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Fat Shaming/Body Shaming is never COOL.

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Hibiscus7 4 órája
Everyone has imperfections and I mean EVERYONE!
Hibiscus7 20 órája
Amen hallelujah speaking the truth
Sumac Apalachee
Sumac Apalachee 22 órája
I just want to tell you that I'm grateful for what you do. I love you and your message. Keep on being the faucet!
Eugenio maria Gerardo
You are very right sir and kudos to yr entire staff ' let food be yr medicine '
Random Guy that exists
I feel like crying when I know about the issue but its still there
Kelly Z
Kelly Z 2 napja
How u know my damn fear!!!
Dhnuxwlk3r 3 napja
There are narcissists among us! Mind manipulators using dark psychology to get what they want harming others. But however they're the ones who win it not the good ones today 😔
Klarissa Solomon
i started crying because ive been body shamed multiple times like damn. thanks prince
On this day In history
This is Dhar man on another level.
Karen Subbiondo
My teenage son and I have been listening to you for years. You’re incredibly talented. Thank you for all of the powerful messages! Too bad my name is ruined😩.
Kevin Theodhori
If this were to be more realistic the eoman would not care.
KBJ KING 6 napja
I wish someone would stand up for mental health for individuals who go through paying child support. It's the only thing that mental health doesn't exist in the governments eyes. We need to raise awareness about it. #princeea
Yohanez Theos
Yohanez Theos 7 napja
Standing up for others as well as standing up for ourselves is something we should continue to encourage, especially on topics like this one 💜
John Ho
John Ho 7 napja
I’m pro fat shaming.
Alok 7 napja
I am from india but like to much this channel. His videos are totally different from other HUtownrs.
Nicholas McKale Quintana
Girls are so used to compliments so badly they just live up to it so they most prob dont experience bullying as much as the guys
Nicholas McKale Quintana
No offense btw
Deb Grimes
Deb Grimes 8 napja
I am obese, I stopped going out in public, lets just say, there was a couple of times I almost killed myself.
Angerlean Hammond
What he said was right on. I have always said if you can't say anything nice then don't say anything. A person doesn't need you to say anything to them about their weight they already know, and they will lose their weight when they are ready to.
Calvin Smith
Calvin Smith 8 napja
Wtf is this shit
Taekook 4 órája
Wth are you talking about?
Sathyamoorthi Hariprassanth
You should do one on women fat shaming men
Amdo Karma
Amdo Karma 10 napja
Lots of FAT people in the comments section ! 😂😂😂
Mark Stein
Mark Stein 10 napja
Fat shaming never bothered me cause I take it as constructive criticism. However I am well aware that many people are too hypersensitive.
Mark Stein
Mark Stein 10 napja
You are dead wrong buddy. Physical illness is far worse than mental. I would much rather have a psychotic episode than a heart attack or even worse a stroke.
Mark Stein
Mark Stein 10 napja
In real life this guy would no confront Karen or Kathleen or any woman because one of the other customers could be her boyfriend or husband.
Mark Stein
Mark Stein 10 napja
That confronting customer is wrong about food being a coping mechanism at least for every body. I eat to live not for emotional gratification.
Mark Stein
Mark Stein 10 napja
If this were me Id take the salad. I don't like sweets and im also diabetic now.
Jadon 11 napja
literally eevry life lesson with a karen, 9.5 out of 10, their actual names are karen.
Elvis Ahiahonu
Elvis Ahiahonu 11 napja
From inspirational to dharrmanial
Elvis Ahiahonu
Elvis Ahiahonu 11 napja
I just love the fact that the Karen has the name tag Karen on her
Mohamed 12 napja
he is like dhar mann changing life
Gussmann 65
Gussmann 65 12 napja
Stop pretending obesity is unavoidable and should be accepted! IT IS BAD! UNHEALTHY! and preventable! Instead of making fat people feel okay about being fat, let’s help them live a healthy life!
Vee 12 napja
This might be better than Dhar Mann :')
Kavinn sivakumar
Pin me pls
Kavinn sivakumar
And I shared liked and subscribed
Student-Sait Goker
Why not sub, like why?
Mike 12 napja
Tell a girl she's beautiful a million times and she'll never notice. Call her fat once and she'll never forget it. Because elephants never forget.
