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How are you spending your downtime? Are you killing time or are you giving life to it?

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Prince Ea
Prince Ea 6 hónapja
How are YOU spending your downtime??
Normalization 4 napja
Woking on anti-moderation on roblox
Tilted Nite
Tilted Nite 16 napja
Watching you
EDI Multivers
EDI Multivers 18 napja
I make videos on HUtown. Because is fun to edit.
Mahamuda Jolly
Mahamuda Jolly 25 napja
I am learning coding and chemicals,😊
10aicious10 Hónapja
Enjoying phone
I,M the DREAMER 13 napja
In my free times. I do Drawing Photoshopping Video editing Playing pianos Watch sum vids Excercise.
I Love You
I Love You 21 napja
Everytime I opened this video I have urge to do push up, and I did.
Northrn Disordr
Northrn Disordr Hónapja
This video has caught me at an important time . I’ve noticed the last few years I’ve stopped reading and stopped keeping up on things that help my growth and and mental health . Thank you for helping me spark something within me to come out of this slump
ceyhunali Hónapja
I just can‘t stop this video.
Torkashe Torkashe
Great message ,i hope you the best
Nyla Klee
Nyla Klee Hónapja
I'm drawing online, reading about animals? I want to be a vet, hense reading about animals. And art makes me happy though my depression, anger and anxiety is so bad
Dax Babić
Dax Babić Hónapja
How 2 focused always so much longer? hutown.info/base/vide/sF55tXqjn6K4qKs.html
This man is a genious hahaaa
Mildred Bryant
Mildred Bryant 2 hónapja
@princeea, watching TV, Netflix, social media...😳👍😴
Mr beep
Mr beep 2 hónapja
good thing i quited all those edgy disturbing animes who claim showing the dark side of humanity and also idiots insulting me that its not real and i need to stfu
ByronsMessedUpMind 2 hónapja
PREACH!!!!!!!! 🙏🏾
AJ Boss
AJ Boss 2 hónapja
Fax man
naser zoom
naser zoom 2 hónapja
Thank you
Drilonsylejma1 2 hónapja
Im spending my time thinking about past 😥
Issa Buenaobra
Issa Buenaobra 2 hónapja
This man really talks in depth thoughts. 😳🤘
Gloz666 2 hónapja
im just gaming
Aasaan Hai
Aasaan Hai 2 hónapja
Stop listening Cardi B - best advice (add Nicki Minaj as well to the blacklist)
boi 2 hónapja
The Key is Suffering
watermoon 2 hónapja
When you're in the car, turn off the radio, turn off cardi b. Me who listens to english podcasts: ight...👁️💧👄💧👁️
Supervillain321 3 hónapja
Shut up faker.
Ahmed Hossam
Ahmed Hossam 21 napja
Filmon Tesfay
Filmon Tesfay 3 hónapja
Listening to music that relaxes you, is not a waste of time, as long as it is scheduled & positive. Music has the power to heal ! , change people's life,change the world into a better place and much more.
haaste vastaaja
haaste vastaaja 3 hónapja
Im literally the master at wasting time.
DafobHarrison 3 hónapja
This what I need to hear now
Absolute Ryan
Absolute Ryan 3 hónapja
I get your message and I believe in it mostly, but please… life without music is a very unhappy life to live. I don’t think we should be told to ditch music, for some people it’s their only form of happiness regardless of what the song is about.
Gamaray 3 hónapja
So apparently music is a form of idealogical manipulation now
Tsun.D 3 hónapja
I really appreciate you for sharing your knowledge to us. You always motivated me.
Falak Parmar
Falak Parmar 3 hónapja
You are what you consume !(☉。☉)!
Hoodedfox 3 hónapja
I think about Fortnite all day
maxime perron
maxime perron 3 hónapja
Life is a game, level the fuck up!
Sara Hadid
Sara Hadid 3 hónapja
These are the most important 3 min I've ever seen on HUtown .
