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Sometimes "Saving People" is really Hurting them. Hear me out.

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2021.júl. 9.






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Prime Animations
But that babby chick probably ended up on a dinner plate
Chyang Magar -BiteeY
This is so deep brother everybody should know about it
Alt LLA 27 napja
"Stop trying to save everyone" Also him at the end of the video: *drops the egg on the ground*
AngyCucumber 25 napja
It's not a fertilised egg
Long , i like AC-130
Some case
Nikolaslie Hónapja
If someone is.... Having a stroke or a heart attack should i save him ?
AngyCucumber 25 napja
@Nikolaslie If they're having financial problems or Stress problems, it's more appropriate not to save them and let them struggle
Nikolaslie Hónapja
You prob should save people depends on their struggling
Madam Eli
Madam Eli Hónapja
We should try to save everyone wtf do you mean that's like saying not everyone should be equal we are all equal and we should be lifting each other up not letting them down
AngyCucumber 25 napja
So you didn't listen to anything in the video and commented what looks like 4 sentences which aren't separated with any punctuation at all.
Luke Stanley
Luke Stanley Hónapja
This just makes it seems like it's bad to help anyone that's struggling which I know isn't the real message but to make it come across better just say that it's ok to have struggles and that you can grow from them
The Reaper
The Reaper Hónapja
Kepronix Hónapja
Man: HELP ME IM DROWNING Prince ea: nah no
Harry Potter
Harry Potter Hónapja
So you think people who aren't able to survive on its own should die? like the baby chicken that couldn't get out off the egg
JJK Hónapja
Lol says him…
Stingray Hónapja
shane w
shane w Hónapja
Ritik Benipal
Ritik Benipal Hónapja
My mother is so focused on "fixing" my life, but she can't even see the broken pieces she leaves behind.
Luke Stanley
Luke Stanley Hónapja
r/I'm14andthisisdeep Nah 4 real idk what you are going through man but it's all gonna be okay
Ruxanda BAN
Ruxanda BAN 2 hónapja
You are perfectly right, my beloved. ,,I'm struggling, shouted Karen. The spiritualist: ,,Keep going and look within. You're where you need to be.,, Stay blessed! x
Silentking 12X
Silentking 12X 2 hónapja
J rome
J rome 2 hónapja
Parents need to see this
Shaikh Emad
Shaikh Emad 2 hónapja
Thanks you sir .
Brickly 2 hónapja
Ngl He’s right. Happened to me and still in the process of changing my life around
Buttered Cat
Buttered Cat 2 hónapja
"loneliness is my only friend" - Powfu
Jose N
Jose N 2 hónapja
So if somebody is drowing. Do I just let them drown
Bosnian Spartan
Bosnian Spartan 2 hónapja
Physical adaptation is not the same as mental struggle
Murilo Rossetti
Murilo Rossetti 2 hónapja
Every fail is a victory
Shaher Malik
Shaher Malik 2 hónapja
But Sir, what for those who commit suicide due to lack of conversation or sharing their their problems. How can we differentiate between those who need help and those who don't what if we didn't help someone in their struggles and they commit suicide just because of the suffering? Not everyone is strong enough!!!!!!
Andre Pereira
Andre Pereira 2 hónapja
hahaha people still listen to this fake ass shit xD
Arshnoor singh
Arshnoor singh 2 hónapja
Yes. 👏
Pacreirhil 2 hónapja
so by not saving people, i'm actually saving them...?
Dax Babić
Dax Babić 2 hónapja
(STOP) TRYING (2) SAVE (EVERYBODY)!!!!!!😆😆😆😆😆😆🤯🇷🇸🇺🇸🇯🇵🌍💔🤒😭
FlowerGirl VJV
FlowerGirl VJV 2 hónapja
You should do this in Spanish for my parents to see so they can stop being toxic and start being healthy parents!!! Please and thank you!
Flower in the Bag
Flower in the Bag 2 hónapja
Totally 100% agree with you!
fetology 2 hónapja
I am that chick, lol
Sun_Flower 2 hónapja
My aunt need to hear that
Andreas_xs 2 hónapja
Rens 2 hónapja
This is the worst advice I’ve ever heard in my life.
Yellow M&M
Yellow M&M 2 hónapja
*Some patient dying of cancer* Doctors: "Aight I'm out"
Rough Lee
Rough Lee 2 hónapja
Imma cook the egg for breakfast
Zareef Tamjid
Zareef Tamjid 2 hónapja
Uh he dropped the egg 😂
Armaggon 2 hónapja
In the civil rights movement they did not make people change with violence like so many are now, they only gave people reasons on why they should change.
