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Sometimes "Saving People" is really Hurting them. Hear me out.

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1Suraj Shelar
1Suraj Shelar 13 napja
please make video content on never give up
LOst LinEs
LOst LinEs 21 napja
Just don't do something that is gonna end someone.
NightOrchid 29 napja
What a beautiful video, new to this channel and an instant sub from me .. peace to all ❤️
Lothlorein Miracles
Prince Ea, please make a video that highlights in the "NOW" I have an anxiety, I'll ask for your assistance. Thank you, God bless you always! 💛✨
Macho Mike
Macho Mike Hónapja
What sucks is some people struggle and end up getting better and growing while some other people can't stand it and end up committing suicide. Right now many people including me are trying to save my anti-vaxx friends and help them change their minds to get the vaccine. However, it is up to their ultimate decision. I want to save them because I care, but I can't put a gun to their heads and make them vaccinated. Like many of you heard before, it is hard to emphasize people sick with COVID in the ICU who purposely refused the vaccine because they were given a chance and they refused it.
ZoneMeltMC Hónapja
I guess we need to fire all therapist now Xd
sai kumar
sai kumar Hónapja
Now video is over. Go make an omelet with that egg and eat. End its life . Life maaan lifee.
نورهان محمد
Translate in Arabic
Jupiter 2 hónapja
Short video but straight facts!
hani baeissa
hani baeissa 2 hónapja
I’ll never forget this peace of advice
T.民U。ᄐNᄋ 2 hónapja
Tadia Foster
Tadia Foster 2 hónapja
So true.
Octoblade 2 hónapja
this video is gross. you should help the people youre close with, not enable their suffering. humans are different than baby chicks. enabling someone’s suffering is not what you should do and i cant believe this guy said that with a straight face
Macho Mike
Macho Mike Hónapja
That's not what he meant. Let me give you an example. It's like if you are lucky and have rich parents..... it is the duty of the parents to make sure you work hard and make a living in the real world than just sit back and live at home playing video games and watch TV and just love on inheritance for the rest of their lives. When the economy is bad like in 2008 yes people should help you if you are unemployed but you must keep trying to find a job and when you get back on your feet, you need to repay the people who helped you.
Lil Clappalot
Lil Clappalot 2 hónapja
Imma scramble that egg b4 it hatch😂
I already knew tnis but I needed a reminder cause I always try to save everyone
DafobHarrison 3 hónapja
H3ated Up
H3ated Up 3 hónapja
I understand everything about this video but much like myself there’s something you can’t do. My family let me suffer. But I suffered to the point where I didn’t go in changing this. I was going to end it all. So I wouldn’t let them suffer but instead give them there time and only let them know you care.
Karolina Wojciechowska
I've been doing this for my whole life. Saving other people. This video just opened my eyes...
Nate Iverson
Nate Iverson 3 hónapja
I'm a codependent in recovery
Fam 3 hónapja
Thanks... From the bottom of my heart thank you.
Divine hex
Divine hex 3 hónapja
Kid who has his arm cut off:help Me:No you have to go through that or else you will never survive in the real world
BOYD MUTOBO 3 hónapja
Continue making these videos, we are being motivated a lot. May God bless you...
DetroidPVP 3 hónapja
i guess i'll just stop helping my friend who is suicidal
bobthefrog 003
bobthefrog 003 3 hónapja
bobthefrog 003
bobthefrog 003 3 hónapja
bobthefrog 003
bobthefrog 003 3 hónapja
bobthefrog 003
bobthefrog 003 3 hónapja
I learned this in school when my friend asked for the homework answers and i never gave it because i knew
Heath Thomas
Heath Thomas 3 hónapja
My friend is really looking for a job and I may have found one for him, I was gonna do a lot for him so he can get this job, but after watching this video I now realise, that I can’t hold his hand the whole way through, and open all the doors for him. I know now that I can only show him the door but he has to make the effort to open and walk through
امیر علیجانی
I want be like you
The Lone Duckling
The Lone Duckling 3 hónapja
I needed to hear this. Thank you Lord, I'm glad I was lead to this video. 🙏😌💯
Lucy  JimJaw
Lucy JimJaw 3 hónapja
My opinion: . saying I need 2 struggle is the same as saying I need 2 go 2 school with standardized tests . I like learning self control instead and noticing that theirs a difference between having a problem and worrying about a problem.
Love Jaimo
Love Jaimo 3 hónapja
The video before was saying to share but, this video is saying to stop saving people.
