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More than 264 million people currently suffer from depression. I made this video in collaboration with the great people at Straight Up Impact, to shine light on this silent pandemic.

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, please call or text the following:
1-800-273-8255 (National Suicide Prevention Hotline).
Crisis Text Line: text HOME to 741741

Executive Producer:
Straight Up Impact
Executive Producers:
Kate Cohen
Marisa Polvino
Pam Roy
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Created and Written by Prince Ea
@Prince Ea IG: @prince_ea

Directed, Edited and Produced by Sharp Productions
@SPENCER SHARP IG: @spencersharp7
Marteen Change - Producer
Zakariah Zohan - Producer
Apollo17 - Lighting
Will Engle AKA 10thElementGraphics AKA The Nocturnal Roger Patterson Photo Model - Special Effects @bigfoot_bae

Music Production by
Alexander Hitchens

Director of Photography
Valentina Vee @valentina.vee
Joe Adams @adamsjoe330
Spencer Sharp

Cast (In Order of Appearance):
Spider - Toby Maguire - @myspideysensesaretinglingwatchout
Micah Fitzgerald - Mr. Depression - @micahfitzgerald
Prince Ea - As himself - @prince_ea
Alison Miller - Therapist
Zack's Sister - Forensic Lead
Troy Dillinger - Father - @troydillinger
Neela Jolene - Daughter - @neelajolene
Alice Bowden - Mother - @actingupalicebowden
Broken Legs Patient - Khloe Kares - @khloekares and Tia Nolls
Chad Bushman - Birthday Dad - @chadbg
Minerva Mendez - Birthday Mom - @minervaxo
Boyfriend in car- Spencer Sharp - @spencersharp7
Angry Girlfriend - Elisabeth Ferrara- @lisagna
Tom Looney - Chief Wiggums - @lommtooney
Alex Porter - Cop - @official_alexporter
Young Prince Ea - Koy Corbett
Snakes - Nachash - @sSsSSssS
Snake and Spider Handler - @JoJosReptiles
Post Office Delivery Man - Zack and Micah - @lookaboveIalreadytypedtheir
Receptionist - Lauren Harding - @laurenharding2.0

Set Design:
Sci-Fi Studios

Steadicam Op:
Merlin Showalter - @themerlinshow
Evan Avtal - @evan.Avtal

Assistant Camera:
Eduardo Gonzalez - @edofilms_
Riccardo Stanley - @riccardo_stanley

Make Up Artist:
Mana Afshar @inkedoutcast
Nancy Loera - @nanloera

Audio Mix by:
Ross Gellar

Promo and Social Media Management:
Wes Stevens
XX - Brook Blann / Victoria Nelson
Nathan Brandt

Special Thanks:

Also a very special happy birthday to my favorite actor, Robin Williams!









