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Ditch the 9 to 5. We’re done with long commutes and sitting in endless meetings. Let's create more flexible schedules that work for US. The future of work is all about flexibility, with LESS work with MORE productivity if using the right tools.

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00:00 Intro
00:53 Work is to Be Human
01:40 History of Work
02:03 Origin of 9 to 5
02:30 Working Today
03:01 Time to Evolve
04:04 Communication









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Prince Ea
Prince Ea 4 hónapja
Do you want to end the 9 to 5?
Snow demon olaf
eugeniab427 Bernard
Of course we need to end it all together, because we’re existing and not living.
Gachinx TuT
Gachinx TuT 11 napja
Im only 13 and cannot because im only in highschool so no but when... no, if... if i get a job, yes.
Douglas Smith
Douglas Smith 15 napja
Keyshawn Scott 12
Алишер Фаридов
I clicked when ending this video 2 times like in tiktok😂 Great words, prince
ibrahim kabir
ibrahim kabir 17 napja
Keep going
Pradip Chaterjee
Work life balance Man are joking 😂😂 Work life balance This sentence proves everything And Maturity is when you realize 🙄 Some people and most don't want to get Outta it 😭
Dax Babić
Dax Babić 23 napja
(END) THE (9) TO (5) 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 👍🥰❤🇷🇸🇺🇸🇯🇵🌍
Dax Babić
Dax Babić 23 napja
Zoran Bar: Why the past, Dax? 😁 Me: Because (I'm) became (the Premier), and (the President) is ("Prince" (E/A")) !!!!!! That's (my) dad (said) that (I'm) really (crazy)!!!!!! 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 👍🥰❤🇷🇸🇺🇸🇯🇵🌍
what if you are part of that 15% that likes their 9 to 5.
Andrew Methew
Andrew Methew Hónapja
God bless you
Master Willy
Master Willy Hónapja
Is this video meant for biased.
Brian Wang
Brian Wang Hónapja
I love my job though
Batmanx 99
Batmanx 99 Hónapja
i really love your music, where do you get it from?
A S Mahim
A S Mahim Hónapja
xhuljo meco
xhuljo meco 2 hónapja
The truth is painful...
Halo Blue
Halo Blue 2 hónapja
Can you do one about saving the planet? Like our oceans 🌊 and trees 🌳
Shaikh Emad
Shaikh Emad 2 hónapja
Thanks you sir .
Hoàng Linh Vũ
Hoàng Linh Vũ 2 hónapja
the hard thing is that all companies and factories are dependent to each other, so they will need to have a common work hours. Also, the worker in a factory has to work together since it's impossible to monitories them if they can just get in and out of their job. As much as I'd love to end the 9-to-5, it would seems to be impossible to really make it happen.
Sonia Sun
Sonia Sun 2 hónapja
Me at the end of the video: He gonna snap his neck if he sits like dat
guy that likes memes #FreePalestine
Modern workday=Modern Slavery
dmsd 2 hónapja
That ending was just 👌
1Joe1 2 hónapja
Without 9-5 then The Office wouldn't exist.
Ethaniel Clyne
Ethaniel Clyne 2 hónapja
I couldn't think of anything worse than a 9-5 office job, an existence full of stress just to fulfil some uncaring millionaire's dreams
mzimmermanful 2 hónapja
mzimmermanful 2 hónapja
Steven Richard
Steven Richard 2 hónapja
This is an advertisement for slack lol
brz 2 hónapja
Preach brother preach
ElXav 2 hónapja
Once word: BOMBASTIC
AwayFromWorld 2 hónapja
Exit the matrix, work for yourself.
Roman 2 hónapja
Brilliant !
Rishav Khandelwal
Rishav Khandelwal 2 hónapja
It was a promotional video in the end🤦‍♂️
Muhammet Koç
Muhammet Koç 2 hónapja
please have turksh subtitles..
2 hónapja
The sad thing is that we learn more in a 4 minute video than we do in the 12 years the average person goes to school or the 50 years the average person works...
Imperior warriors
Imperior warriors 3 hónapja
Ya sorry but your videos don’t really effect the world
Jack 3 hónapja
9-5 is non sense. Every people around me suffer from 13~15 work hours for a day in my country. Far the more, they need to be 1 out of 200 to get that position.
