why eating healthy is NOT expensive  

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Bentley Racer42
Bentley Racer42 18 órája
Ya when your 500 pounds
LW DA 2 napja
* laughing in social healthcare that's really cheap or even kinda "free" * 👁️👄👁️
Ummmm canada
D Baiatul Bun
D Baiatul Bun 2 napja
Frozen veggies are actually better for you and cheaper..
Ethan Lundeen
Ethan Lundeen 3 napja
Its still expensive to have healthy food, one may be more expensive then the other but they still both are expensive compared to regular fast and unhealthy food.
Eros 5 napja
Eating fast food is more expensive than cooking and eating healthy
Eoin Mackay
Eoin Mackay 7 napja
*Laughs in Irish (country with free healthcare)
PhilSoLogical 8 napja
eat live vegan
Darwin xd
Darwin xd 10 napja
No badmanmo where Shawn?
Niko Centurion
Niko Centurion 11 napja
In Italy* American: I need help Italian Health: Yes American: cost? Italian Health: cost? American:🤯
uabir 11 napja
Is this an American problem that I'm not American to understand?
Arsenyi Zhurov
Arsenyi Zhurov 12 napja
Fat TikTokers, cooking fried hamburgers, mustn’t watch this video….
Pascal Theisen
Pascal Theisen 12 napja
Im from Germany... surgeries are for free
The_ProCreater TPC
Bruh, you've gotten BIG! Damn! I've been missing out!
•Senpai killua• ☯️
Eating amazing food is a one of the best parts of life so what’s the point of eating healthy u might live longer but not happier
Mohammed Eldeen
Mohammed Eldeen 14 napja
America moment
Jakeson 14 napja
You remind me of Prince Ea
MysticVast 14 napja
Sammy 16 napja
America moment
Chibay 17 napja
Your body does not look healthy anymore tho xdo
Nozzzi 17 napja
all the doctors and surgeons watching: uh hehe *loads gun* hey uh bud… it’s not that expensive >:3 UNTIL NOW BIIITCH *shoots*
Venom og
Venom og 19 napja
Living in India as a middle class and with free healthcare and healthy homemade foods : notice 👍
Ashmeet Ghotra
Ashmeet Ghotra 19 napja
Fabiano Lopes
Fabiano Lopes 20 napja
You remind me of that Noel guy
Michael Kowalski
I mean I wouldn’t say I’m sick I’m like a bit over weight doe
Maverick Ulanday
Thanks man i really mean it
HTW 22 napja
Canada and free health care be like: :|
Doncepo32 22 napja
Lol here is free
Angel Petrov
Angel Petrov 22 napja
Woow this is soo stupid
Asif Basheer
Asif Basheer 23 napja
Take a good health insurance bro😎
GeeVeeLoL 23 napja
The end was good ngl
Laughs in European and free healthcare
iMarcoas 24 napja
When you live in Germany the costs aren't important because i dont pay them by myself😂
Devin 24 napja
Laughs in european
Alej 7
Alej 7 25 napja
Poor USA withn't healt free
Ties Dijkmans
Ties Dijkmans 26 napja
Laughs in European
American Eagle
American Eagle 26 napja
But what about the people who can’t afford to eat healthy The people who live on the streets don’t have that much money
Cringy Bird
Cringy Bird 27 napja
Ephesians 2:8‭-‬9 (NIV ) For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith-and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God- not by works, so that no one can boast. John 3:16 (NIV) For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. Romans 10:9 (NIV) If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. Jesus loves you ❤️ he wants you to turn to him. When you are saved he will not hate you if you sin or send you to hell , he will be waiting for you to repent of those sins and try to live a better life. God bless you. (im not forcing you, you decide what you will do with this information).
GhostToast520 27 napja
I’m in Canada lol
Purple Demon
Purple Demon 28 napja
laughs in free healthcare
NanShanker 69
NanShanker 69 28 napja
me: laughs while eating chips because health cares free in australia
Jack 29 napja
Peter Peter
Peter Peter Hónapja
Well ... I can't relate that much since I have free health care ._.
Splash Hónapja
It's still expensive
Long , i like AC-130
Why does it took a billion dallor to save some one life why can’t it be cheaper
Abin Benny
Abin Benny Hónapja
Why eating healthy is not expensive Me: Because there is a discount in your grocery store
Passiv_ Hónapja
This is riddled with flaws
Skeptic Hónapja
This is why you study guys…
Banana Hero
Banana Hero Hónapja
Oh wow
avane yeet
avane yeet Hónapja
funfact surgerys in India are 10 times cheaper than in us XD
Krishna shivnani
I would recommend this video to everyone!
SkyralRS Hónapja
This video is the equivalent of telling a smoker that smoking is bad.
Abdul Ghaffar
Abdul Ghaffar Hónapja
Everyone: listening Me:listening and looking at his muscles
Big Duck47
Big Duck47 Hónapja
When tf did he get so jacked???
ded game
ded game Hónapja
Yeah especially since I live in europe
K lake
K lake Hónapja
It’s literally cheaper to eat healthy… like point of sale cheaper
Lore R
Lore R Hónapja
@prince ea do you belive in jesus?
