One Arm Pull-up  

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Whoever is reading this. Keep going. There’s always someone who believes in you. Even if nobody believes in you, I believe in you. You will make it! Much love - PML ❤️❤️❤️
Meteorite Hunter Gemstone
Meteorite Hunter ☄️ Gemstone 💎 Friend 👥👍👍
elijah Napja
s3ated 2 napja
Isnt he the guy who sued the school system
Johnne Max
Johnne Max 3 napja
Thats so great man.
SammyGames_YT 3 napja
320 years ago on my 32nd regression, i tried to fly by jumping off the cliff since i can do anything with self-beliefs, but i fell and died 😢
Eagan _
Eagan _ 4 napja
I tried to post something contreversal and it got auto removed I love the taste of freedom
Eagan _
Eagan _ 4 napja
Its funny really i made sure there was no trigger words just a completly safe argument However you cant argue about the ____ 19
James Barralet
Spirituality for an American audience.
Sorry Amari
Sorry Amari 4 napja
Sparta Kos
Sparta Kos 6 napja
Ya man !
57_Sujal Bagde
Thats one hand chinup bro not pullup, see your hand position
Caleb Mundiz
Caleb Mundiz 7 napja
prince ea is now a bodybuilder? damn the world has been weird these days
Nubbz3 7 napja
He looks like Dwight howard
Anurag Sagar
Anurag Sagar 8 napja
DiegoA14 8 napja
stop flex
zinky xinky Toonmations
Prince EA please !react to to this day by Shaun koyczan it is a beautiful video🥺🥺!
Shourya veer kanwar
Platz the goat
Jannes Przywara
Jannes Przywara 10 napja
You can’t do anything with self belief but you can and should do the best with what you have.
Dr Elite
Dr Elite 10 napja
use to do about 3 as well but tore my bicep practicing it one day, now have ptsd with even regular pullups lol but finally getting back into pullups.
not even doing it right
VisualGamerBF 11 napja
Formation all wrong 😉
olivia? 11 napja
"I didn't have any genetics" Nice.
Т1000 Youtube
Т1000 Youtube 11 napja
19 hours ago, 64th. Hi. Stackth. Of birckth. Yes.
Lonnie Boyd
Lonnie Boyd 11 napja
Ok then fly
Shamsali Kamani
Shamsali Kamani 11 napja
Amazing dude. If u have hardwork and dedication u will reach it
Sam Flom
Sam Flom 11 napja
I didn’t know u can dude maybe I gotta take shot in
arthurCallahan 11 napja
Koshmar is the perfect example that genetics don't matter.
King Brok3n
King Brok3n 11 napja
o slidis se pataei
Duy Nguyễn
Duy Nguyễn 11 napja
Nebyou S
Nebyou S 11 napja
New remix guys hop u love it 🔥🔥👉👉 hutown.info/base/vide/qWaJp3p5lIfYnNk.html
Chris W
Chris W 11 napja
Motivator right here!
Jacek Gmurkowski
Damn it Prince, respect
Nehan Najeeb
Nehan Najeeb 11 napja
Wow I can't even do it with 2 hands
Anonymous User
Anonymous User 11 napja
Why'd you stop rapping?
FLUKS Workouts
FLUKS Workouts 11 napja
Motivation High!
F3Z 4i
F3Z 4i 11 napja
Never skip leg day! Do you know?
Omkar Jadhav
Omkar Jadhav 11 napja
Another video on sueing the school system please? ❤️
Meow Milev
Meow Milev 11 napja
*Pretty sure he is an anti vaxxer too!* i wonder why...
RADISH 11 napja
Zyzz watching over
Enrique Guillen
Enrique Guillen 11 napja
I can do it too
David Ewing
David Ewing 11 napja
That's a curl-up
David Ewing
David Ewing 11 napja
Try overhand
ham plus6
ham plus6 11 napja
Steroid or not?🤔 Natural gains🤔
📚 Ahmet / Self Improvement - Productivity
*"Discipline is doing what you hate to do, but nonetheless doing it like you love it!"* ~ Mike Tyson
📚 Ahmet / Self Improvement - Productivity
*"When something is important enough for you, you do it even if the odds are against you."* I hope this message helps you. 🙂
📚 Ahmet / Self Improvement - Productivity
❗ *6 GUIDELINES FOR LIFE:* *1) When you are alone, mind your thoughts.* *2) When you are with your friends, mind your tongue.* *3) When you are angry, mind your temper.* *4) When you are with a group, mind your behaviour.* *5) When you are in trouble, mind your emotions.* *6) When God starts blessing you, mind your ego.*
Dhanraj Yadav
Dhanraj Yadav 11 napja
You're the best price sir🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗👑👑👑
xSoporific 11 napja
whatthe hell
whatthe hell 11 napja
The king Sniper
The king Sniper 11 napja
We have found the king who puts all the machines on max.who hurt your bro ?
