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What are your thoughts on Cancel Culture?

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Punk Rock
Punk Rock 11 órája
I love that he's dressed like Eddie Murphy in his early days 🤣🤣 but this is a good vid.
Paradise Music Library
Whoever is reading this. Keep going. There’s always someone who believes in you. Even if nobody believes in you, I believe in you. You will make it! Much love - PML ❤️❤️❤️
CW Ryan Leo
Common catchphrase by karen, demanding the manager 😆
Fayez B
Fayez B Napja
Vivek Maury
Vivek Maury
Plz return my rupye 🙏🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭😭😭😭
Vivek Maury
I'm very poor my family very poor
Vivek Maury
Plz mere rupye vaps kr do 😭😭😭
Kevin Kotta
Kevin Kotta 2 napja
Prince EA I swear to God you are a true blessing to this world and I wish you so much success in the future
Carl Padua
Carl Padua 2 napja
STAGED af lol
Sara 3 napja
“Woke” people won’t ever understand this. They’re too busy patting themselves on the back for ruining someone’s life over a petty thing and calling it justice to feel better about the horrible human being they are inside. I hope I’m wrong though.
Ray Mac
Ray Mac 3 napja
It was kinda weird they wouldn't let them leave though..😅
You made a video about 5 foods that are killing you, can you do the opposite?
Elementoid 4 napja
Cancel culture is bullying and has become a joke!
SociableFish 4 napja
Social justice More like: Social **INJUSTICE**
c h i c k e n
c h i c k e n 5 napja
No he just flexing (• ε •)
love your videos
Antonio Bonilla
I think that cancel culture is actually a myth. Sure, regular people lose their jobs when they get called out for something in a way that I totally agree is not useful, and lacks compassion like you say, but, as far as the weinstiens and r kelly's they are being legally charged with crimes, not canceled. For cancel culture to be real, it would need to have to power to de-platform someone from their soapbox and erase all of their work from the public. So-called "canceled" celebrities are just switching platforms. It's all hype. I agree that we need a call in culture, not a call out culture. And I agree that people use cancel culture to ruinthe lives of people they don't agree with. Before this it was just called lible.
Meow Milev
Meow Milev 7 napja
*Looks like Karen from previous fat shaming video haven't learn her lesson yet!*
Niv Jankelowitz
My opinion on cancel culture- finally it has been taken out of the hands of conservatives who for years cancelled lgbt, women, minorities. And its over hyped in the news compared to how much it actually happens
Francine L
Francine L 6 napja
problem being is instead of taking it outa rightwings hands and fixing society, its just going 180 into leftwings hands to be abused the exact same way for another indefinite period of time punishing people for opinions, now far right and left are tryna civil war society so people in the middle get screeched at for just tryna live life not being extreme
Max Carroll
Max Carroll 8 napja
great video
Van plays
Van plays 8 napja
Hi how you are doing today
Maggie something
"Just because you’re offended, doesn’t mean you’re right.” Hypocrite.
SamTheWham 9 napja
I bet he did this because someone accused him of having written homophobic lyrics in his rap songs
Galaxy Queen
Galaxy Queen 10 napja
Next up.... why identity politics is doing more harm than good.
Francine L
Francine L 6 napja
especially for the people the woke claim to champion
PrimeAyJay 10 napja
OG dhar man
Kozaak210 Napja
Jason Gana
Jason Gana 10 napja
Its the stupid feminists i see online especially on twitter, bullying people for their opinions. They constantly double tweet/double retweet without giving the other person a chance to say something. They use their large follower list to the maximum capacity to try and destroy or "cancel" someone.
Darwin xd
Darwin xd 10 napja
Yeah I get that... Badmanmooooo Where savageshawn
Zebediah Carter
Zebediah Carter 10 napja
PawanKumar G
PawanKumar G 10 napja
If you lost on road, do Google But If you loose in life, meet People. Love from 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Sedgehun 10 napja
This is so true. xDD
MR.805 11 napja
Prince ea is the man of wisdom
cove 451
cove 451 11 napja
Josè Eduardo Hernàndez Ascencio
and i thought prince ea was some of those woke people
Kev76 12 napja
Humanity just needs to stop listening to the social media "squeeky wheels". Get your impressions of society, from real people, friends, coworkers, strangers you meet on the street. Reality lives in the middle, not the far out fringes.