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Ndayola Mulongeni
Gene Sombrero
Nice one!
Y A Z H 2 napja
These are crazy bars. F Mr Depression
asrar 2 napja
Those guys in a depression right now actually need this but they are listening to xxx or those suicidal lyrics
Hiba 2 napja
Amazing 🤩
Carl Padua
Carl Padua 2 napja
But I thought it didn't exist 🤔 hutown.info/base/vide/2pyqpGiCinzEYZo.html
ZulFra - remix
>rap mode
noni chan
noni chan 3 napja
It took me a while to understand but when it did it hits me so hard as a wakeup call
Shivam Jha
Shivam Jha 3 napja
Wohoooo 💥💥💥
Lilian G
Lilian G 3 napja
VeXXed LionHaRt
I just found this video and so true I've had depression now for years since I was 18 I had a job I went to college had everything going for me but when I turned 18 I found my dad dead he took his own life the start of my down world spire then at 21 my mum died after that I really went to the bottom left working lost my house ended up in shear housing as I got into money problems as I hit the beer and gave up I ended up on streets and ending up in shear housing as I was a mess and though all that I also lost all my friends and family I had no one as I became separate from the world and still to this day I'm now 34 I'm still trying to get my life in order I still drink and suffer bad I carnt sleep most nights but I am trying to pull my self up from all of this but it is no joke and not easy I've had no one to help me still don't but I try and that's the main thing trying to get life back on track
Jacob James
Jacob James 4 napja
i am starting to come out if my depression but i feel like i might fall back in but everything u have said is the most truth i have heard
•Siyu._.• 4 napja
Im just got deppressed today, do you have any word to cheer me up? It's ok if you don't Btw you're good in rap I love it!😍😍
Lumio Sa
Lumio Sa 4 napja
Your really speaking facts 🔥😭
kidist mandefro
I've no words bro. It is just WOW!
Jordanplayz__ yt
it's nice to here something like this since I have had depression and have it on a regular basis because I am overwhelmed with things that many people can do with no problems. it just feels like someone understands that's all I guess
shmileyッ 6 napja
this beat slaps dayumm 🔥🔥
DylanRU 6 napja
@Prince Ea needs a musical
Lyra abbott
Lyra abbott 7 napja
Lol and you made a video on other people not being depressed and telling them to stop it. Hypocrite.
Carl Padua
Carl Padua 2 napja
I'm glad someone else remembers that Prince EA is a fraud
chisomo nyamalikiti Mdalla
Sumptuous Stuff Prince
Thunder Emperor
❦•Kaikai Dokeshii•❦
At around 1:37 he sounds like hes rapping
kiashawna dorsey
May this is awesome I loved this coming from a person with depression
Drea Lani
Drea Lani 8 napja
Robin Williams killed himself because he was showing early signs of an illness he didn't wanna battle 💔
Razar Festus
Razar Festus 9 napja
In this era..depression is real
Speechless and crying all inside of me.
Hilda Theresa Banda
Mad poet Exceptional
Saif Alkaraghouli
When you know how depression works you don't fear it any more
James Barralet
James Barralet 11 napja
Depression is an inevitable consequence of a numbed human spirit. The ‘heal’ is nurturing the human spirit. Atmosphere greatly affects the vibrancy of the human spirit.
Hrannar Kristinn
rember this? hutown.info/base/vide/2pyqpGiCinzEYZo.html 😬 yikes
Roy The Poet
Roy The Poet 12 napja
Powerful spoken word piece
Dhammika kapuliyadda
Stop encouraging depression
Student-Sait Goker
We need a Karaoke version of this!
Hilda Theresa Banda
Nightmare BaconN
Brenda Jayden
Brenda Jayden 13 napja
I'm speechless. I'm honestly going through a hard time right now and this brought me to tears but tears that I had to hold back because my kids are round and i dont want to frighten them but I loved this.
Mmm Hhh
Mmm Hhh 13 napja
Man I don't speak English but that touched me although I don't get it all
Jayesh Wadhwa
Jayesh Wadhwa 14 napja
0:02- What HUtownrs expect when you don't press the like button on a video
Sakono _.
Sakono _. 14 napja
