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My take on the Olympics controversy

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Kelly Z
Kelly Z 2 napja
This is disgusting how people are pressuring athletes. This is so true٫i wish I could help them but im stuck in this damn house useless
JoAnne Mazurek
Have we become a country where FREEDOM of SPEECH now means, "Say ONLY what I want to hear. The Hell with the truth, or how you really think.and feel?" Are we all, athletes included, going to have to read from scripts to prevent us from saying or doing "The wrong thing"? If nothing else, COVID 19 has taught us the importance of Mental Health. Like what you said in your Fat Shamed video; Mental Health is twice as important than physical health. These so-called press people need to back the "F" OFF. I'm still mad that Naomi was "$$ punished" because she refused to be at the press' beck and call every time they snapped their fingers. Maybe Naomi, Simone and others should come up rules that media people etc. have to follow and respect when it comes to giving athletes time and space. When they say BACK OFF THAT'S ENOUGH, the press and others who are pressuring them, have no choice but to comply or THEY GET FINED and maybe lose their access to the athletes.
jay street
jay street 7 napja
Nah she just choked.
Maggie something
Cool Runnings Xoe
True. But life is extremely extreme pressure. I hate she and others go through that but guess what, all of us in like deal with almost if not more pressure. Pressure = everybody’s life.
Contos e Tradições Africana, etc
I am Mozambican, and I really like your videos.
radmanvm 13 napja
I love you thank you for being in this world how can more people be like you
A.K.Drawsa Multiverse79
Dang,you are speaking true,Those athletes WORK THEIR A$$ES OFF to win for their country or something while the people criticizing them are bean bag shaped
211 Dirtyharry
211 Dirtyharry 17 napja
"Are you not entertained?" Ancient gladiators fought for their life, and the athletes are doing much the same. And the crowd simply watch their pain for pleasure. madness never change. "Are you not entertained?"
Britney Alexza
Britney Alexza 17 napja
Thank you so much ❤️💯
Buddy the ringneck
Irish 21 napja
I mean if they all quit problem solved When the Olympics were going u got all these adds for mental health Now u don't see anything so they played themselfs I specifically loved one add cuz they were complaining that after the Olympics nobody would talk about it again The day after the Olympics they took the add down
Kylee Kroh
Kylee Kroh 21 napja
I’m legit crying
Degu Derese
Degu Derese 24 napja
Kokichi Tsumuraya came in mind, when it comes Olympian suicide. In his suicide note, he wrote "Kokichi is too tired to run anymore." They found him holding his silver Olympic medal.
AwemanyFit 26 napja
1:04,even in football ⚽ players are judged,racially abused,family threats. God help me🙏🏽😤
Pigeon 29 napja
Moral: dont become an athelete
Worship Koskei
Worship Koskei Hónapja
There’s actually a drama called it’s okay to not be okay I think it makes you view life in a different way definitely recommend it
Leonid Schiopu
Leonid Schiopu Hónapja
There was a famous singer who committed suicide after a concert..... R.i.p
Mizuki Minowa
Mizuki Minowa Hónapja
All I'm gonna say is become stronger both mentally and physically. Now the rest is for you to figure it out
Matthew Holloway
WHAT ABOUT RITALIN WITHDRAWALS You all really disappoint me. The girl takes drug for 6 yrs and stops cold turkey? THATS WHAT HAPPENED. Lowered dopamine release, drive, focus etc,etc......
camal Bute
camal Bute Hónapja
Great video 💯👏
Infinite Hónapja
Im disgust that people who isn't even a professional athlete called a person who won 32 medals at Olympics "Weak" Because she is suffering mental health issues like what the frick guys
VidiX Hónapja
Javi Paredero del Bosque Moreno
I think you're totally right with this, but I also think that we need to value more the effort that the athletes do in their lives to try to win. Of course they are persons and still have their lives going on, but that's what they have chosen to do, a sacrifice that should be more appreciated, at least in my country, where some sports aren't seen as hard and difficult as they are. But most importantly, let's please keep the culture of effort!
Calvin Scott
Calvin Scott Hónapja
This is so stupid
VidiX Hónapja
What is stupid?
Jack's Store
Jack's Store Hónapja
I would do so much to get to that level of athlete to be the best in the world they need to give everything if they aren’t willing to be there they can quit
Thatoneperson Hónapja
Then do it. Go give it your all
Zen-Dragon Hónapja
Lauryn Hill miss-spelled but good video :)
Nick B
Nick B Hónapja
Okay, so I've always loved your videos, but at what point will you use proper English throughout the entire video without virtue signaling? Is the word "axed" still supposed to be meant as the word "asked?" You are obviously VERY educated with your extensive vocabulary, yet you still use poor English.