Alishba Ahmad
Alishba Ahmad 3 hónapja
I needed to hear this. Thank you
Anime Music Video
Anime Music Video 3 hónapja
Ok i liked what you say but can you say why i don't loose hope . I have noone for my back . I don't know what is my dream what to do when to do and why to do . Man its easy to say , its easy to give motivation but it's hard to get through the problem . You all say people quit because they are looser , because they are not a man . But i think someone quit because they start to loose people . They don't see their future . They have no one to get care. Man i don't wanna talk about this
joseph wells
joseph wells 4 hónapja
keep tryin - alpha tail
Tommyzombie4 is a cookie
Wait so if I see someone hanging off a building I leave them there to die
BlueForsu 4 hónapja
So saving people means let them suffer more. I have a question. Is it their problems the reason we dont need to save them? Is this different from correcting people? Is it bad to correct their deeds, attitudes and so on? Will correcting let them suffer more? I just need an answer. Thanks
Vincent Dhaene
Vincent Dhaene 4 hónapja
Look it depends on the situation Self reliance is the best cure, but that's not always an option like addiction and poverty but i guess your more talking about mundane situations i guess
Hadi Hamade
Hadi Hamade 4 hónapja
I have a crush that has ADHD and I want to help her and I don’t know what to do
Dr Philly Jr
Dr Philly Jr 4 hónapja
baby, think smarter not harder
Shelleka Powell-Tomlinson
Big fan of your work! You have found the Truth. Thanks for sharing with the ones who care to learn! 🙏🙏🙏
Marc 4 hónapja
Ah yes, this man is stuck on a thin rope about to die from a height, oh yeah I remember my "favorite" youtuber Prince EA saying to not save people so I should ignore him.
serya planiyeo
serya planiyeo 4 hónapja
Love it
Rhyme 4 hónapja
albertspen 4 hónapja
So if your ganna get smash from a rock i don,t save you
JDF 4 hónapja
But aren’t you helping us to not help people in the first place?
777 ROMZI 4 hónapja
In the Bible Jesus said preach to the people so basically saving them and ur saying not to save anyone not looking good for u
Viive-Kai Rebane
Viive-Kai Rebane 4 hónapja
True that!
Allan Valladeras
Allan Valladeras 4 hónapja
Hey think it like this there is a man drowning and can't swim and you want to help him or save his life so he doesn't die you need to save him but will you save him after this video tell me that after this video will you save him after you won't save him because you are saying you need him to struggle and he can't swim think about
Zachery Trowell
Zachery Trowell 4 hónapja
I am a farmer and this video is good but I have help many baby chicks out of the egg and they lived
J Jessica
J Jessica 4 hónapja
I came here because I tried to save everybody from covid. I wanted to fight for it but no one's supporting me. I even got called overreacting and overthinker. Life is really unfair.
KarstenPH | aka Karsten Playz and entertainment
Not necesarrily. Some chicks will die because they use up oxygen very quickly if the shell is thick
Is this legal
Is this legal 4 hónapja
Guy has asthma and can’t get his inhaler in time prince Ea: you must struggle to survive in your next life
Emily Rouk
Emily Rouk 4 hónapja
you can only save those who want to be saved, morro, ninjago
AAAi1234 4 hónapja
Youre wrong, you see, when they get saved, they learn their lesson and begin to learn whats right for them. Its a second chance and all of that and you help people... By giving them another chance of learning whats right.
Erika Tan
Erika Tan 4 hónapja
so cool dude
Kshitij gaur
Kshitij gaur 4 hónapja
A little fact Did chick grew strong by hatching or it was just an affirmation to that the chick Was already strong enough to break through and survive Ain't it that chick would die without hatching if it was weak It doesn't grow strong it shows that the chick was already strong it didn't become strong by breaking through calcium shell Just like that people would die they won't hatch if you don't help and if you help they still will die but would just have lived for some more time so don't stop helping It's just what I thought a single struggle of hatching wouldn't make your strong what you were fed what the hen ate mattered too how tough the chick was when it hatched mattered A malnourished child wouldn't pull through like that chick anymore My mind said this I think it's true it's not help sometimes it's what is fed
collin 4 hónapja
I’ve had enough damn it, I want to change my life, by ending it because everyone made the conscious decision to let me “suffer more.” Are you fucking kidding me
Crunchexo 4 hónapja
But I’m the savior of this world I have to save everyone
Edzhjus 4 hónapja
This is why struggle exist.. 🏋 1:26 Probably for that reason suicides happen.. 🙄 2:24 That is probably why both good and bad exist.. 🤼 2:42 Einstein also could be wrong.. 😏
VINCENT 4 hónapja
I feel like taking care of cat is bad-
Nexrues 4 hónapja
Gen z doesn't like this video lmfao
bea cy
bea cy 4 hónapja
This tutorial really did help. Thanks so Much.
bea cy
bea cy 4 hónapja
I hate bodyshaming. I love what you do. You are so metabolism! I look up to you so Much. Check DM's.:)
Fabian Bautista
Fabian Bautista 4 hónapja
I can say. This guy saved my life.
