20 napja
Come to India and watch how we live.
unknown635 20 napja
There was a study linking breathing to cancer people who have never taken a breath in their lives never got cancer
unknown635 20 napja
This is just funny and to this guy everything you eat is cancer that air you just breathed is cancerous
iiKingsley 20 napja
The thing about milk is true
Nazish Kausar
Nazish Kausar 21 napja
Prince ea I think somebody needs to fact check all of this. Like the youtube channel how to cook that.
RobloxSecDev 21 napja
Are you fucking serious do you know how many people want to have that people you throwing away even if it cause cancer it's long been found and your throwing away food that not "healthy" this is basically makeing people feel bad cause you have food and can't afford u just got a unsubscribe
Matias Greene
Matias Greene 21 napja
Processes meat doesn’t cause cancer it’s just plain bad for you
J Skeetz
J Skeetz 22 napja
calories in calories out bozo
FAVB 22 napja
This is one of the reasons I quit soda.
Error9898 22 napja
No I love lunchables
Error9898 22 napja
Nvm I’ll stop
Horror Tik Tok Accident
"You are what you eat" oh so I'm a plane? Cool😀
Loulou Lb
Loulou Lb 22 napja
Thank u for sharing this !
Christy Joby
Christy Joby 23 napja
Dawid 23 napja
No matter your actions, you'll still gonna die.
GeeVeeLoL 23 napja
Hey, question: we sometimes buy oranges and juice them ourselves, and all the fruit juice we buy is biological and without added sugars; is that still bad?
GeeVeeLoL 23 napja
Bro u put everything in the same garbage bin u gotta sort it my man
Richard Masombo
Richard Masombo 23 napja
Thanks prince 🤴🏾 for the message. How about yogurt, flour, fish 🐠, prawn 🦐, eggs 🥚, and dairy products? Also how about plant based milk such as almond and oat milk?
Matt Scheller
Matt Scheller 23 napja
I remember the good ol’ days, back when Prince EA used to wear shirts.😂👕 The Message 💡 > The Muscles 💪
Bad Cheetah
Bad Cheetah 24 napja
I love this video so much !!! ❤️❤️❤️🙏
Stefan Gajić
Stefan Gajić 24 napja
What about sugar? Chocolates, biscuits, Nutella? These foods are not killing us? Pizza? Ketchup? White bread?
Among us
Shakti panigrahi
Agreed 🙋🏻‍♂️
DomPolidori 24 napja
dont listen to this idiot he doesnt understand nutrition and probably has never studied it in his life. prince ea u need to take this down this is really really bad
HUH? 24 napja
With 6 Mil subscribers, you have money for a shirt, put it on, stop
Luke Okrent
Luke Okrent 24 napja
No processed meat no orange juice No grilled anything No milk?!!! WTH can I eat.
Steve Grubb
Steve Grubb 25 napja
BAHAHA, This is with out a doubt the worst information you could ever follow. Milk is bad for you and increases your risk of death. where is this idiot getting his information, because its not from actual science based studies. Do yourself a favor and get your information from someone who knows what they are talking about and are backed by scientific evidence, not just someone that has a bunch of followers on youtube that misread some case study somewhere.
Steve Grubb
Steve Grubb 25 napja
might as well go watch and take v-shred Vince advise also if you going to buy into the garbage this guy just spewed
MyPasture 25 napja
Thank you for what you do! Thank you for being you❣️
ShrekIsGuud 25 napja
i almost cried when you said milk, but cheese is also produced in factories and stuff like that. So is basically all dairy, but dairy is a crucial part of our diet so idk what youre on about
Meal Time
Meal Time 25 napja
He doesn't know a thing. Milk really. I drink milk 2 times a day and I am 22 .milk is the most healthiest product. When a child is born he first drinks a milk.
This is embarrassing to him. 1. Everything has cancer. 2. Views 3. He said within 3 years of diet soda, you get fatter. 4. These are “killing you” but some of them like processed meat or fruit juice, I’ve had for a while and here I am writing this comment
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