Nick B
Nick B Hónapja
And in addition, F... these so-called "athletes" that turn their backs on the U.S. (when they are being paid to be sponsors) with their "stances." And I now see your support for them is nothing more than a SELL-OUT payment for your channel. You are a sell-out!
Pigeon on wii
Pigeon on wii Hónapja
When I look at the internet, I look at all the great things it’s done for us. How easy is it to access and how amazing it is. But in the midst of all the greatness, there’s always darkness. Cruelty is what we see. And for some of us it’s what we do. Take jacksepticyes dad death as an example. I don’t think I can go 5 videos without seeing horrible comments about jacks dad. Who are we. We just pick away at the things that dont have anything to do with us. We just find every little thing to annoy people about. Guys come on, we are all human, not war bots. The internet was supposed to be a place for people to connect and make community’s. But we’re just striding farther and farther away from humanism. We all have our differences and ‘problems’. But why do we care, why do we crush people just because of their mental health, appearance and body weight. Everyone has emotions. Everyone has a heart. So why don’t we use it. People get nostalgic because look what’s happening now. You play one call of duty match and it’s just slurs and insults. We’re killing our planet because we can’t come to agreements. We’re all human beings. So why can’t we come together no matter the race that we are. No matter our physical appearance. And no matter who we are.
dragon warrior
dragon warrior Hónapja
The pressure is real
Explore Heart
Explore Heart Hónapja
Explore your heart.. A true motivational video I hope you are gonna like it ❤️ Inspired by Prince Ea. hutown.info/base/vide/rHuTkn2UpYSqeaM.html
LeBebe Hónapja
If she has mental health problems, why wouldn’t she just give her slot to another girl on the team?
e eee
e eee Hónapja
So it took 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 criticism videos about you not citing your sources and still you don't?
MrDjjustice24 Hónapja
She should not have dropped out it’s a bad look. Your the best in the world , this literally teaches these young kids it’s ok to quit cuz you “feel bad”, Goggins “can’t hurt me” read that book!
Robby Miller
Robby Miller Hónapja
How is Piers tweet offensive? Like come on she kneels for the flag gets clout and then leaves isn't that fishy?
first gamer
first gamer Hónapja
Not to justify the actions of the coaches or the people destroying their mentality, but I am a professional athlete and coaches usually talk in a really disrespectful manner when practicing and to be honest I don't think that's anything personal. It only happens during practices and after that they talk to us in a more friendly way. I am not telling that is right but they are just doing their job, if they praise us and talk to us like we are the best we don't improve. (Sorry if any of y'all were offended by this, it's just my perspective, if u don't agree simply ignore it) Does any other athletes relate to this??
Celene's Crazy World
How odd that I’m just now watching this. I just came back from the first sport game I ever attended. It was the Gold Cup Soccer Final, Mex Vs USA. I was never rrly a soccer fan, but every time I saw them on tv I always thought they were so amazing to be playing professional soccer. But when I was watching them in the Stadium, I kept thinking about how much they looked like regular ppl enjoying a regular game of soccer and not famous players trying to win the Gold Cup. It rrly made me realize that we’re all just humans. No one value is above anyone’s💗
Portrait of Sorrow
Theres a proverbial line in the dirt that seperates what is just a fun school sport and a life molding controlling career. This is when the child is subjected to selling themselves. They become their own product and commodity to promote and advertise in hopes of attracting the big players at top levels who write the big checks. Therefore we allow our children to willingly transform into the most vain narcissistic self absorbed ego maniacs on the planet!! Their body, their look, their personality, their charisma, their style is constantly under scrutiny and being judged. They become consumed with who they see in the mirror long before fame ignites millions of fans into worshipping that image also. What a pitiful and deplorable set of standards and customs you so called Christian Americans put in place in regards to raising children. Taught to worship their phone, their Playstation, and most of all their mirror!! They no nothing of Christ or His Gospels. Nevermind His expectations upon us all if we expect to find salvation in Heaven and not torment in hell. You apostate travel ball mom Christians are nothing more than John 3:16 Christians, most of you know what it says but none of know what John 3:17 says or any of the rest. Except those favorite broken pieces of a couple of scripture yall cling too, like satanists and witches also love these two pieces of Scripture, "Judge not less the be judged" and "You without sin cast the first stone"! All yalls favorites, and none of you know who said it, who the words were directed at, and dont know the parts left out. American evangelical church base is at best a horrific embarrassment to the Cross and the supreme sacrifice that Christ made on Calvarys Road!! Time for honoring yourselves is almost done...
