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In partnership with HUtown Originals’ Action 2: Continuing The Movement.

It’s time to take Racism to court.

We’ve marched. We’ve cried out for justice. We’ve raised our voices. What’s next? Join Common & Keke Palmer for 2: Continuing The Movement on December 5th. It’s time to raise the heat.

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The views and opinions expressed in this documentary are those of the participants and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any HUtown/Google entity.



2020.dec. 4.






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V. Zothankhuma
everyone spam the link of this video now
Phillip Conley
If you prick is do we not bleed If you tickle us do we not laugh If you poison us do we not die If you wrong is will we not revenge Shakespeare We are all different but we should celebrate those differences not disgrace them were all human we r all the same
Nathan Chinyama
Guys get him to 10 million
Jacob James
Jacob James 4 napja
everyone is human
Melody Ilesanmi
Favorite part: The racist got mad when Prince said we were all from Africa.
CreeperG 5 napja
1:36 9 year olds be like
Dragos-Andrei Rotaru
Dude, races exist. But we arent different from each other. This is just extreme dhar man
Armin.A Napja
There is only the human race.
Bulldog Empire
To anyone who might not understand the first quote he said, he was holding a badge with a swastika because those were words from Adolf Hitler himself
Gamel Issaku
Gamel Issaku 7 napja
I love this video,Prince Ea you are a role model
FAVB 7 napja
The only way to end racism is to acknowledge that we are different. And then accept it. You prince EA is BLACK! I am WHITE. But it doesn't matter. We're both humans.
Guy Mantell
Guy Mantell 7 napja
Thank you Bruh man ! There are some hateful folks out there.... They run us like prisoners in prison separated by our selves, so the minority stays in charge. I've been speaking on this for years, separation by economic stature. They let white folks have just alitle more and remove father's from black home's install high sentences for low level crime's so black folks or the Sharptons of the world continue to have something to talk about. And do not confuse the Sharpton's with the likes of great people like MLK, MALCOM, BOOKER T, Harriet and so many other's. I preach this every where I go any chance I get I've had my but whooped twice because I won't fight back and play the game, probly gonna happen some more before I get done. I WILL NOT QUIT MUCH LOVE MAN WE ALL BLEED RED GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS AND ALL THE HUMANS OUT THERE...
K i w i
K i w i 8 napja
never using the b word again
L3on Drak3
L3on Drak3 11 napja
When he said mr. Race I was ultimately confused of why his name is literally race and he came in with a horse since this is not ace attorney
Adam salmawy
Adam salmawy 13 napja
Is this dhar man?????
Xtremer 15 napja
Spread The Gospel!!!!!!!!!!
Cholwe Daka
Cholwe Daka 16 napja
Spoken like a true human
RISHAB Ashok 18 napja
This isn’t racism on the stand it was white supremacy
Dany Sanchez
Dany Sanchez 18 napja
Color its just an idiotic concept to keep us the human race the one true race figthing whit eachother
warriormama67 18 napja
Please keep doing what you are doing, because you are amazing. 🙏💕✨
Archangelos 19 napja
That is what i always say. Human lifes matter. No white... no black... no yellow, orange or purple. We are all human after all
AbhayPratap Singh
1:42 are you saying that we can discriminate people on basis of religion and caste
mike campbell
mike campbell 24 napja
DAMN !!!! Thumbs up to you young man !!!!!
Jihad Qualified
Jihad Qualified 26 napja
The black sun and the 3 trinagle has nothing to do with racism it's nordic
TrES-2b 26 napja
Prince ea lives in a parallel universe where bad words are illegal
Natilie 28 napja
What about sickle cell?
Wonderful 28 napja
Yea one hundred percent agree race should end
Nick Nigga
Nick Nigga 29 napja
Price ea should be called fake woke man
Commander Kronos
He isn’t woke, he’s against wokeness
Clay-gaming Hónapja
2:47 N word
Jason Macleod
Jason Macleod Hónapja
No Truer words have a man Spoke.. To all of Humanity.. Oh let share this every day to all the major Media apps..There's No Hiding the real Truth of Humanity's History.
Understand Understand
Divide and distract the average people while they loot our tax dollars and they all get rich while inflation slowly lowers the quality of life for most Americans but we are too distracted by what the media tells us to care about when to care about it and how much, next week it will be something else.
B.A.K.I Hónapja
Blayney Shinners
Prince Ea : Racism only exited after the 15 century jews under roman occupation : Am i a joke to you
manshee445 banshee445
i dont care
Armin.A Napja
Then go to hell
Sweet Edits
Sweet Edits Hónapja
The ending confused me can someone explain what happened pls
Geoff Wickens
Geoff Wickens Hónapja
Did anyone find it ironic that "Mr Race" is dressed as a KKK member. How true is that!!
jeh khubchandani