Noah E
Noah E 4 hónapja
Showed my younger sister (liar in the household) this. Needed to cover up for her the next day but didn't.
Luisa 4 hónapja
I really love every video he makes
James Mitcham
James Mitcham 4 hónapja
True if we keep giving antibiotics and helping cure thing eventually our immune system will have no need to protect our selfs because we have synthetics ones and we will most likely die but because COVID 19 is killing fast we do need to d something about it, I don’t know what but if there was a way to find what bacteria it is or the main one involved and find a toxin or something to eradicate it. I do support you prince ea your words are like answers and I thank you for them:)
SoSaucedLaySkiTV 4 hónapja
This helped a lot I appreciate it ❤️❤️
DashAway 4 hónapja
Alma Zavala
Alma Zavala 4 hónapja
Thank you😊
Soccer Boss
Soccer Boss 4 hónapja
What is your are trying to save someone from committing suicide. Pretty sure that’s not bad....
Squized _LoL
Squized _LoL 4 hónapja
Nah the people who need to be saved or helpless we need to help them/:
ShadowArmy 4 hónapja
Yes. This is why i dont want help or go to get help. dont come to me to help me
KoolAidDudeAwesome 4 hónapja
Some haters will say fine I won’t save anyone from fire
Emir Numanovic
Emir Numanovic 4 hónapja
Can you give the egg back to the chicken mom?
Morris de Ruijter
Morris de Ruijter 4 hónapja
But if something dies in nature still save it. look what we humans did to nature everything is ruined not enough food for the animals,not enough space that’s why we need to help them
Random Stuff
Random Stuff 4 hónapja
I'm struggling so hard rn because I'm trying to change a minor but she doesn't want help. Now I'm just trying to forget it really hurts me but I can't do anything :(
MichaelWF 4 hónapja
This is coming from the same person who thinks depression is fake
Dimitris Koutras
Dimitris Koutras 5 hónapja
wow,this video is all me
Joaquín Lezaca
Joaquín Lezaca 5 hónapja
I actually think the same thing specially on group works when I do all the work
The Opposite Dream
The Opposite Dream 5 hónapja
Did he just swear
Canadian Poilt
Canadian Poilt 5 hónapja
Him: holding an egg Me: watching this in Ramadan.....
Legend 5 hónapja
sheeeeeesh got the gaming chair
LAZARO Koji- BSP 1106
Since i quit you inspire me
Henry M
Henry M 5 hónapja
Trying to save people is the attitude that actually does save people. This attitude is the one that kills people. Humans and chicks aren’t the same. Humans are humans, and if what your saying sounds cruel, then stop.
Daniella Sjöström
Thank you, I really needed to hear this 🙏🏼❤️
Hikari 5 hónapja
I was like. Wait is this man out of his mind? After i watched it : oh okay make sense
kjohani lvl
kjohani lvl 5 hónapja
1:39 ok i kidnapped you'r family and you'r legs and arms now that problem is part of you'r life and it will be cruel to tell you were the are
kjohani lvl
kjohani lvl 5 hónapja
what about a person having a heart attack ?? i know i will let him suffer lol i get what you mean its just a joke plz don't delete
Mountain 2
Mountain 2 5 hónapja
That chick goes after all of that struggle just to get eaten by a human
Galactic Garchoo
Galactic Garchoo 5 hónapja
This video made me realize that I should learn to say no to people instead of saying yes to everything
Valentina waschbar
Valentina waschbar 5 hónapja
So if someone is about to commit "it" i should just stand there and watching them die?
Abscences 5 hónapja
I get what you are saying... But much as people’s problems have become their “lifestyle” well, trying to save them has become my lifestyle I cant stop myself anymore, the second I hear that they are in a bad mood or are feeling down I immediately ask them to tell me everything they are feeling and I try my best to help them As much as I agree with what you are saying, I don’t think that I can try and not save them... I mentally and physically can’t at this point
TD DQ 5 hónapja
JaySpirit 5 hónapja
Most people lost their lives Saving others
BLACKBEARD 108th 5 hónapja
sometimes people ask me why don't i need help or ask for it. i want to learn it it form my self and my god im thankful for my challenges. i got over my ex by myself yeah it was lonely but it was worth it I'm proud of myself. i was a doormat in high school but after i left i stay to myself
ImThatChosenOne 5 hónapja
This channel needs to have a WHOLE BROADCAST WORLDWIDE
ImThatChosenOne 5 hónapja
Why is your content THIS 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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