a life changing fact about 🐸 🐸🐸  

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Daniel Burg
Daniel Burg 19 napja
Ayo bro I I can’t believe i found u I heard u since way back when before make smart cool video or them crazy freestyles talkin like Jesus didn’t die on the cross in one of the songs
*spoons rattling*
“Sir this is a mcdonald’s”
Mathew Godfrey
Mathew Godfrey 23 napja
"I follow Prince ea" that was smooth!
Masked Millenial
“Well I follow Prince ea” is the new meta 😂
Remnanttiskey 28 napja
When did prince ea get jacked
Nikolaslie Hónapja
Tooooooooo deep
jezreel lucas
jezreel lucas Hónapja
Sometimes, I use to believe bullshits like this.
One Flying Boiii
I just thought he will say "people dont eat animals died long ago"
iamtheoneyoucall 2 hónapja
Nah bro fact checked it you straight lyin
Leo Ahumada
Leo Ahumada 2 hónapja
Frog solution - literally look down Human solution - dedicate years of your life to a very scarce opportunity, and if that doesn't work, you just lost your only chance at success lmao shouldve been born into a rich family idiot
Brendan Carlin
Brendan Carlin 2 hónapja
That concludes it guys.. We are just as dumb as frogs. Thanks Ea 👍
Yazi Jazi
Yazi Jazi 2 hónapja
H37P 2 hónapja
Dis shit is lLIT . GOod job bruv!
LuvBear브론윈 2 hónapja
Yep, true true
Shaikh Emad
Shaikh Emad 2 hónapja
Thanks you sir .
Raymond Kuma
Raymond Kuma 2 hónapja
Jesus died so you don't have to go to hell ask God to forgive you of your sins and he will.🙏God will help you with any of your problems as long as you ask.
sonal sen
sonal sen 2 hónapja
Me- 🗿 Inner me- he is right man I should do something Also me-🗿
Huntergoldgames 2 hónapja
He’s got a point
Ktee Shibambu - Spoken Word
Amazing 🤗🤗🤗
Emo SpongeBob
Emo SpongeBob 2 hónapja
Stupid forgs
LOL MAN 2 hónapja
xSoporific 2 hónapja
Brett Kemp
Brett Kemp 2 hónapja
I read a book Called " The Art of Possibility" Have you read it? I learned something very similar about frogs from that books as well. " The Space Between is the story unseen. The line inside two parallel lines of endless possibilities!" Brett Kemp
Brian Joslyn
Brian Joslyn 2 hónapja
Frogs do also catch flies when they're landed and even not moving.
Lyon H
Lyon H 2 hónapja
Who even is this guy?
Sandjamba 2 hónapja
Nice one 😂😂🙏🙏
DaLilBunny 2 hónapja
“Bed Of Opportunity” Me: lying on my bed Me: looking down *eyes widening* Me: Ooooo~ Me: I NEED TO LIE DOWN TO BE MILLIONAIRE ME
Tharaboi 2 hónapja
Tbh honest the way he speaks just reminds me of a pastor in a christmas day idk, the voice and stuff but both of them dont make any sense to me
Rediet Bekele
Rediet Bekele 2 hónapja
Ohhhh bro u changed me
PLAN B 2 hónapja
JHI 2 hónapja
Please spread awareness about South Africa. Our beloved country is being burnt down by our people due to the fact that they are in poverty and are "protesting". Pray for SA🇿🇦
revvd 2 hónapja
Everyone wants something in return, even motivational speakers. "follow @princeea"
🎮MC Studios🎮
🎮MC Studios🎮 2 hónapja
Wow 🤯
حارث عوف
حارث عوف 2 hónapja
Frogs like only fresh food.
Simaine Gumede
Simaine Gumede 2 hónapja
Ye the music doesn't go
Rifat Khan
Rifat Khan 2 hónapja
Why his subscribers are decreasing?
