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Cosmic Mirror
Cosmic Mirror 9 órája
Better or Bitter
Paradise Music Library
Whoever is reading this. Keep going. There’s always someone who believes in you. Even if nobody believes in you, I believe in you. You will make it! Much love - PML ❤️❤️❤️
Yah Nation
Yah Nation Napja
how find better tribe
Deerblood17 2 napja
But the guy holding the ball just moved it nothing that's not on vibration works but he definitely did move it also doesn't help that he was wearing blue and yeah of course we're a hive it's called a tribe we've been doing this for thousands of years into this day you still do it it's just called civilization no longer called a tribe we're not wild people must be call them Savages I don't like the word but it's what people called them sadly
Kelly Z
Kelly Z 2 napja
True but what about individuality?
Lol im dead Hahaha
You must find people who match your sound waves
Connor Barkington
Not bad video but isnt prince ea that one guy with the scammy shit
Venky 10 napja
The simplest to keep your positive vibe is to interact with people only when necessary and avoid socialization when unnecessary
Spartan1337 10 napja
Smartest scientist in the hood
Kevin Conaty
Kevin Conaty 11 napja
Jesus Christ the camera work made me dizzy
Asuka Langley
Asuka Langley 14 napja
I dont know if i would call hitting a tuning fork an "experiment" this is clearly like self-help shit. Its crazy how many of these self help people pop up with tiktok and youtube. Sure seems like these people that are SO positive are turning thin air into money by convincing you they have something valuable to say. I could tell you all day things that sound really exciting and fresh mixed in with historical or scientific facts to back up my positivity self help program. Just off the fly. Its so easy. Thats why theres hundreds if thousands of social media influencers. Because its easy to make shit up people are gullible and lots of people in the western world have too much disposable income. Dont let these self help clowns take ur money. Waste it by sending it to me instead
A.K.Drawsa Multiverse79
Why does that sound actually trigger me
Muhammad Herrey
Muhammad Herrey 15 napja
I want a teacher like you
Sheer ASMR
Sheer ASMR 15 napja
Thank you Tupac!!
Noodle Arms
Noodle Arms 16 napja
You look and sound like my science teacher
That one guy
That one guy 17 napja
This is also a reason for you to be really pozitive about things so the pepole around you are happy. Stay pozitive and happy!!
Anurag Kumar
Anurag Kumar 17 napja
Just thinking about all the science buddies watching this video. Sound cool but scientifically that happened cuz both of the things had same resonating frequency. Which means both already had the same properties. So it doesn't align with the statement that you become like with whom you go around with, you re technically the same. Stupid but just wanted to put out.
Qwerty Bear.
Qwerty Bear. 17 napja
Are we just gonna stand here and let this man call us tuning forks?
Mine Time
Mine Time 18 napja
0:19 people are human tuning forks. Prince EA our of context lol
Nikki 18 napja
💯% agreed, it's always refreshing and a great learning experience to surround yourself with positive people.
MatrixGaming 19 napja
guys please check out boyinabands video about him
unknown635 19 napja
In what many see aa a inspirational video I see a man who is using science because he was proven wrong by science several times
Ayesha Malik
Ayesha Malik 19 napja
You're the best
Daniel O
Daniel O 20 napja
Amén to you sir.
Kieran OK
Kieran OK 21 napja
saiyanpryme219 21 napja
Vibrations have to be authentic even positive energy can be phony which is a false positive vibration.
Mansoor Ahmad
Mansoor Ahmad 22 napja
That literally a hadees of the prophet hazrat Muhammad (s.a.w) Proud to be a Muslim
Amin Hannachi
Amin Hannachi 23 napja
I actually can't believe it. this guy made even science cringey
Brandon O'Connell
Guess he must be a science expert with that 4-pack of anatomy posters damn
Robert Remedios
Robert Remedios 26 napja
I love the message, I’m just scared that people are gonna think tuning forks are some sort of emotion magic thing. It’s just resonant frequency it’s a good metaphor for our social group behavior but it’s a very very different thing lol. I wish everyone good vibes :)
Alexander Berg
Alexander Berg 26 napja
Energy is if i'm less weight then I can move with less energy to everywhere
So Vo
So Vo 28 napja
Crystal clear message: isolate yourself.