3:34 - 4:07 hit me really hard because I didn't actually know that was apart of my depression. I'm currently dealing with anxiety as well. Its hard for me to sleep at night and when I do I wake up still feeling tired. I stay on my phone 24/7 not wanting to do anything and half the time I don't feel like taking showers, getting dressed of sometimes eating. Its hard for me to do stuff cause it take a lot of energy out of me or I'm just way too tired to do it. I sleep on the couch a lot even when I known i should be in bed sleeping. Another part is my anxiety as I said previously, I'm always afraid of falling asleep cause I'm scared somethings gonna happen to me, my sister or my mother. I've also recently found out that fidgeting (which I do a lot unconsciously) is also a part of anxiety cause it keeps my mind focused on something and it kinda helps release stress. I always feel like someone is watching me or judging me for something im doing such as walking, talking or how I look. I honestly didn't think I had anxiety or depression even when my doctors diagnosed me with it and even if I take medication for it I still felt like it wasn't true. Through this video I've found out that regular things I do every day are apart of my depression and it helped me a lot to understand what it actually is or what it does to people. I would think if I ever got diagnosed with depression or anxiety I would make fun of it or brag about it. But thinking about it just dosnt feel too great. Yes ill tell people if its needed but I believe people who have depression or anxiety would not brag about a mental illness because they're afraid of saying it or they don't feel the need to talk about something that has impacted their daily lives. I'm sorry for this little rant. I just wanted to get that off my chest 🙂
ThisisZZTV 15 napja
6 yes ago hutown.info/base/vide/kniAyZ6Ld5Oblpo.html
Айдын Гулиев
Where can I find lyrics? I need it ASAP
Xtremer 15 napja
Spread The Gospel!!!!!!!!!!
pro 16 napja
this kinda creeped me out a bit ngl
George Boothby
George Boothby 16 napja
Juwxoxo 17 napja
Wow this so good and deep 💔💔
Exekal 17 napja
this is more like a rap
Speggie 17 napja
Kim Tate
Kim Tate 17 napja
Kim Tate
Kim Tate 17 napja
Kim Tate
Kim Tate 17 napja
allwyn lobo
allwyn lobo 18 napja
Lv the rap
Veera 18 napja
This is awesome.
Izxk skylor GalaxyBoy
Legendary prince EA.🙏.one day i will meet ya and hold your hand bro🙏
Kikispet 19 napja
I need lyrics
Kikispet 19 napja
It takes too much energy to reply to a text I feel that
Ridon Ng`andu
Ridon Ng`andu 20 napja
that`s great man
F2P Xiao
F2P Xiao 20 napja
School makes me depressed If I had to write an essay on the importantce of homework, I would CITE EVEDINCE of why it’s useless and are just force feeding us then to throw it up on the test. sure it’s my grade but can it determine my future? I want to be an artist, how does knowing that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell prepare me for art school? How does that essay prepare me how to pay taxes? How will that essay teach me how to get a job? We need to teach students about REAL education. -Sincerely, a random depressed 7th grade student.
Tony Thompson
Tony Thompson 20 napja
Thanks Prince
Clockwork Artist
Rip Kurt cobain and Marilyn monroe
Jonathan Newman
Jonathan Newman 20 napja
To the person who’s suffering from depression: I know we don’t know each other but I want to leave you with some advice, stay strong, find your passion and your calling, don’t ever give up on life. Life is worth living make the most of it .
For anyone who going through depression I just want to say YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS! I'll pray for you all God gave you the strength to do anything and he will give you the strength to get through this!✝️❤️🙏
Daniyal Ahmed
Daniyal Ahmed 21 napja
My Friend : "Who is your favorite rapper?" ME: "Oh , my favorite rapper is Prince Ea" My Friend : "But Prince Ea is not" ME: "SHUT UP!"
Guillo B
Guillo B 21 napja
Amazing ! Thank you
The Gaming Archives
jesus christ its taken so many
Spurr_ovo 22 napja
I have had depression for a long time and I get episodes where I just break down and have suicidal thoughts of ODing. Every time I put a knife to my throat and Cry and get angry with myself for not having the strength to finish it. My girlfriend has told me I need therapy and need to talk to someone but I never did. I didn’t want to tell work cause I didn’t want everyone to know. I haven’t told my family because I don’t want them to know or be worried (I feel like this problem should be mine and mine alone). 15th 2021 August was my 25th birthday and it happened again and it’s still with me now. Today was the first day I went to the doctors to talk about how I am feeling and they gave me some medication and ways for me to get the help and time off from work. I really hope this helps me and people don’t use it against me now I’ve opened up abit more. I just want the pain to end!!