EMMANUEL ejike Hónapja
This got me crying EA. May the Lord Jesus Christ help us all. Too much pressure everywhere.
qwerty ijk
qwerty ijk Hónapja
question about the drug if i die in 5 years after taking it but i win every comp i enter (does it include math comp) so this means that if i were to live for 25 years in total thos means that i would have to spend every moment training no brakes to reach that lvl of perfection and this is directly proportional to how long your life is.
Anna Lorene Ameh
Shame on all those who disliked the video
911 Prajwal R
911 Prajwal R Hónapja
PRESSURE IS A PRIVILAGE...... LEARN TO DEAL WITH IT...........from one of the player who himself has to go through a lot of pressure and never thought of quitting ....Novak Djokovic.....quitting is never heroic and will never be
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya Hónapja
Those people calling Simone "Selfish" are people who don't know how much big deal mental health is, it should be taken seriously, it's not a joke and also it is also more important than a medal.
Felix Van Parys
Felix Van Parys Hónapja
Every word was so damn true
Edzhjus Hónapja
1:05 Makes sense. 🏋🏌 2:26 Sounds like antiLife equation. 😵 2:45 Instant Gratification culture probably. 🥛🤸 3:34 🙄😐😪 4:42 Unity of humans is perfect 😉
Meggane Hónapja
6 million subscribers is about to hit! 😆
Oi Sou o Iscx
Oi Sou o Iscx Hónapja
Man, its truee, people in Brazil were making pressure in the game that was on surf, just because he said he missed his wife and kid, people just see athletes as robots
cole anderson
cole anderson Hónapja
As a person who wants to play sport pro, I've put everything in it and my mental health has suffered, I've suffered physically. But that is my choice and this is not anyones fault. We need to except this if you want to be a pro then your going to hurt mentally and physcially it's part of it thats why pro athletes earn so much.
TinaH Nekwaya
TinaH Nekwaya Hónapja
"How are you gonna win if you aren't right within" Woooow🤗🤗
Ruslan Masinjila
I thought this guy once said there is no depression
Max Weng
Max Weng Hónapja
Mental health is just as important if not more important then physical health. You could be the strongest person in the world but if you have a negative mindset, you’re not gonna preform at your best. You know the saying. “If you believe it, you can achieve it” No one’s perfect so you can’t expect the greatest athletes in the world to always do great. At the end of the day, those athletes could care less about what we think or say about them negatively. Because at the end of the day, those athletes do their sport/job way better then we could ever do it.
testilande Hónapja
I know most people here dont know about this but recently the montreal candiens center Jonathan Drouin (nhl) took an indefinite leave from the team for personnal issues and has been severely critisized for it. People dont understand the pressure that these things can cause on atheletes. For exemple, whenever we talked about him, my dad would just say that hes basically become worthless and shoudnt even be on the team if hes just gonna be lazy and not play(completely disregarding the players mental health). I honestly think we should all start to think of these players more as people than as just an object to win a trophy or things likr that
Emmanuel Estrada
people are soft. Learn to Listen and not get discouraged by words!!! Words are just worth. with no harm. until you think otherwise.
GD13 Hónapja
Almost 6 mil subs keep on going prince
RayGoSheesh Hónapja
Damn so who won the swimming thingy
Tom Hónapja
Everything start from us. Thanks Prince for taking the lead !
Jonathan Turner
Jonathan Turner Hónapja
Thank you for opening my eyes..Great video!
agua cero369
agua cero369 Hónapja
simon is satanist , watch the GOAT ON HER SATANIST UNIFORM & OTHER CLOTHES.
Maren Hausi
Maren Hausi Hónapja
You are so right
Martin Seetso
Martin Seetso Hónapja
Protect your mental health like rafa
Devesh Acharya
Devesh Acharya Hónapja
This is the only GENTLEMAN who knows the truth of World-and is willing to share it with all of us! Earned Respect Man✌🏼
Wow i never new
NFGx SilentGamer
No dirt but these famous athletes are rich and it’s ok for them even if they don’t perform well but for the average joe when it comes to real work they have to perform or else the is no food in the table
aleks Hónapja
1. The Romans were not primitiv! 2. She's a crybaby.
Jagadish Gospat
Jagadish Gospat Hónapja
It's the same case in India with cricket. Like if they win, put their players posters on the walls of the city and celebrate. And if they lose, then just burn the same posters on a dummy instead. They drop their want for success on the players because they themselves have failed in their own lives. That's why I hate sports that represents city, states or country, if I'm gonna play, I play for my self And because it's pointless.