Carson Paul Lee
Carson Paul Lee 29 napja
I don’t hang around anyone. If someone has bad vibes I just reflect their shadow back onto them with a “mask” lol Real jester-magician-sage type.
Lothlorein Miracles
Incognita Me
Incognita Me 29 napja
My tribe is me, myself & God, & my vibe is Buddhism. How bout that
Realm of Ambience
well thats a nice trio tribe right there I'm also in that tribe Namaste.-Realm of Ambience
Mark Abt
Mark Abt Hónapja
My vibration used to be incredibly positive, but as my chronic health issues got worse. I lost my positivity and haven't been able to get it back yet
Realm of Ambience
Don't worry mate I believe in you YOU ARE GONNA GET BETTER, come on say it with Me I DIDNT LOSE MY POSITIVITY BECAUSE I AM POSITIVITY. And I hope your health gets better too man try some qi-gong or traditional Indian Yoga peace man.-Realm of Ambience
Nikolaslie Hónapja
Spittin facts like pro
ՏɾíղíѵɑՏ ѵɑժӀɑ
First you Learn how to hold camera still....😂
Unknown Gamer
Unknown Gamer Hónapja
And the prize for the best poet goes to- Princee EA
Amar Fejzic
Amar Fejzic Hónapja
I like this dude but he has an unpleasant resemblance to Dax
Sel Out
Sel Out Hónapja
Ok..."wokey" kids....let's start off with the earth's #1 polluter.....the CHINESE GOV'T....Share with us your (or your prince ea backed) SPECIFIC plan of how you approach, demand and sanction/prosecute the grossest polluters (albeit, there are many many countries/corporations as a close second) in the world! WOW, the achievement of change IS HARD WORK....EHHH. Vive la self-centered, whinny, woke revolution:-)
Djddj Ejjshdhdndd
I swear to God if anyone fucks me up again I'm gonna burn them fuckung alive thanks for this wowow to your words
I Ryu
I Ryu Hónapja
I get what he’s tryna do and shitt but this guy rubs me the wrong way he doesn’t feel real he gives me idk what I’m doing and fraud vibes I can’t watch any of his vids they are also cringe most of the time no hate but just how I feel
yeet man
yeet man Hónapja
we are human tuning forks lol
Woooh ❤️🤯
JD Mumma
JD Mumma Hónapja
THINK AGAIN... "You get disturbed" plays into a VICTIM mindset. Under this overly simplistic and not full reality framing counselors/therapists/coaches/supportive friends... should not exist.
Ktee Shibambu - Spoken Word
This is so true. The people we hang around with have great influence in our lives...
issyaboiiray Hónapja
It is so hard to find people like that here
JVANCE 1 Hónapja
Wow! People buy what this guys selling?
Fabrizio Marconi
True. But it’s also true that we must be able to live and deal with all kinds of people and don’t become like the negative ones. I mean we can chose with who we spend time with but not always. ( sorry for my English)
M 4 R D O O
M 4 R D O O Hónapja
Who wants to create a tribe? Lol
Realm of Ambience
Im In I could use a good tribe with other like minded people.
Tătăruș Ștefan Mihnea
You shredded ngl
Sarthak Goel
Sarthak Goel Hónapja
Just one question : HOW?
Peter Cobbina
Peter Cobbina Hónapja
Wow hutown.info/base/vide/w3tlxX-oX4Clm5Y.html
Egon Mežič
Egon Mežič Hónapja
Dfaq you ate...