Weird Darkness
Weird Darkness 23 napja
YES YES YES!!!!!!! I'm sharing this with the listeners of my podcast and radio show! I've been trying to bring awareness about depression for years to help people understand, but this message knocks it out of the park about what it is and what it does to you! How it LIES to you like a demon! THANK YOU, Prince Ea for bringing forth TRUTH!!!!
Nelson Nunes Coach
Thank you for this piece of art, prince, i am now typeing a text to my clients that have been ghosted for the past months due to the very same emotions you describe in this music, explaining everything, i have tears in my eyes, and a very good feeling in my heart. I will win this battle.
Samkele Masondo
Samkele Masondo 23 napja
Prince ea more of these please
Musab Al-Bahry
Musab Al-Bahry 23 napja
Whoa this deserves even more views
Yeekaawee 23 napja
I would love prince ea to drop a mixtape
Its Khool here
Its Khool here 23 napja
This low-key gave me NF vibes
Mr Desu HN
Mr Desu HN 24 napja
Depressed means u need Deep Rest.
Kalaū'ala Mīng
So much title changes
Star Streamer
Star Streamer 25 napja
Cant get enough of this auto repeat broken
Danial 25 napja
Lone Martinsen
Lone Martinsen 26 napja
Amazing work!! Does anyone know where I can find the lyrics? 🙏
SpooderPug 26 napja
Prince Ea> your favorite rapper
Keenan Ryan
Keenan Ryan 27 napja
I remember listening to this guy long ago back in the Bars From Sumar days and before...insane to see how he has morphed into his best version and continuing to grow... Saying that makes me think of that Ralph Smart guy and all his videos I used to watch. "Can I get a hellooooooo theeeere" lol, what rock was I under to sleep on this for a month though for real, this is the stuff - definitely sharing.
Tomáš Závodný
Unable to use Titles. It thinks it is in Netherlands language.
fact 60
fact 60 29 napja
Bad times comes in life Also good times comes in life In Bad times I try to keep my self strong.
Igive up
Igive up Hónapja
Don't worry mate just like a TV remote, depression comes, depression goes
Kalaū'ala Mīng
You aren't wrong But you aren't right
Courageously Ontime Lively
Rewind and come a gain, wow powerful, all praises to The Most High for all blessings for freely you received freely you give,stay bless Prince Ea
America in Distress
I love you Pince Ea. I'm gonna correct you here though. Some depression is a chemical imbalance, much like a physical disability. I know, I live with the fact with my husband. He battles it hard but on many days he is one bullet from the edge.
Nikolaslie Hónapja
i HaVE crIpPLiNg dEppRESiON
Nikolaslie Hónapja
Rapping against our greatest enemy nice.
omolara opeyemi
omolara opeyemi Hónapja
😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤ More grease to your elbow darling
smol child
smol child Hónapja
Them beats tho
Apollo Rising
Apollo Rising Hónapja
The actor who plays depression in this is in drakes video “just hold on we’re going home” he always playing the villain but he’s actually one of the coolest people I ever met. Solid individual for real.
MSA Hónapja
Try reading the Holy Quran and you will feel peace with every verse, believe me your depression will slide away so slightly every time you flip between it’s pages 😊🌹
🍃 Poetry_M A C  🦅
2:00 🔥🔥
No name
No name Hónapja
Depression is a demon of Satan’s
💧Dodo Nodens 🌊
He is one of the Demonic serpent’s son I got inspired by the scarlet king
Emjay hip hop
Emjay hip hop Hónapja
Sir....this is video is awesome.......i'm sorry for the less views of this video. ... I love thisss soo much..... You are great............ From Pakistan
DevilsHomings Hónapja
My friend killed himself because of depression rip I loved him he felt like a brother 😭😭
Manu Mk
Manu Mk Hónapja
Prince ea u touchn' many lives out here....this is lit,spoken word+rap...keep us guessing...
Emmanuel Hónapja
If your Depress you live in the past Lao tzu
Luyanda Mathenjwa
Sending love and peace to all those suffering from depression ❤️
The commentator
The commentator Hónapja
Wow this is amazing!
Edgar Mulenga
Edgar Mulenga Hónapja
So True
Blue Moon
Blue Moon Hónapja
Depression is a sickness
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