Max Terry Willes
Freaking STRONG
JimpyTheGamer 11 napja
EA at it 🙏
findmeOnMaps 11 napja
That is an arm chin up. Two different exercises that require different levels of strength
We r at the stage of him saying that this is a chin up and he is mean and a bully
Filippo Nicoletti
Nope hahaha. Little different activation but it could be even harder for someone. If your little and unsatisfied mind wants to cling on something negative just to feel a little better, you can say that the arm is not enough extended when he goes down. But it doesn't matter from the point that you probably suck at these too ;). Stop being rude without any reason please...the world is already in suffering.
User Name
User Name 11 napja
I can't do that with both arms 🤣
Aryan Raj
Aryan Raj 11 napja
Fitalpha 11 napja
man 😂
Christopher Young
I tried doing that and I hurt my arm
AndreWasLame 11 napja
Legends say he's still doing it
Welch Productions
No they don’t
Zander Albercook
Unless you were in a blob of nothingness you have genetics
Shxwn J
Shxwn J 11 napja
This is a 1 arm chin up, impressive, but not nearly as hard as a 1 arm pull up
Matija Skuk
Matija Skuk 11 napja
I can do both... Same shit
Matthew Mast
Matthew Mast 11 napja
@Shxwn J Conventional pull ups are harder than chin ups because of the pronated grip. Whereas one arm pull ups utilize a neutral grip which is very similar to the supinated grip used during chin ups. I’ve also trained for both and found the jump from OA chin up to OA pull up to be pretty insignificant once the strength is there. Baseline, theyre both incredibly impressive
Shxwn J
Shxwn J 11 napja
@Matthew Mast pull ups are much harder than chin ups. That’s why the average rep for each is so different
Matthew Mast
Matthew Mast 11 napja
“Not nearly as hard” is a stretch. They’re both very similar movements
WyllE 11 napja
Prince Ea: Soda is bad, stop drinking it. Me: lol no Prince Ea: Soda is bad *raise fist* Me: Okay
ShortHax 11 napja
Damn, I never knew Prince Ea was ripped lol
Z e u s B o l t
The damn internet lmao
Ayaan Khan
Ayaan Khan 7 napja
@This is awkward… 😳 and he’s getting them can’t really stop that can you you joke man and maybe he didn’t know you guys are negative
vipelol 9 napja
1 more like for 69
Chiller 10 napja
@This is awkward… 😳 ikr
This is awkward… 😳
@Nayli Syazwina this guy just looking for likes
Epilo 11 napja
Dont forgor to hit them legs my guy
Kevin fitness media
I haven't done my first yet
MineralOrb 11 napja
Whoa, I didn't know you could do 1 arm pull ups! I thought you were strong, but not this strong!
aloha bee
aloha bee 11 napja
do not like this comment
aloha bee
aloha bee 10 napja
maybe I am
Buss Laden
Buss Laden 10 napja
You can't tell me! You're not my mom!
Brendan Carlin
Brendan Carlin 11 napja
What is this witchcraft ‼️
MOVEMENT 11 napja
Awesome bro I’ll get there soon 💯🤘🏽
I am Bodybuilding YT
Tom platz in the background is just 👌
Claim your “before 100 views” here🥳🥳🥳🤯🤯🤯😀😀
Meanwhile I just warmed a donut
🌟 Your unknown friend
Dear person that's reading this, seriously we don't each other but I wish you a long life full of Happiness!✨ Past is gone, blaming won't bring anything, so accept things and keep moving forward. You're precious gem if you value yourself 🥰 Your smile is precious, and all the keys🔑 of a Happy Life is in your hands 🔓 *I believe in you, love from a small HUtownr* 🖤 :)
Fresh Mo
Fresh Mo 11 napja
Thank you so much, I wish the same to you! :) I hope sincerely that you believe the things you wrote for yourself aswell!
Papajijo 11 napja
Hey pal
What Sub🌟
What Sub🌟 11 napja
Incredible strength my guy! Keep it up, it’s awesome to see that people don’t only have to be Good at one field
@Vedant Bhatt This is the first time I’ve ever done that 😕
Vedant Bhatt
Vedant Bhatt 11 napja
So you’re one of those people 😕
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