Dax Babić
Dax Babić Hónapja
THE (TRUTH) ABOUT (ENERGY)!!!!!! 😆😆😆😆😆😆 👍❤🇷🇸🇺🇸🇯🇵🌍
Lonsco -
Lonsco - Hónapja
That’s literally false
G E N O Z  K A I Z E N 
Sad life. My family full toxic and negative attitude.
Spejs Hónapja
gavfieldior Hónapja
Cool experiment
Osam Yousif
Osam Yousif Hónapja
السلام عليك I need your number
:D Hónapja
jason walters
jason walters Hónapja
You’re 💯 % Fraud
Upsetchicken Hónapja
"How do u know all dat?" I follow @PrinceEa ah ;D
Forrest L
Forrest L Hónapja
i have no tribe
gayatri enterprises
*"Bees were made to live in a hive, people were made to live in a tribe, and your tribe determines your vibe - and with your vibe you can either thrive or die."* - Prince Ea (couldn't have been more better!)
James Young
James Young Hónapja
Prince EA, wayyy better than the Obama's
Night Time
Night Time Hónapja
Very informative right from The get go
iorntree Hónapja
So if I'm I a vacuum I'm safe from bad vibes 👌
hsmfan071 Hónapja
You should try to help those who are negative so they can become more positive. God bless! 😊❤️
Owen Sheasby Fitness
Good message. Not surprised he used to be a rapper. Sounds like a song.
Hydrofudge ZL Animated
So many rhymes lol
The Iron Rubber duck
I’ll try
Yodes Hónapja
Do you own any shirts with sleeves?
jody brown
jody brown Hónapja
SquadB0y Nick
SquadB0y Nick Hónapja
This is the same with food y’all. If you eat bad food you will have bad energy. If you eat good food you will have good energy
ChrisWar2012 Hónapja
Man love you Prince Ea, really really great thanks for this, the experiments are simple amazing
Theuns Steenkamp
Thank you for your opinion
HarleyRunner25 Hónapja
I’m never around anyone really
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute Hónapja
Bro ur videos used to be amazing (ur video about covid and schools was ur last good video) they got your blood pumping, they taught you something! Now all you make is spiritual bullshit that isn’t real, it honestly seems like your preaching but not about religion specifically. What happened?! I’m disappointed you inspired a very important school project I did, and know your talking about essential oils! Sad.
ARKKO Hónapja
In other words, if I continue to live my life alone, no one can mess with me. Thank you!
CharmingRogue Hónapja
I'm the stick
Gimme Monie
Gimme Monie Hónapja
How do you know all that?
Àvîn Hónapja
So people are just gonna leave the negative people to die horrible deaths
Courage Sorbe
Courage Sorbe Hónapja
You are way too big.
James Barralet
James Barralet Hónapja
If humans are designed to live in a tribe, then what is modern society, competition and individuality all about? Answer: Isolation, depression and oppression.
Ishaan Sejpal
Ishaan Sejpal Hónapja
You sir deserve a like
No Hónapja
Wow nice message
Yuri Hatzume
Yuri Hatzume Hónapja
What if you don't have people to hangout with•́ ‿ ,•̀
Riaj Shmir
Riaj Shmir Hónapja
Clicked on this video to unsubscribe you
Ali Rahman P
Ali Rahman P Hónapja
honestly , how did you make this contents..? how its coming into your mind..? help!
G0D Hónapja
sow pro
sow pro Hónapja
Short video with a big lesson Thank you Prince Ea, your follower from Senegal🇸🇳
📚 Ahmet / Self Improvement - Productivity
*Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.* If you saw this comment, I hope you have an amazing day! 🖤
Qrock Gaming
Qrock Gaming Hónapja
:) Where are all the Dragonball People when you need em
M.S.K MCBRTK Hónapja
mak mek
mak mek Hónapja
Ne dediğini anlamıyorum ama izliyorum Türkçe alt Yazı koy
Assassin's Class
I am positive if you remove the electron from me
Realm of Ambience
Yusuf AbdurRahman
that was awesome
kingk2k5 Hónapja
What about family? Especially when you are a teen...
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