Sara Hadid
Sara Hadid 3 hónapja
Him be like : tell how you use ur free time I'll tell how ur gonna be Me:Dammmmnn it's better not to talk
🎹 C R O S S R O A D // BEATS //
Who makes music for these videos? Sound a lot like Tony Anderson.
Heather Cush
Heather Cush 3 hónapja
stop wasting time and watch my HUtown videos because I need money.
NinetyNine 3 hónapja
Bro , your English is so clean , I understand all words , thank you for this quality video
Zaden Cheslea
Zaden Cheslea 3 hónapja
Such great videos. He could be an inspirational speaker for millions
cikal saputra
cikal saputra 3 hónapja
stop wasting time-stop watching youtube stop watching youtube-stop watching prince ea stop watching prince ea-you get better
NinetyNine 3 hónapja
TraveLational 3 hónapja
1400 years ago The holy prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said, don't listen, say, do or see/watch any evil. & Today pychology says : You become what you think, say, listen, see/watch & do.
Leann Joseph
Leann Joseph 3 hónapja
I listen to all types of music because of depression. Every time I read book on my phone I only read 2-3 pages (amazon kindle app) I want to be able to move out of depression and other sad stuffs but I don't see any changes on that, I try to create new things but it's not happening. I don't even know what to do anymore?
Pisyanggg 3 hónapja
My free time: creating imaginary world about people slaying dragons and an emperor leading a stone empire army to conquer every country.
Exploring Life
Exploring Life 3 hónapja
Haters are going to hate.
Alishba Ahmad
Alishba Ahmad 3 hónapja
Amazing message. You are what you let your mind consume.
Henon Nesredin
Henon Nesredin 3 hónapja
i feel like am wasting my time by watching this video tho i love ur videos
Varsha Bhatia
Varsha Bhatia 4 hónapja
Thank you this video really helped me Love from INDIA ❤️
V. Maysin
V. Maysin 4 hónapja
I can confirm that I've been influenced by so many things such as music, movies, media that I don't even know who I am anymore
Maria Nunez
Maria Nunez 4 hónapja
Omg just discovered you and so happy I did. This message is so true and powerful if applied!
Hisoka Nara
Hisoka Nara 4 hónapja
Eman H
Eman H 4 hónapja
Im agree with you plesae keep going
Astro-nuts 4 hónapja
I subscribed! You're so close to 6 mil!
Salma Ahmed
Salma Ahmed 4 hónapja
where you been all my life🙁
Biyek Cat
Biyek Cat 4 hónapja
Dislikes are from Cardi B fans.
Johongir Rahimov
Johongir Rahimov 4 hónapja
Please say stop watching my videos to all people and explain why your videos are actually wasting their time. Sorry truth hurts
Ward Af
Ward Af 4 hónapja
We love you man go don't stop 💝💝💝💝💝
Jacob Kittleson
Jacob Kittleson 4 hónapja
“If you can turn your downtime into time we’ll spent, then you can eventually have your past time turn into full time, in no time.“
Shreyas Sakthivel
Shreyas Sakthivel 4 hónapja
That’s an amazing message. He’s not saying work 24/7, don’t listen to music, don’t watch tv. He’s saying use the time that you spend doing useless things(things that aren’t benefiting you or hurting you) to do something that does benefit you. Enjoying your free time and wasting your free time are completely different things.