MaMad Technology
MaMad Technology 2 hónapja
They done, Cause the food is dead and animals don't eat dead food but humans do.
Bimal Kumbhar
Bimal Kumbhar 2 hónapja
Well I follow Prince ea
Zachary Rosenfeld
Zachary Rosenfeld 2 hónapja
This isn’t true
salman iltireh
salman iltireh 2 hónapja
Best speaker ever
Amjaad ML
Amjaad ML 2 hónapja
Hey nice man
ShadowStalker BG
ShadowStalker BG 2 hónapja
And I'm here, on my bed, wondering why are man's tank tops designed so the nipples of a buff guys stick out.
Mr Willyum
Mr Willyum 2 hónapja
You mean that 4.0GPA in anthropology. Lol 😆
Keu Kirito
Keu Kirito 2 hónapja
Damn you look great fit as fuck
Izuku Dripdoriya
Izuku Dripdoriya 2 hónapja
That music got me good
Gkario 2 hónapja
SHEEESH whats ur number boi?
TV PINES 2 hónapja
Bruh, when did he get buff as sh*t
Bhumika Adhikary 10 XII G
Yes sir I do follow you 😇💖
ahegao megumin
ahegao megumin 2 hónapja
"this is some nice food" "BUT ARE THEY?" "please don't, i just want to eat" "WEL-"
One Flying Boiii
*VSauce music intensifies*
Johnne Max
Johnne Max 2 hónapja
Very nice
Justin Soni
Justin Soni 2 hónapja
Well I follow princeea............ myself
Japple Plays
Japple Plays 2 hónapja
Thumbnail looked like dababy lmao
kevin brown
kevin brown 2 hónapja
Just Study!
Just Study! 2 hónapja
Yeah, I also follow prince ea.
🌟TheCritic 2 hónapja
Wow...Thats truly deep I too laughed at that frog joke but didn't expect I was doing quite the same
LIM MEI YIN Moe 2 hónapja
its actuallly true that frogs will starve to death even if they are surrounded by dead flies
Ishan I.J.M
Ishan I.J.M 2 hónapja
Yes I do follow Prince Ea 🤴🏾
Hanut Sai
Hanut Sai 2 hónapja
Same pinch
Ashutosh Rai
Ashutosh Rai 2 hónapja
That's as deep as an ocean!
That is epic
That is epic 2 hónapja
Hey man i love you brother.i appreciate you for this video. Thank you again.
Vasu Gujjar gamer
Vasu Gujjar gamer 2 hónapja
As usual ver fascinating and a very deep message
Roshi Panda
Roshi Panda 2 hónapja
Joey young iii
Joey young iii 2 hónapja
Romans 10:9-10 "That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved."
Qpotss Hónapja
Jazza 999
Jazza 999 2 hónapja
truu all the way
Jay2k 2 hónapja
Someone tell me what that text that flashed for a second says... I can’t pause it on time lol
Nashy Boi
Nashy Boi 2 hónapja
nice muscles bro
Phurba Doma
Phurba Doma 2 hónapja
Person B : that's deep ,how do you know all that ? Person A :well I follow @princeea
Lee the boss
Lee the boss 2 hónapja
Opportunity is taken from us slightly diff we as ppl can't have anything sum1 always tryna stop u or take it from u
ch0mp 2 hónapja
To anyone who was about to slow down the video to see the flashed message it says “A life changing fact about 🐸”
Egg 2 hónapja
Missing the opportunity = Frog mentality
Wong Yu Herng SES21010033
0:41 Well, you are prince ea
The Almighty June
The Almighty June 2 hónapja
"Thats deep" Literaly me on every single Prince ea videos.