Eva Prebil
Eva Prebil 2 hónapja
Ik it soulds cold But I dont care about how well other People do cuz is it my fault if they fail? Was I the reason they achieved something? No. So why should i care
Ahmadi Begum
Ahmadi Begum 2 hónapja
This is so true....
Bread 2 hónapja
I’ve always wondered what’s the purpose of life bcoz you live but then you die
하겸 2 hónapja
He is why i watch youtube and why youtube exists for
I'm the one who asked
Bruce Wayne approves of this
Yves G
Yves G 2 hónapja
Hello Brother,.... Thanks for the good advice.... This is soooo true , Blessings Yves Qc Canada
Christian Wilkens
Christian Wilkens 2 hónapja
Then you don't help that one person and he dies. And you stand infront of he's grave in the funeral and say he wasn't strong enough so it's ok ._.
Sivajan Sivarajah
Sivajan Sivarajah 2 hónapja
You know you need to hear this when it appears in your recommended
Game Era
Game Era 2 hónapja
Alright from now onwards let everybody die😂 Is that wht u mean , Ea😁
mohamed karkoukli
mohamed karkoukli 2 hónapja
but not by every situation
Silent Knight gaming
So im an egg now
FAVB 2 hónapja
Prince EA for president!
Xolz Random Writing
Your channel is my future channel. I will will learn a lot from you and your content
MD OG 2 hónapja
thanks a lot
Gloz666 2 hónapja
oh so im gonna literally have so much strength
Just a Teddy Bear
Just a Teddy Bear 2 hónapja
Sure, but don’t tell that to a firefighter, or police, or medic...
rolls Royce
rolls Royce 2 hónapja
I am it's strength
Cirrostratus Nebulosus
I didn't expect this video to go that direction because I've seen videos about you having a saviour complex (paraphrased) and invalidating genuine mental health struggles so I thought you were responding to them
We Are
We Are 2 hónapja
vIBED oUT • Channel
We can also make the world such that almost no one would need help ..
_____ *_『xX[funky_space_panda422]Xx』_*________
Fire fighters are quaking
Firenze Ong
Firenze Ong 2 hónapja
Well said.
Brian Joslyn
Brian Joslyn 2 hónapja
Often enough it's not even saving. It's helping. "Stop saving" needs to be recognized appropriately. The example implicated in this "short" is inappropriate. It's much more respectful to HELP people that are struggling - if/when possible - at least communicate respectfully.
lise phạm
lise phạm 2 hónapja
In some cases u cant save someone but u can always be there with them to help them go thru it
Namelss 2 hónapja
save everybody = kills everybody so basically save = kill ok go it :v
Yehezkiel Purba
Yehezkiel Purba 2 hónapja
bring back bullying
Ghastify 2 hónapja
so you gotta go through the pain of school to get smart enough for the world
Virtuous Woman
Virtuous Woman 2 hónapja
Thank You 🙏 Prince I needed This!!!
Gabe Itch
Gabe Itch 2 hónapja
Yuhhhh your at 6M when- man you don’t even know how much you’ve changed my point of view on my life and others’❤️‍🔥
The SpoderJedi
The SpoderJedi 2 hónapja
“The hardest thing about this job...is that you can’t save everyone.”
Luna GEM
Luna GEM 2 hónapja
Dude We Hatch Chickens In Preschool NH Just Saying
Amal Mubarak
Amal Mubarak 2 hónapja
#savesheikhjarrah #savehumsa #savesilwan
Cyteatofree 2 hónapja
“Think about this egg” Me:hmmmmm should i eat 3 eggs or 4 eggs?
Wild Serbia
Wild Serbia 2 hónapja
Wow. Just wow
Lights of hope ministries
Prince EA I’ve listened to your music for years one of my favourite songs you did was man vs world.ive watched many of your videos and after watching this it made me think do you believe in God
NielsNL 2 hónapja
It sound wrong but when you think about it he is 100% right
Sjors van Dijk
Sjors van Dijk 2 hónapja
Fire department watching this like :0
Kathryn 2 hónapja
The message in this video is very important but I urge you all to remember that there are times when people genuinely need help. Sometimes people feel so alone they just need someone to express that they are there for them. It is important to help others but only when absolutely necessary. I agree with the fact that there are times when people need to struggle in order to grow stronger but the moment that the struggle becomes overwhelming that is when we need help the most. Please make sure that you pay attention to those around you and help them when they need and make sure you allow them to grow. There is a balance between healthy struggles and unhealthy ones and we need to find the equilibrium. So make sure to be aware and keep those you know safe and cared for. I believe in you all. Have a great day ❤️
GamingMetaphor 2 hónapja
Thank you so much for sharing this message
Matthew 2 hónapja
Military Parents: "Just what I'd like to hear"
xSoporific 2 hónapja
Princulous 2 hónapja
Congratulations 6 Million ❤️
TIGER 2 hónapja
Mates, at the end he just throw the egg. After the beautiful words and i see him do that its kinda like funny.