amajiki909 4 hónapja
Price ea I'm sorry but I disagree Now before I get into this,I have to say thank you for making these amazing videos that help motive me,you are a wonderful person,I love every video you make,and really thank you. However,i honestly have to disagree Downtime is not time wasted Now I get it,too much downtime is a bad thing,you become too easy going and too lazy,your ultimately giving up on your dreams. However,when you have downtime,that is time that is for one thing One Yourself I personally use my downtime to play video games and watch anime,why? Because I love them both and it helps me escape from reality. Now I know what your thinking "if your not in reality,your not making anything out of yourself" well guess what,reality is awful. People die,we get wars,we get bullied,we get called failures,we get hurt,we get called failures and losers,you get the point. Life is awful,life is a terrible thing most of the time and its true, but just 30 minutes of playing fallout new Vegas or 30 minutes watching ssss. Gridman,is such a relief,its a medice that anyone can take to rid them of toxicity of the real world and the best part It dosent effect your real world or your goals,no matter what that may be, so long as it dosent take up too much time for you to be successful. There's a word often used for using your downtime effectively Hobby Yes having a hobby is using downtime,and there's nothing wrong with it. For some having a hobby help with thier mental health My favorite youtuber called captain Xavier has a Lego channel and every time a fan sends him Legos through the mail he shakes and says "sounds like happiness" and what he means by that is described by him "I love legos because it helps me with my depression,and whenever I head Legos its litterly happiness to me" For some downtime is important to thier mental health And this goes for me too,I have social anxiety and normal anxiety,so I dont talk much in real life, I get easily overwhelmed and I have anger issues I play video games to ler out my rage on virtual people because if I let my rage out on people in real life people,well..you know I might get arrested and hurt others feelings. To put it to you shortly,downtime is a necessity to human nature. There's a quote that I think expresses my opinion greatly "Balance your work time with nurturing downtime,ambition becomes unhealthy if you cant slow down and smelling the Roses" Smelling the roses isnt bad Its just normal to step into the garden after working in a factory. Just dont live in the garden Ofcouse this is My opinion and you may have your own,and I thank you again for everything you do and I'm sorry If I offended anyone
Bluegrao YT
Bluegrao YT 4 hónapja
i use my downtime watching your videos! i believe it will move me up!
Hakai no Potto
Hakai no Potto 4 hónapja
i dont think i have a downtime.. i mostly develop for games on the internet and do exercises and have around 7-6 hours on me so i hangout with some friends then i have like 1-2 hours in these 2 hours i play games / watch youtube and no my week is not all about that.. i dont set my future i just plan on what i do on the next day.. planning a whole week and doing it over and over is like living in a box where you hit a wall you just bounce right back and loops over and over planning the whole week and doing it every week is just a stupid idea.. let me tell you why.. first you will get bored of it.... second you will most likely to get depression of it.. just do what you like.. as napoleon hill said "if you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way".
Sandra ⟬⟭
Sandra ⟬⟭ 4 hónapja
1:00 I don't actually mind moving my head in agreement while listening to Love myself by BTS. Their MUSIC has helped me to go through the shitty times of life, you can't even imagine. Music is helping me to become what I want to become. I listen to music when I feel down to regain my strength. I listen to music while working out to create the healthy body I always dreamed of. Music to meditate every now and then. And alot more... I'm tryna get my shit together. I'll focus more on school, my body, my soul, my mind, my life. I'll get back to this comment when I'm supposed to.. Thank you~
Jeremy Baraka
Jeremy Baraka 4 hónapja
thank you so much PRINCE EA, Your truly blessing in my life,,,,, since most things you talk about always comes straight to me. I'm Jeremy from KENYA wishing you a life of prosperity and hoping you would respond to this.
Eva Prebil
Eva Prebil 4 hónapja
I listen to BTS They have really inspiring music and a good message Its not in the language, its not in the nationality, its not in the skin colour, its not in the sexuality, *ITS ALL IN THE MESSAGE THAT SOMEONE GIVES YOU* And People really need to start realizing that
Eva Prebil
Eva Prebil 4 hónapja
My Phone payed me back my Use this Time Thank you Prince EA
Codi Praikhet
Codi Praikhet 4 hónapja
With my family
Alex 4 hónapja
"Repeat to do the difficult thing and it will become simple finally".An proper way to practice using time wisely.
hacker 4 hónapja
Prince Ea: Are you killing time? Me: Time kills me.