Lo Mein Bullies
Lo Mein Bullies 3 hónapja
Man I found you back in 2011 when you were rapping. “ i’m home alone with a pen and a pad, exhibiting diligence every time I scribble and dab” you were dope. I saw you as an artist and now I see you as a businessman. Like I don’t feel like you’re doing passion projects. I feel like you’re doing social media grabs based off statistics of what you know Will work. What has been proven to work. Which is Motivational skits and shorts. But I had to come pointed out because after seeing that fat shaming video on Facebook. And I couldn’t comment on there because I’m in Facebook jail because of this politically correct war on freedom of speech. I mean I used to be very liberal. I’ll always be independent in my political views. But lately. The fact that you can’t say anything without someone getting offended and it possibly affecting your career has been pushing me to a more conservative viewpoint. Because I can’t speak any of my opinions without someone taking offense. For example. I use voice text and it betrays me through AutoCorrect a lot of the time like most people experience. I said the word period (.) for punctuation at the end of the sentence and my phone registered it as piggy. Someone took it as an insult and reported it as bullying. I didn’t even say it. I didn’t even know how the person look and now I’m in Facebook jail for 30 days. And couldn’t even comment on your post. This Dharman style video is like a horoscope. It’s going to be directed to people who had a bad day or a bad experience and can relate. Allowing people to remain miserable by constantly victimizing themselves instead of having some type of confidence. Where do you really see this happen? A whole restaurant just allow somebody to fat shame the girl without standing up for her and everybody laugh her out of the restaurant???? That lady probably would have snapped and stood up for herself like she should have. Or a coworker or customer would have stood up for her. PLEASSEEEE. You just pulling peoples heartstrings because you gave up on rap. In the end. It’s whack. It’s targeted for your revenue as an entrepreneur. It’s not a passion project. It’s not art. It’s all about your image and income. And I can respect the hustle but I just can’t respect the content. I feel like it was your last resort as someone who cried and ran away from the rap game letting them reject you just like that lady did in the restaurant when you should’ve stood up for yourself because you were dope. Just like that lady probably was that ran out of the restaurant. I don’t find it inspiring. I find it extremely cringe. Also. Can you and doorman find some better actors? For Christ sake. I’ve never acted in my life and could do a better job than 95% of the people in your videos. And do y’all buy the Scripts? Because even a good actor couldn’t hold up this horrible dialogue. The Darhman Style videos seem like they’re coming from the perspective writing of a teenager. Like you just set it up where the overweight girl is overly kind. And the girl behind the register is just the rudest person imaginable while on the clock with these generic insults like “fatty”. PLEASSEEEE Try harder.
Fares 3 hónapja
Hey my brother, please check out the religion of Islam because what you teach your audience is what we have been taught in Islam and so so soooo much more, peace ✌️
Kate Toby
Kate Toby 3 hónapja
Prince Ea you kinda ruining some of my fun I
How do I boost my confidence ?
Gamerbeast 3 hónapja
“I want a society full of workers not thinkers” - John D. Rockefeller
Ok boomer
tammybrooks83 Tamm
tammybrooks83 Tamm 3 hónapja
Facts ✔✔✔✔
Hello There
Hello There 3 hónapja
Ok, I get the message. But how?
MeduMadward 3 hónapja
I want to end 9-5 but i don't know how.
Pulkit Sanganeria
Pulkit Sanganeria 3 hónapja
Marq V
Marq V 3 hónapja
Thank you and God bless
Fedrick the great
Fedrick the great 3 hónapja
“Your life is more important then your job so enjoy Your life While it lasts” -Ivan
Fedrick the great
Fedrick the great 3 hónapja
“Longer breaks,better productivity” -Ivan
Angela Appiah
Angela Appiah 3 hónapja
Hi please can i post your videos
MR. K 3 hónapja
thank you so much for your videos you changed so many lives including mine your videos are awesome and I will become a famous rapper and singer and impact the world we will change the world together because the world needs to change.
טום גילעד
טום גילעד 3 hónapja
Well .. i dont think it will ever happen ... And even if it will people find another thing to complain on ... To only thing that should change Is the connection between us ... Between strongs and weak ... Between rich and poor... Between males and females .. Between black and white ... And for this we have the Kabala The top secret of jewish nation.. To make humanity a beter place.
MR. K 3 hónapja
new world order
YvngGoat 3 hónapja
School doesn’t allow you to dream.
Carlos Juarez
Carlos Juarez 3 hónapja
Do not be miserable for a check. Do what you love Money will follow
Syed Mubashir Gillani
6500 languages in the world all this guy speaks is facts.
lmao isaac
lmao isaac 3 hónapja
your mom
Aasaan Hai
Aasaan Hai 3 hónapja
Best brand collab
Vedant Nair
Vedant Nair 3 hónapja
When you realize that Prince Ea wore night pants with his office attire like all of us do in our classes and meetings.
Vedant Nair
Vedant Nair 3 hónapja
If ppl whine about a 9 to 5 job ,then they should start a business.