TIGER 2 hónapja
I wonder if its fake egg or real egg
okgood lol
okgood lol 2 hónapja
the only save is from jesus and he is our lord and saviour
Lights of hope ministries
Justin Soni
Justin Soni 2 hónapja
You heard it doctor’s stop trying to save everybody
Preet Patel
Preet Patel 2 hónapja
Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior ✝️❤️
TSiff 2 hónapja
Chicken tenders taste good
Lights of hope ministries
Yes truly Christ Jesus is our The true light of the world our only salvation and like you said our Lord and saviour ✝️❤️🙏 Everyone needs help in this life to sit by and let them drown Is not the way🕊
Lunacy 2 hónapja
I love you :( ♡
Siva Prakash
Siva Prakash 2 hónapja
Peace ✌️
Some Dude
Some Dude 2 hónapja
If you see a friend that's struggling please actually do fucking help
Kamlesh Makwana
Kamlesh Makwana 2 hónapja
I damn need videos on "How to be focused on studies" Can you do so?
mithlesh Choudhary
mithlesh Choudhary 2 hónapja
This is just amazing
ellis the boi
ellis the boi 2 hónapja
It's even more true because 5-year-old Hitler was saved by a priest and after Hitler got older he became evil.
Hi World
Hi World 2 hónapja
Yeah I don't think everyone you save is gonna end up killing millions.
An Apple
An Apple 2 hónapja
A British soldier made the mistake of sparing Adolf Hitler during WW1 out of sympathy. Had he just pulled the trigger, history would have a lot less blood shed.
Cole Baker
Cole Baker 2 hónapja
Yeah and we had an extra 3 lessons in our history textbook!!! Goddamn that Priest
wilrick goubelle
wilrick goubelle 2 hónapja
Now now we all know the reason why he became evil, i mean you would too if a priest safe you for his own pleasure. If you catch my drift
awesome dude
awesome dude 2 hónapja
@Abdul Rehman yes
Leina 2 hónapja
It’s true you need to always do it yourself because if you save someone don’t only if it’s NOT dangerous people need to learn to go through the struggle and what’s good and bad in the world. I hope this helps I’m not being rude but if someone, is crying you can comfort them but not always they need to go through what is happening in the world.
Mantas sinkevičius
This does not apply to all. Just to be clear! Every situation is unique and sometimes somebody needs help from others just to continue and not give up (die).
Tribble 2 hónapja
You should stop trying to save everybody from saving everybody. They need to learn it the hard way
Gog 2 hónapja
yeah yeah leave your friend have a seizure all for the learning experience that could eventually cause them DEATH. This video is utter bullshit
Gon Killua
Gon Killua 2 hónapja
I know this from experience with a loved one. Handholding leads to dependency. You gotta let people figure stuff out on their own sometimes.
Me Pan
Me Pan 2 hónapja
The best way to hurt someone is to help them
Kira Yoshikage
Kira Yoshikage 2 hónapja
@Me Pan ikr people nowadays just want likes and fame they do not care about anything already
Me Pan
Me Pan 2 hónapja
@Ashish Kumar Nayak nah not expecting like. What can you do with likes anyways lol, can you eat breakfast with it hun? Your the ridiculous one here and cares about likes if getting likes is the first thing that comes to your mind after reading comments. Get some help and think properly.
Ashish Kumar Nayak
Ashish Kumar Nayak 2 hónapja
Expecting likes??by writing this u r not going to get likes👎
Sickplicity1290 27 napja
If it was Goggins, that man would be drowning in a river of ice, during a blizzard.
Jayden's Creations
Bruh this made me laugh so much
Stingray Hónapja
a man is falling into the river in lego city
͔ 2 hónapja
@🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿 how so?
@͔ you
Piper 2 hónapja
“Without the struggle there is no success”
Remen 12 napja
@Hi and you know that about the resources how
Hi 2 hónapja
@AngyCucumber Theres simply isnt enough resource to be distributed to everyone equally
AngyCucumber 2 hónapja
@Hi Yea but it's not very nice.
Hi 2 hónapja
Making your competitors weaker is a good strategy imo
Brendan Carlin
Brendan Carlin 2 hónapja
*see a person get shot* Me: You be fine you are doing great!! Person: Please help I am bleeding out..
Gog 2 hónapja
Адонис Самирханов
Заебал этот вечно замотивированный чувак. Как он это делает?
Naufal Achsan Daffa
these message hit harder than my dad belt
NøHax 2 hónapja
This hits hard especially to someone who always wants to help others especially when they are suffering 😔
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