Arjunator 12 napja
Shut up
Omg shhh are you God Prince 💗💗
Lykeas 13 napja
so basically a shower argument
Marilyn MacDonald
Thank you.
Sebastian’s Wife
I like how the bully’s name is literally "Karen" 😂😂
Dee 14 napja
There are another of these real videos. No need to make fake ones.
Right libertarian
Jason momoa was fat shamed for not having visible six pack, I mean body shaming always existed, now it has crossed the limit. Here in India, people don't care about body, they care about weight. I was body shamed by neighbours and relatives for being big. But they don't understand the difference between muscle and fat. My classmates body shamed me just because I'm not extremely shredded. You see the situation has gone from bad to worse. A person getting bodyshamed for losing his muscle definition. I work hard and eat healthy to maintain my body.
illusive man with wings
The world is nothing but lies shooting and scandals humans are more likely to kill for something greater the geth do not understand this history is a collection of conflicts over different ideas and concepts we wish to understand it's like saying if a machine is a living thing it's also started a war and what started it was a question does this unit have a soul
Encourage them to be How they could be Woowww
Drew Chance
Drew Chance 15 napja
Everybody should feel great all of the time. Nobody should be criticized. Alcoholics, drug addicts and people with eating disorders. Fear and shame do motivate shame otherwise people wouldn't even try. I'd punch whoever made this crap in the mouth.
Ugbad Khadar
Ugbad Khadar 15 napja
Thank you prince ea what ever you tell us❣ you're really wisely person ❤
Toijam Joychandra
Those who dislike are the laughter.
Tamira Ritchie
Tamira Ritchie 15 napja
Cool. Thank you.
Kikispet 15 napja
Crying like teen
T GR8 1
T GR8 1 15 napja
5:08 this is the mature cj that shoots with his mouth. And shuts haters with a pout!
Xtremer 15 napja
Spread The Gospel!!!!!!!!!!
David Burden
David Burden 15 napja
terriable acting woeful
Zappi Boi
Zappi Boi 15 napja
Atleast the acting is better then ur spelling
george thomson
george thomson 15 napja
Judging people by their size just isn't right. It is not what they look like on the outside, it is what's inside that counts. Now here are a bunch of my lyrics I want to spit out: Nobody should shame people like that Pattie Because there's no thing meaner than getting called fatty Judging people by their size like the cover of a book You stab people in the back, they give you angry looks Prince Ea stood up to Karen and hit her with the flow You took every single word out of her ego filled mouth bro. You stood up for people no matter what their size And now I've seen this video I will subscribe Big shout from George, from Manchester, England, United Kingdom
Owen Smith
Owen Smith 16 napja
The second I saw karan in the title I knew the fat shamer would be called karan
pro 16 napja
this sounds like a dhar man video
arvie nerviol
arvie nerviol 16 napja
I can also be an influencer because your videos like this teach and tell me who I can be just like what you said from this video Thank you so much, Prince Ea
Am i the only one Who thinks that chubby ppeople are the nicest . (I dont mean to offend anyone).
No Brainer
No Brainer 17 napja
we need more content like this, this is reality
then benagcz
then benagcz 17 napja
Nobody born with perfect body being fat or being skinny sucks you need eat right and put a more waight and effort to get better body because we got only one body and need to take care of it!!
Funky pop lover
Funky pop lover 18 napja
See the thing is when someone’s fat you get bullied and when you get skinny you get laughed at because they think you look sick…..
Balázs János Dominkó
I expected it to be one of those Videos where this chill as 20 year old guy talking about a story while playing cs:go or something but this is way better
Josette Robinson-Eaton
wow, awesome video and well planned... thanks for explaining it to the root of body shamming.