Luka Zukic
Luka Zukic 3 hónapja
Hope when you turn 35, you will candidate for the president bc you will do great things
Edwin Cotto
Edwin Cotto 3 hónapja
How lazy are you if it's not on the first Google page that it doesn't exist
NJAY 3 hónapja
In my case, online school destroyed my productivity and focus. It felt like I had even less freedom than actually going to school. It's as if school came to your house. The only escape from school was now a place for you to go to school.
kiran vanarse
kiran vanarse 3 hónapja
i am addicted with this channel, How to overcome now😮
Tiger Frame
Tiger Frame 3 hónapja
“The future of work is less work and more productivity” facts there is actually a real phenomena that when managers try to keep their employees as busy as possible they get less efficient work done and become more unhappy because they feel micromanaged.
Riley Watts
Riley Watts 3 hónapja
I always believed that there is a very thick line between the difference of a job and a career. If you’re not passionate about what you do and you dread doing that, that’s considered a job. But if you are passionate about what you do, you love what you do and money isnt the complete focus then thats a career. Ofc you can love or like some jobs not all of them suck, but theres still a major difference. Sometimes you just gotta ask yourself “do i see myself doing this for x many years?, does this bring me joy?, do i resonate with what i do to my core?, am I passionate about this?,” im only 21 and i worked so many jobs, i was unhappy at every single one, here was countless times where i had to give myself pep talks just to leave my car to go into my job or come back from break, the times i spent on my break so many times i just questioned my life. The way society is set up, it’s acceptable for you to work the 9-5, or Repetitive long hours to survive , society glorifies overworking, and its just sad to me that this type of thing is just seen as normal. So many people tend to put their mental, physical, emotional health as well as wellbeing in jeopardy just to survive. Breaking that cycle is a hard process in my opinion, but it is possible. Im currently in the process of breaking this. I always believed that “anything can happen, anything is possible “, literally your life can change in 1 minute. People often put their dreams on hold because its seen as unrealistic or strays from the norm of society, dont ever do this to yourself. The impossible is always possible you just have to believe in yourself and be smart about how you go about it, the type of vibe you put out affects your lifestyle and I strongly believe anything is possible with manifestation. You have to be your biggest fan/cheerleader, so to summarize this whole book of a comment I wrote, if you’re unhappy in your current life wether its jobwise or just anything, break what ever cycle it is and just shoot for the stars, you deserve the life you want and you can get it. You’re never too young or too old to go after the life you want. I dont mean to write a whole book here lol but I honestly believe that people need to read this, i hope it helps.❤️
Steve Guap
Steve Guap 3 hónapja
Thank God!!!!
Sophia Lorena Benjamin
you did good man. kinda loved watching your videos. you're cool man. i kinda like your swag. keep rolling bro there's a world out there that's hurting and needs to hear stuff like you spew out. I'm trying too bro so won't you gimme a hand..just stop by my channel bro...you who are watching this and give it a shout out...i'm tired of the 9-5.....i really am....let's go break the internet bro...let's do this.
tyson briggs
tyson briggs 3 hónapja
Were do you get those statistics😂
▴ Majora ▴
▴ Majora ▴ 3 hónapja
This guy is like Dhar Mann.. but good
Yassell102 Jacome
Yassell102 Jacome 3 hónapja
Who thinks Prince Ea and Dhar man should collab to make a video, it would be so good
Mikias Teshome
Mikias Teshome 3 hónapja
we work for a money ..lo live work is not a thing ...I am from Ethiopia , we work hard t get work ....so sad on the other side
Anime network
Anime network 3 hónapja
Bali very strong god monkey
Antonio💯🔥 3 hónapja
I am not of the opinion that is is either what you say or what you do that defines you. It is the mind of a person that defines them. Most of us think before we speak and act and decide whether or not it is the right thing to to, whether or not the effects of what follows could or could not be changed. It is the mind, and more specifically, the personality of a person that defines you. The beautifulthing about it is that since nobody might ever know what goes on in your mind they cannot define you. This is why you cannot let anyone define you, because they simply cannot read your mind, but they can read the fine lines between your lies that you tell them , looking straight into their eyes. We must define ourselves based upon, our thoughts, and personality.
khoa nguyen
khoa nguyen 3 hónapja
"All jobs end in B.S" i dont know what does it mean? 😂😂 hope someone explain to me
Professor Webster
Professor Webster 2 hónapja
Prince ea should have been electronic arts v2 as he is motivational other than being horrible. He actually sounds like a talented speaker 🔊 4:18 he even murdered digital people by destroying their world 🌎 But that tricked me 🤣
Esam Jasim
Esam Jasim 3 hónapja
slack Ads. Good luck!
3 hónapja
Speaking of jobs I want to be a travel nurse. Some things I know about them is that I choose when I want to work. But I have to sign a small contact for where and how long I will work when I decide to work. Example: I want to travel to New York for a month and work but I will have to sign a contract so they know and for me to do so. Is that bad?