Killer Larab
Killer Larab 4 hónapja
Wish i could follow everything!!!!
Izanim613 4 hónapja
1:00 Oh yes, I agree with boyfriend about "beep bop boop beep bep"
Tasnia Tabassum
Tasnia Tabassum 4 hónapja
you want to know how i spend my downtime- i listen to your videosPrince ea, am i doing something wrong? I dont think so! EVeryday i am changing because for the advises!!
Le Noob
Le Noob 4 hónapja
So I'm spending time watching videos, than create videos and school we don't need to learn everything there.
Szpaku YT
Szpaku YT 4 hónapja
I am glad that I hear this right now. I will play this video every day from now on, because it is strong enought for me to wake me up from this dream that I don't have any control. Thank you Prince Ea
Abubakar Sediq
Abubakar Sediq 4 hónapja
Rhyme 4 hónapja
Wow 😣
NotFirst 4 hónapja
This man's a legend.
RSTJ X3J 4 hónapja
Insightful. Much love
FELY (X BEATS) 4 hónapja
James Cunningham.
James Cunningham. 4 hónapja
To me it sounds like he is kind doing the same thing he was doing about 4 years ago. It does not seem like it's changed. Glad I spent my time Listening to BoyInABand.
kristina estrellas
kristina estrellas 4 hónapja
This is the kind of slap I want whenever I feel sleepy.
Bidyut Dey
Bidyut Dey 18 napja
@Dax Babić And your a toxic bully who likes to bully other countries people first body shaming indians,africans and being racist to black prople from all over the world
Dax Babić
Dax Babić 2 hónapja
Yeah, just always silly like in "Japan"!!!!!!🇯🇵
vSaltyy 3 hónapja
@Rafid Hassan ur lazy
Rafid Hassan
Rafid Hassan 4 hónapja
It's ok to sleep ..don't thik it as a waste of time
Akash 4 hónapja
Great message sir l, thanks a lot, I'm a 18 and your messages motivate m a lot, ❤️🔥
Team_Edward 4 hónapja
So he is telling me to not "waste" my time on stuff like video-games, music and all that but should instead spend it on learning to be better at stuff and get better in life and get more knowledge
Joona Lehtinen
Joona Lehtinen 4 hónapja
Well i listen to dubstep and deathstep so...
iLife Prof
iLife Prof 4 hónapja
Right again Prince 👑
ItsZhonT 4 hónapja
Grande Pince! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Nawras Alyassin
Nawras Alyassin 4 hónapja
I’m spending my free time, watching u
I don’t listen to the radio
Cyan 4 hónapja
George Joice
George Joice 4 hónapja
Stopped watching this video... because of wasting time
Jasmin Domee
Jasmin Domee 4 hónapja
hutown.info/base/vide/mneNx4d0f5nWj80.html 💓🙏🏻
CosmNick 4 hónapja
Wait, did he tell me to stop watching HUtown. But thats hiw he makes money right?
Sumit Alave
Sumit Alave 4 hónapja
I'm 26 years i lost my job lost my love of life still i have chance guys ????😢😢
Prince Roco
Prince Roco 4 hónapja
I like this guy.. he's words is different..
Sayed87waheed 4 hónapja
I really do what do suggest
wasup? 4 hónapja
I'm using s phone 24/7
Bricka Bracka
Bricka Bracka 4 hónapja
This is DEEP
Younes Elhamss
Younes Elhamss 4 hónapja
Literally writing down all the golden quotes
Alpha Balde
Alpha Balde 4 hónapja
So true... What a very sad life we're living these days. Thanks so much for your reflexion & advice😭😭😭😭💔
Yaroslavna Khorosheva
thank you
blixy 4 hónapja
I have never been motivated by anyone else.
Suzan U10T
Suzan U10T 4 hónapja
Me just watching not wasting time videos but Still it's wasting time
Kelly Hill
Kelly Hill 4 hónapja
Can you do a vid about childrens rights if you have not already?
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