JsmXTracks Hónapja
It’s a cost because it costs money 💰
smn stv
smn stv Hónapja
Lmfaoooooo this clown keeps making videos, also jokes on you FREE HEALTHCARE BABYYYYY!!! SMOKE, DRINK, DO CRACK, EAT MC D'S DO WHATEVER IN EUROPE
eidod23 Hónapja
Goes to show we need free health care
Mareli o
Mareli o Hónapja
Laughs in European
Pidgeon Hónapja
i thought the a was silent i didn't know u said it like the company 😭
Shreck777 Hónapja
This video work only on America europeans doesn’t understand what it is
Meta Hónapja
Prince ea becoming a narcisist body conscious guru. He thinksbwe dont recognize it until his clothes shrink and strips naked mostly
LION Hónapja
the people who disliked are gonna call you fatphobic.
Sarkhan the Dragon
Imagem not having free health care in America pssss could not be me
Michiel Bulcke
Michiel Bulcke Hónapja
America moment
FireSoul48 Hónapja
when you live in italy(or most of europe) and healthcare is free... ;-;
Jdkkxrhz Hónapja
just because there are more expensive things, it doesn't mean eating healthy is not expensive. this is increasingly true in america whereby junk food is actually cheaper than fresh, healthier food from grocery stores. on its own, it may not seem like much to you, but there are people who have no access to a fridge to store the food, a kitchen to prepare the food, and other incurred costs. health is a priviledge, although it really shouldn't be. it should be a human right. unfortunately, for many, it is not the case. his message may mean something to you, and by all means, feel motivation, but do not let these people undermine your own conditions that you may not neccesarily have played a part in getting into.
oximas Hónapja
haha shameless self blugin
Sharp Design
Sharp Design Hónapja
All I can do is laugh at you being in a muscle shirt being like, eating healthy is expensive.
Sjoerq Hónapja
Bruh I live in the netherlands I got nothing to worry about not even when im in the hospital
Vincent Catalano
Someone could eat healthy their whole life and can still get dieases or need surgey, its not like eating healthy competely makes you diease free. And comparing the cost of healthy food to surgey is not a great comparison for people who are poor try saying this to the struggling single parent who has the choice of making a few meals with cheaper frozen foods vs one fresh meal.
Channy Perales
Channy Perales Hónapja
Kaos Spartan
Kaos Spartan Hónapja
Jméno Příjmení
Me: Laughs in europe D:
Sándor Emil
Sándor Emil Hónapja
That's actually a great tiktok
Daniel Pip6
Daniel Pip6 Hónapja
Eating healthy is not necessarily expensive sure it will be more expensive than a 1 dollar burger. What I mean is that eating healthy doesn't mean no red meat and only salad and greens. You got to also find foods that you enjoy. Many people don't realize how big the amount of unique foods there are that belong to a multitude of cultures. I found that I was able to find healthy and food that were my taste in Korean cuisine. Maybe Korean food isn't for you but keep your minds open and try new food not just in your culture but in others too because maybe you will find something and be surprised by how amazing it tastes and decide to make it a part of your diet.
Pokemetel Hónapja
He dropped that @ hard XD alot of respect for this man
Murasaki Hónapja
if you live in the EU you won't have to pay that much
Ryan Handley
Ryan Handley Hónapja
This is only true for America, here in the UK we have free healthcare (payed for by the tax payer) As the founder of the NHS said, “Illness is neither an indulgence for which people have to pay, nor an offence for which they should be penalised, but a misfortune, the cost of which should be shared by the community.” America could easily have this but the countries messed up, with guns, Karens and trump supporters 😞
Peaceless Hónapja
Or just eat cheap healthy food items...
Ashjaykaylol Hónapja
this doesn’t matter much to me cuz I live in Australia 🤙
vybz Hónapja
This guy is disconnected from reality
Kiwi Kunn
Kiwi Kunn Hónapja
Well, it is. Managers of healthy products see how much people are in demand of healthy foods so they try to milk the money cow as much as possible by increasing the price of healthy foods and dropping the price of unhealthy foods, therefore they make more money by making you buy expensive healthy food and inexpensive junk food. by making you think: I bought healthy food, i should treat myself to food that i actually like. This is a psychological trick that a youtuber called Food Theory has found out (or at least learned from website that unlike you, he showed the source of) which i cant remember the name of the trick so i'll call it: the Grocery Trick
KAt Science Lacat
Are you Dax's brother? Cause wow
Goodie V
Goodie V Hónapja
i get that this is meant as a motivation to eat healthy, but for me it's just motivation to thank my parents i don't live in the US
Harish y
Harish y Hónapja
Me living in a country with free healthcare: guess I can eat unhealthy
FBI22 Hónapja
Lol I'm in England
ST_ pointeau
ST_ pointeau Hónapja
I LIVE IN FRANCE 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷 😁😁😁 free healthcare u know
average joe
average joe Hónapja
Ok I’m only gonna say this once: SOME PEOPLE CANNOT AFFORD EXPENSIVE FOOD you either have not enough food or have pay medical bills pick your poison
choco. chip
choco. chip Hónapja
Tell that to my school cafeteria
ColdPython357 Hónapja
Pro gaming tips. Dont live in the US and exercise
Omni_Mui Hónapja
Lol Americans suffer, while in The Uk it is free.
Juha EoH
Juha EoH Hónapja
beans lentils legumes and vegetables are the cheapest products you can literally buy and these are the foods you should eat the most as well. Its not expensive.
Baby Kin
Baby Kin Hónapja
yeah those surgeries are expensive…. but so is.. eating healthy? lmaoo bad point
Maik Bam
Maik Bam Hónapja
I live in Europe. Eating healthy is pretty expensive.
Tanay Bagora
Tanay Bagora Hónapja
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