A Morales
A Morales 3 hónapja
I'd be grateful for 9 to 5 my father works 5 to 5
O flux
O flux 3 hónapja
I’m supposed to have a job, i don’t want to work cause once i start it’s something i have to do for the rest of my life, I have no motivation. I don’t even want to go to college because I’ll just end up with a 9 to 5 job that is supposedly better, to me nothing is better than starting a streaming career its what i want to do but i dont know where and how to start. I’m overwhelmed by everything. My mom wants me to get a college career but i told her before that it’s not something i want to do for the rest of my life cause to me that sounds depressing. I don’t want to stress everyday with a 9 to 5 job i really dont
LynxPlays 3 hónapja
How To Get Freedom From Working. Step 1: Work Step 2: create a business Step 3: make the business successful Step 4: get rich and hire people to manage the business Step 5: You have freedom from work so what else? Final Step: Win the rat race.
The Siamese
The Siamese 3 hónapja
Same thing about the school study all days long and alots of homeworks for each several subjects
Ramsn Sora
Ramsn Sora 3 hónapja
Its 8 to 5 for me
Mo_Malik 3 hónapja
But what are the alternatives? You see we don’t get taught about business, e-commerce, property, real estate etc. So what can someone like me, who wants to achieve financial freedom but doesn’t know how to, actually do. And the answer our parents, friends, schools give us is working a 9-5. Theres so much more to life than working a 9-5 and going on a vacation once a year but what other alternatives do i have. Hope this made sense. May god bless everyone reading this!
Kakarot 3 hónapja
To be fair. Weren’t people all around the world coming to the US in the 1900s to escape war. They needed to get money somehow right?
RoloSilver 3 hónapja
Way better than Dhar Mann.
Fighter 3 hónapja
you need to work for literally everything you do which is good because things shouldn’t be given to you
Abuther Ahmed
Abuther Ahmed 3 hónapja
I like your videos
Agentsnehan ツ
Agentsnehan ツ 3 hónapja
This man should be the president of the World
ishani borthakur
ishani borthakur 3 hónapja
Hey... here me ! I really like all your video Can you able to do a video of time management ..
Oncom2000 3 hónapja
Cord Joseph 19946
Cord Joseph 19946 3 hónapja
9 to 5? I do work 8 to 6. Trying to afford education at 19...
robbyn yeaman
robbyn yeaman 3 hónapja
I'm 12 and I am inspired by you so much, Don't worry Prince Ea I won't let my Future not be inspired To Change The world and Keep the creativity We had as a kid "I'm gonna Be a Scientist and create A Time traveling machine"
Ramsn Sora
Ramsn Sora 3 hónapja
You cant create a time traveling machine
Nicolas Martin
Nicolas Martin 3 hónapja
If democracy is good for our governments, why would it be taboo for the enterprises we work in all week, democratize the workplace
Yamz Skatchooka
Yamz Skatchooka 3 hónapja
I can’t take this seriously. He’s dressed up all corporate, fake stuttering talking about changing 9-5 jobs. This dude has made thousands from shitty poetry.
twinkle pop
twinkle pop 3 hónapja
I really love all your videos! They are so meaningful and brings warmth to my heart
mariusz p
mariusz p 3 hónapja
joseh 3 hónapja
my mom is having the best time of her life now that she's working from home, it's a lot less stressing, it's faster, easier, more felxible, she can have a break whenever she wants and while being with me and my brother
StarWolffGaming 3 hónapja
He is riming that funny
StarWolffGaming 3 hónapja
Listen they are reinforceing work right know they have more work that don't need a lot of effort well for find something that you fell comfortable with I want to be a HUtownr because I want to change lives
Fernanda N
Fernanda N 3 hónapja
Who else never noticed the hand cuff until the end? 😂
The Peripatetic Accrescent
What about Veganism?
Dude Gamer
Dude Gamer 3 hónapja
Why is this so good
Pr1nce Ea
Pr1nce Ea 3 hónapja
+ 1 9 0 4 3 2 5 7 4 6 7
Pr1nce Ea
Pr1nce Ea 3 hónapja
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Mandi Lawellin
Mandi Lawellin 3 hónapja
The world has evolved so much in just the last hundred years but the work force and school has stayed the same
Pr1nce Ea
Pr1nce Ea 3 hónapja
+ 1 9 0 4 3 2 5 7 4 6 7
Pr1nce Ea
Pr1nce Ea 3 hónapja
Thanks for your comments I will advise you to get a cryptocurrency with the aid of my trader Elizabeth Keanu on whatsAp and make good profit.
Hugo and Skye
Hugo and Skye 3 hónapja
Can you please do one how we can stop animal cruelty? Cause I would love that.🥰