Racism is the term that separates Humans, and Animals. The race is an ideology, not a religion. We feel that if a person looks different, they are bad, or worse than you. Poor, Rich, Tall, Short, Black, White, Brown, are just words that have nothing to do with Race, but our ancestors made us think they do. Religion is believing in a superior being called god. God is different in other places ad religions, but we have grown up that Racism is something that we should not do, but we still do it anyways. It does not matter what your skin colour is, or where you come from. We all share the Earth, and we all have skin. People can't help what colour that is, but they are being put down, killed even because of that. Skin colour does not make you superior to another, it just makes you a dumb person, if you feel that you are better.
Klaudia Salvino
Klaudia Salvino Hónapja
everyone needs to remember that racism applies to all races not just 1 but all
Guccii Hónapja
This hasnt been seen by nearly enough people. Respect bro.
Zahra Diagne
Zahra Diagne Hónapja
Amen!! Never have I ever heard someone explain racism so easily or explain the fact that we are all one people who came from the same place. Thank you!!
Mo Li
Mo Li Hónapja
You know I’m Asian and people are really racist these days I just wanted to say that no one is better than no one we a L are equal there is no proof that your better we got different skin but we all are still human
When you showed the picture of Emmett Till, I just started crying.
Fear57 Hónapja
How do we solve the racism problem. "Stop talking abou it." - Morgan Freeman
Monday night football
Rogue Lamp
Rogue Lamp Hónapja
I wonder if animals have autism?
The Snakeboy
The Snakeboy Hónapja
Communist rhetoric
Tobias Rieper
Tobias Rieper 22 napja
He just lied 🤥 I came back 100% native American that's like me saying every single human come from one tribe the Americas haha 💯 this was going very great until he brought that up not everyone is African
Tobias Rieper
Tobias Rieper 22 napja
Ever heard of evolution? Every single human being can be traced back to Africa.
Abdullah Abdul hafiz
Yeap, sometimes we joke around by making fun of each other by our colour or religion, this not only ends up with racism but also sometimes, when you say this to a person than it may end up in mental health problems anxiety or even depression
RELMAG Hónapja
But there is also black racism to white People, it’s just not that popular
ReallyEpicGuy Hónapja
dhar mann
rokksy softpaws
rokksy softpaws Hónapja
Amazing video
That is the reality thank you
It hurts to see people be hurt becuase of their skin color. We aren't different races, we all belong to the same race, the human race. And the human race comes in many different types, shapes, sizes and colors and that's beautiful. Please be more accepting of each other. I fear if we don't stop, we'll destroy ourselves
pitso kamatuka
pitso kamatuka Hónapja
you are killing people with this BS we as black people will never get equal or will never be treat equal
Your savage and unaverage Kid
use me as a dislike button
Your savage and unaverage Kid
use me as a like button
House of The Lost Sheep of Israel
Ploy to hide the facts of true racism. The main reason why at the end when the hood was taken off, it showed a black man not the truth.
Kidron Bennett
Kidron Bennett Hónapja
Wait a minute did he say that whiteness is evil because I'm white
Kidron Bennett
Kidron Bennett 22 napja
@Tobias Rieper ok
Tobias Rieper
Tobias Rieper 22 napja
afid gaming
afid gaming Hónapja
Somehow this is like dhaar mann
the mercy
the mercy 2 hónapja
why do people love black color on everything untill it comes to skin ?! love all races , down with racists 💖❤️
ZYX74 2 hónapja
Powerful man
Cole Keeter
Cole Keeter 2 hónapja
I am white I know that black people look at me in a different way and YES I know there is racist people but not all white people are racist I know I am not and also not all black people are criminals and racist we need to come together again and f u c k anyone who judges on the skin tones
🔥Fire🔥 2 hónapja
Why are you aint a president
Marck shocker
Marck shocker 2 hónapja
Say no more.
drizzy 2 hónapja
not all black ppl are African and I'm black but I'm not and I'm not Jamaican either
Raymond Christopher Tanto
@Abuba Ocear everyone's descendants are from africa
Abuba Ocear
Abuba Ocear Hónapja
@Raymond Christopher Tanto Not really true but ok.
Abuba Ocear
Abuba Ocear Hónapja
Raymond Christopher Tanto
everyone is from africa
Havana D'Aurcy
Havana D'Aurcy 2 hónapja
MLK: Character, not skin should define a man Black people: THAT'S RACIST Me: Why is a black man saying that racism?
Tobias Rieper
Tobias Rieper 22 napja
Lol you're now making up people in your head to hate on.
Eyal Wollschlaeger
Eyal Wollschlaeger 2 hónapja
This Video should have At least views. Actually every Person on the internet should have this in their recommendations
Animalboy YT
Animalboy YT 2 hónapja