Crazy Siencetist
Simone bikes had a mental block, in gymnastics that means that if you do a flip with a ton of rotations that you are going to think about it to much witch results in not memoring your muscle memories. It is highly dangerous to do her gymnastic skills with that in mind. Every gymnast knows the feeling and it sucks, but I’m glad she didn’t perform, she could have broken her neck
She put the pressure on herself calling herself the goat
marquis halsell
marquis halsell Hónapja
They done the right thing fr fr
Jahdill Smith
Jahdill Smith Hónapja
Jesus died on the cross for all of our sins, accept his free gift of salvation before its too late.
Billy Rowe
Billy Rowe Hónapja
I see them as people.
Krishna Nair
Krishna Nair Hónapja
No one gives a jack shit about Olympic athletes, but when they either slip up horribly or take their mental health seriously....
Aleux Hónapja
Another Epic Motivational Speech Bro Its Just Sometimes We Need To Be Careful For Stepping Of Our Goals
Lìv Mattingly
Lìv Mattingly Hónapja
And that's on facts. 🙌🏻
Patrick Fredette
Thank you, for speaking up for them!
markjvp Hónapja
This is why every rank is just stupid we’re all equal but so many people have made “positions” not just in sports but everything. and happiness = success things keep reminding me that and I'm grateful even this video reminds me of it
Jonathan Hónapja
I don't understand why people love watching others play so much, go out and play yourself.
Bobby Hagood
Bobby Hagood Hónapja
Write my broker to start up a trade ( Eve Stacy Meyer)
Gia Ochandorena
Gia Ochandorena Hónapja
This is kinda depressing but very eye opening
Bobby Hagood
Bobby Hagood Hónapja
Write my broker to start up a trade ( Eve Stacy Meyer)
Lucas Martinez
Lucas Martinez Hónapja
2 THINGS. 1)RITALIN🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 2)When I was 5 years old, my mom always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down “happy.” They told me I didn't understand the assignment and I told them they didn't understand life. (JOHN LENNON)
August forever
August forever Hónapja
Prince Ea could you look at Jamaica justices system and write something about it to motivate our black people ? 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲we love you out here bro keep up your good work
David Sánchez
David Sánchez Hónapja
Nice video bro. Thank you for sharing it ;)
Nathalie Lazo
Nathalie Lazo Hónapja
Incredible person reading this, you have everything is to succeed in life, whatever that is for you. Go after the life you truly want NOW! ✨ I believe in you! Love - Nat ❤️
KondBrave Official
Wow.. Guys serious.. Let's share this!! Owesome.. 1Million shares!!!!
Macias712 Hónapja
I just love the racist terms that cnn uses "white male talking heads question courage of simone biles"
Talon Hónapja
someone expain me... they get paid alot of money for it doe
Knight's son
Knight's son Hónapja
This man gonna whip the whole wide world right into shape for the next generation
Mr. BXP Hónapja
Ok so no1 knows its all a show. Always some drama. Deceivers. Transsexuals deception. Heroes and idol worship. Law if reversal. Lost and emotional are the weak and easily manipulated. The world is their stage
GrandpAgustD Hónapja
Parents watching this: 👩‍🦯👩‍🦯👩‍🦯
Dina Sarah W
Dina Sarah W Hónapja
DIVINO Gaming Hónapja
I love this keep Sir ❤️❤️ Let the world hear this 🌎🌎✅🙏🏾✅🙏🏾✅🙏🏾✅🙏🏾
King Zela Tv
King Zela Tv Hónapja
Eppa Worldwide
Eppa Worldwide Hónapja
Seen as money? And no matter what, they must keep up. Good advise.
Heitor Felipe
Heitor Felipe Hónapja
Wow, this is incredible ! This need to be translated and dubbed on other languages !!!
Digital Life
Digital Life Hónapja
Seems that she was thinking “ I have to show everyone how great I am,” But really all she needed to do was her routine. Just show up and be herself. Nothing more. Easier said than done I’m sure.
Boyd Bryant
Boyd Bryant Hónapja
Yah if you lose it might be time to retire,you gave it your all.
Bobby Hagood
Bobby Hagood Hónapja
Write my broker to start up a trade ( Eve Stacy Meyer)
MoneyGeekLeo Hónapja
Ben stokes now joins them...
Tuaigets DJ
Tuaigets DJ Hónapja
Your videos are different and si inspiring ❤💞
Prince dark zone
Almost 6million subs
therealbahamut Hónapja
Now see if her coaches were insulting her the whole way then it's time to fire some coaches. You don't train someone for the olympics while calling them a whale. I still say she could've found what it takes to finish the event and take home the gold and that would've been an even more tremendous victory...but abuse like that does need to be seriously investigated and there needs to be consequences, olympic medals or no.
Mami Donna Hnny
Mami Donna Hnny Hónapja
Martin Obama
Martin Obama Hónapja
Price Ea, your mind is incredible...
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