Anonymous Dudet
Anonymous Dudet Hónapja
LMAO same
Ahhh yes
Revolution 2 hónapja
I think i heard sloths are the exact same way where if you put them in a room with lots and lots of foot that they could eat, they won't eat it because they only recognize food thats on trees lol
The Princess Xy
The Princess Xy 2 hónapja
Can we just take a moment and focus on those muscles? 💪 😍
Tim Pkfr
Tim Pkfr 2 hónapja
The Princess Xy
The Princess Xy 2 hónapja
@Murilo Rossetti why not
Murilo Rossetti
Murilo Rossetti 2 hónapja
No, *we can't*
amanda z
amanda z 2 hónapja
We woke
Anthonyvideos 2 hónapja
Prince EA 2024 President please
TheAtticAddict 2 hónapja
0:12 Dababy
Tobias Lukas
Tobias Lukas 2 hónapja
He is everywhere.
TheAtticAddict 2 hónapja
@Gattony Barrle lmao
Gattony Barrle
Gattony Barrle 2 hónapja
i hate you
TheAtticAddict 2 hónapja
In the thumbnail it looks like he’s doing the dababy thing
Melo 2 hónapja
Stop being shirtless in your videos god damn
Frog 2 hónapja
Harshika Chauhan
Harshika Chauhan 2 hónapja
I too follow Prince Ea 😉
2 hónapja
Yogesh Jaiswal
Yogesh Jaiswal 2 hónapja
shuaib ben hamouda
shuaib ben hamouda 2 hónapja
get this man to 6 mill subs come one
Sneha gavit
Sneha gavit 2 hónapja
I'm also follow @princeEA
unkown 2 hónapja
Don't get them vax they trying to pull some bullshit with the people,particularly our people and they are trying to trick us like we dumb and we don't know nothing or anything that's going on.
Gray 2 hónapja
Confident level💯%💪🔥 Much appreciated Prince Ea👏🤜🤛
Worship Koskei
Worship Koskei 2 hónapja
I’m 14 and I’m deep reason ? I follow prince EA
Stacey D'Goddess
Stacey D'Goddess 2 hónapja
This thought me a lesson
A Retard Clown
A Retard Clown 2 hónapja
If i keep watching prince EA ima become a Gigachad
Mark Grayson
Mark Grayson 2 hónapja
AC40 2 hónapja
I usually like your content, but you can do better than this (IMO)
Asaki 2 hónapja
This is just like the Obama praising himself meme all along!
97 2 hónapja
Meirbek Bolatbekov
Meirbek Bolatbekov 2 hónapja
This comment's gonna have hundreds of likes
MrAdrian 2 hónapja
I'm 14 and this is deep.
TinManLe 2 hónapja
C Pugh
C Pugh 2 hónapja
You killed that bro good shit 😂💯💯🙏
Buddy Johnston
Buddy Johnston 2 hónapja
he follows himself! he subbed to his own channel! THE CHOSEN ONE
Keshav P
Keshav P 2 hónapja
HUtown shorts : this guy knows how to use me .
Dylan Searcy
Dylan Searcy 2 hónapja
Because frogs can see movement in front of them which is where the t-Rex can only see movement in Jurassic park idea comes from
Time is up
Time is up 2 hónapja
Can we quickly talk about how freaking fine he is ? 👀
BigMacGD Hónapja
@Tobias Lukas stfu stop being so negative in these comments
RageCloud Hónapja
@Tobias Lukas emphasize that I don’t understand if you’re correcting yourself or correcting me
Tobias Lukas
Tobias Lukas Hónapja
@RageCloud correction: lost in life with no purpose*
RageCloud Hónapja
@Tobias Lukas how is being gay weird 😕
Tobias Lukas
Tobias Lukas 2 hónapja
@Joshua Michael guess what
Midnight Slasher
Midnight Slasher 2 hónapja
Lookn buff
Ghastify 2 hónapja
my bird was dying so…… i…helped…it. i helped it through its last days and then… it died
Paul 100
Paul 100 2 hónapja
indeed true but I still don't see my opportunities i don't know if I am dumb or what I clearly try my best but I CAN"T DO ANYTHING something is holding me and I check everything sitll can't find .
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