Sean Hayes
Sean Hayes 18 napja
It's really easy to say "lovingly encourage them to be who they could be". Some nice words and thoughts in there but he's an idiot. There's no way that happens spontaneously at a coffee shop. You'd need vested interest in, and a lot of time with, that person to come anywhere close to even accomplishing that. So many people delusional and in their own little world. What's wrong with a little reality ? Some respond to that but since everyone sugar-coats and beats around the bush nowadays, they never truly realize it. Call a fat person out ! Let them know they are setting a bad example. You may save their life. If not, you may save a future fat person from doing that to themselves when they see the ridicule. I was a pack-a-day smoker for over 30 years. Having to smoke outside in some timy smoker's corral, feeling ostracized, commercials with bad breath, teeth falling out, uncool etc finally SHAMED ME sufficiently and made me quit. I wouldn't have quit otherwise. Shaming will overcome weak willpower. You should THANK everyone that makes you feel fat for giving you yet another reason to get off your lazy ass, put down the ice cream and save your life.
Mimina09 19 napja
Love you, honestly - you are amazing!
FlynnTime -BS
FlynnTime -BS 19 napja
This guy is an upgraded version of Dhar Mann
Errol Thomas
Errol Thomas 19 napja
Prince Ea needs to become a modern day MC
Not Seal
Not Seal 20 napja
This is so trueeee omg I’m fat I get fat shamed from kids at school and because of that I don’t want to go to shcool anymore but after hearing this I feel wayyyy more comfortable in going back to school god blesss you
Mine Time
Mine Time 20 napja
Wait so like, yeah you shouldn’t be rude to someone for being fat, but shouldn’t you still not approve of it? And why id it bad to be afraid of being fat? After all it’s unhealthy.
Judging other will not define them it defines you.
Your better than dhar man 100%
Think outside the box. Have your own thoughts. Makes me so sad that people judge others on society's standard of beauty, -what there told to believe on TV, social media etc. This shit needs to stop
Ej arce
Ej arce 21 napja
I love it!
Anthony Strunk
Anthony Strunk 21 napja
😥 amazing just a amazing
Subhana Roberts 2
I thought this was going to be cringy like Dhar Mann but this was good.
Subhana Roberts 2
Why are they're so many dislikes?
Where did you get the 80% statistic?
Nuria Asgard Stormcloud
Damn straight ur going to apologize for ur actions damn straight
Nuria Asgard Stormcloud
U r a total Karen ya jerk
Kanon Natsuki
Kanon Natsuki 22 napja
JUST... WOW....
Patrick Meeyir Sagayno
Fat Shaming/Body Shaming is never COOL. That's Right
brendan gilliam
brendan gilliam 23 napja
bruh everyones like Omg this is so deep but this is just dhar man but with better acting
Mark Lester Terariray
Jay Barnett
Jay Barnett 24 napja
Love your neighbor like yourself. Lift others up man, be that shining light in this cruel society. Jesus Rocks!
Isaiah 25 napja
yo i am 10 and that is my fear :O but prince ea helps so much because kids used to make fun of me so prince ea
31amel 53
31amel 53 25 napja
Black Marshmello
I'm not gonna fat shame because I don't know the reason you're fat. Being is bad and that's that.
SussyAct3Playz 25 napja
this is to extra but nice mesage
It makes m cry!
Swifty777 25 napja
The worst thing is... Prince EA did this in a video, everyone listens and agrees. If he did this in real life, they’d be like, “GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY FACE!”
bruh 24 napja
Bro its supposed to send a message
Nevaeh Figueroa
Nevaeh Figueroa 25 napja
loved this
Nevaeh Figueroa
Nevaeh Figueroa 25 napja
not karen 💀
FIRE CODM 26 napja
Imagine him and Dhar Mann collaborating lol I would love it
Train with MJ
Train with MJ 28 napja
Ultimate .. 😎💯😃🤩
Alagiyawanna Mukaweti
Damn youre good ❤️💙💙💙
Brother Shield
Brother Shield 28 napja
Look up Snake Diet that will help
Tep Sovan
Tep Sovan 29 napja
Dhar man but like 90000000times better
gamer9800 6
gamer9800 6 29 napja
This is crazy
Diffy Sagala
Diffy Sagala 29 napja
I'm Cry, Cuz Ye- I'm Getting So Many Bullied Because I'm Fat. And I Hear This- That's Make My Feelings Better :)
Terry Hoover
Terry Hoover Hónapja
If only spoiled brats like her would stand still and listen. But they don't.
SparkyJeTady Hónapja
This is like Dhar mann
bruh 24 napja
But at least its a good message
Zainy plays & reacts
Thanks my classmates fat shame me a lot
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