You know this reminds me how much I give up on us humans, I can’t bear it everyone judges everyone but no one knows who that person is but them-self Everyone argues on silly things like money, money is just a object there is nothing to it everything is about money (we’ll mostly) there are some people who realise the truth but the government and other people don’t they help us but not in the way we want they make us believe things that are wrong and the thing that is stopping them from doing what we want is money and it hurts people out there are suffering because they were unlucky enough to be born in a place were money is scares and because money is scares that ruins their life. Money changes us Secondly people are sometimes selfish we can all work as a team but some people just can’t they might just be lazy or have a condition and some people judge people because their not ‘perfect’ people who bully others are people who are stupid they think if someone is different they can hurt them but there so idiotic not to understand that no one is perfect and no one ever will be the same it is absolutely impossible, no one can do the same things some people may be better than others, some people worse but who cares! As long as you are you then you are perfect because no one knows how much you try, no one knows how much you cry, they only know you for your mistakes 😭 People who are racist are either horrid or have a reason first of all someone may hate others because they are different and that’s what I hate some people may be scared of difference that may cause racism but some people have a deeper meaning like maybe something happened to them between someone or someone else to make them scared or in most cases people don’t appreciate difference 😩 No one is the same and no one is perfect keep that in mind ❤️
PointlessDog YT
PointlessDog YT 2 hónapja
"Youre only offended by things because you are taught to be offended by them"
Rudi Riesel
Rudi Riesel 2 hónapja
Dude I went down a rabbit hole of you vids and now it's 3:00
SheQiuanXi 2 hónapja
it's true,race doesn't exist #racedoesntexist
Rhyan Bullard
Rhyan Bullard 2 hónapja
You lied about the 3/5 compromise. Check your sources. The compromise was not to say a black individual was 3/5 as as equal to a white one, it was to say that only 3 out of every 5 black slaves would be counted in the census. That compromise is what kept the South in check.
Abuba Ocear
Abuba Ocear Hónapja
Emmanuel 2 hónapja
Racism Don't even exist humans exist
net tune99
net tune99 2 hónapja
I infinity agree with you. I never get the concept of race in real life. Even when I was young and it’s was the first time experience the concept of race and racism through a misunderstanding, I was like “ This isn’t The Elder Scrolls or Star Wars! This is real life!”.
Stories by Maddison.H
This video changed how I see the world. Before I saw war and chaos now I history repeating itself.
Jay Santana
Jay Santana 2 hónapja
Race ainnn real but lynching is
Turquoise_ Sea
Turquoise_ Sea 2 hónapja
Bravo 👏
celenia spaulding
celenia spaulding 2 hónapja
Amen! ❤
Okami Seele
Okami Seele 2 hónapja
I agree but even if we remove "racism" as an excuse to kill each other, we'll find another. Protecting the green man.
juicy jerald
juicy jerald 2 hónapja
Big Mo
Big Mo 2 hónapja
Great opening and closing statement, peace and love bro.
ZòóK CODM 2 hónapja
Prince: Races should never come together Racist: Thats More Like It.. Prince: HUMANS SHOULD!!
Norman Scott
Norman Scott 2 hónapja
Wow. So much truth//
Just Some Guy
Just Some Guy 2 hónapja
Mom, look! I totally destroyed racism! Racism is no more. From now on, if you get harassed by cops you cannot use the word "racism" anymore because, it doesn't exist! LEL
Henry F
Henry F 2 hónapja
It’s crazy to think that in a world full of humans, the hardest thing to find is humanity
CRazY GAmiNG 2 hónapja
that's how i feel, if we are going to divide everyone on whatever the basis, then we will only create systems of inferior and superior. we are just humans, it's not about anything other than that. Every Homo sapiens sapien present on earth is Human, not inferior not superior. The problem is we believed supid people who came before us. people before 15th century, we don't know much about them, but after that humanity just messed up everything more than it helped in anything.
shina P.
shina P. 2 hónapja
Wow! So wow!!!
Tony G.
Tony G. 2 hónapja
Come on pay attention
Tony G.
Tony G. 2 hónapja
Well having sex means nothing to them their are beast that own animals and they have sex with them two legged with four legged
Tony G.
Tony G. 2 hónapja
Don't turn your courtroom into a circus but yet you turned this country into one very interesting
Tadia Foster
Tadia Foster 2 hónapja
Wow... this video is so heavy! It is completely true.
BearlyMHere 2 hónapja
Judging people from the past with modern lens is a failed attempt to censor present humans for past grievances. Tomorrow's children, if we have any, will wonder how we allowed the abortion of the unborn.
Dee N.
Dee N. 2 hónapja
Nobody cares if you’re black or white, Or any skin color, we all are equal. You all taste the same nonetheless
D 2 hónapja
Mihai Florea
Mihai Florea 2 hónapja
Phoebe Stribz
Phoebe Stribz 2 hónapja
That is powerful!! And the the truth!!
Loulou Lb
Loulou Lb 2 hónapja
THIS DESERVES MORE VIEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fatima Gulbadan
Fatima Gulbadan 2 hónapja
Prince Ea, you are great. God bless you and keep you safe and sound from all calamities.
Khosrow Afshar
Khosrow Afshar 2 hónapja
OBAMA did more for a white race then black PEOPLE
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