Fahad 12 napja
I think this video NEEDS TO BE CANCELED!! -Miss leading title -Fake setup -No true backstory (not a real story) -Fake reactions -Fake audience -Not a true premise -not alive reaction Call me a hater, call me unappreciative but you no it's true he needs to try something different the idea is there but the adaptation is not. HE IS BASICALLY PRASING HIMSELF in this video, trust me I am a (fan?) I just don't like the way the messege is said, imagine if it was live or a live encounter it would be alot better, anyways thx, sorry, I don't know you get it.
Foxycat 11 napja
@Fahad nah I'm ok
Fahad 11 napja
@Foxycat I'm glad you not mad like the other guy😁✌🏼
Foxycat 11 napja
@Fahad XD
Fahad 11 napja
@Foxycat BTW I'm not righting another long answer I just wanted to beat yours that beat mine(by length) Your...... Comment. HHAHAAA welcome down hear😉🤣 Hoped you enjoy my commenting journey Edit: I though you too where the same person from you blue PP.
Fahad 11 napja
@lavisive listen I like you, trust me read this again with a different view I use to watch him before you did, I know his potential. You didn't understand the exaggerated joke, trust me I'm against woke culture, and I'm not against him, I want his content to get better. Do you see the irony, haters hating a video about stopping hate🤣🤣. But also look at his contents before and now and see. The diffence it had on people. The idea is people might be like this but he's over exadurating those people, if this happened in real life it won't happen this calmly they won't allow him to talk, but him calling himself a comedian while not hearing 1 good joke, then getting a perspective that this might be a woke person, and having that person not talk back or cutting him of every time, I get its he's putting out a messege. Though in raility it wouldve been different, challenging the debater with a punch line breaking down thier ideology, messing around, people laughing talking about that moment at that time. This is what I mean by live reaction, what the Change My Mind videos the can explain some of the stuff I'm talking about, FYI I'm a fan of Crowder when he shoots down the points, it realistic no minamalistic, I'm still a fan of prince but I want him to make better content that's all his voice needs to be heard by more people like it use to, don't hate me if you read my first half of the comment before, Read all of it UNDERSTAND it, RE-READ it if you missed something then get me an answer. Don't let anger sway you, you'll became hater yourself of the haters (your not, but you will be), forcing your word on people with out understanding😁. NOW take all this read my previous comment and look for my perspective, this the whole idea making people hate the haters😎😅. Enjoy sorry about ranting I just wanted my point to get across.🙏😊😉😂.
WinTrain 12 napja
Damn Prince EA loves putting that actress in the villain role. You had her fat shaming a girl in a different role for a other video. Give her a positive role for one of the future videos lol, but im sure she was fine with it.
Foxycat 11 napja
Dar man dose that to
Anarchism with Soviet Characteristics
So called 'Cancel Culture' is a made up fear by bigots to silence and actually cancel any criticism directed at their bigoted views
Hell On Head
Hell On Head 13 napja
A lot of people are triggered which means that you've hit the right spot😂
Magnificent Max.
So anyways realistically.. She'd probably slap you in the face due to not giving shits about the speech. BUUUUUT what do I know..
Blizzard Blaze
Blizzard Blaze 13 napja
Uhh. Nobody acts like this? Cringe circlejerk?
Foxycat 11 napja
@Blizzard Blaze hutown.info/base/vide/1WlqpKF9f2W8d7s.html
Foxycat 11 napja
@Blizzard Blaze now your acting like the person in the video let me send you a song from a person who is just like prince and you will get triggered
Blizzard Blaze
Blizzard Blaze 11 napja
@Foxycat no I'm not an old person. I'm probably only a couple of years older than you. And as someone who also once thought people like this actually existed, they really don't. They're not some caricature, they have actual reasons to back up their claims. Seriously, there are very very very very few people like this
Foxycat 11 napja
@Blizzard Blaze dude everyone in the comments seen these people I believe you like to ignore those things or your just a old person who never seen Twitter and tick tock
Blizzard Blaze
Blizzard Blaze 11 napja
@Foxycat I am on social media and nobody acts like that? Prince EA is just sorta abusing the fake outrage of "oH lOoK aT tHeSe WoKiEs". Mostly because he's not smart enough to engage in any topic in a meaningful way
-Qlorolyn- 14 napja
This is basically twitter as a person.
me myself
me myself 14 napja
sir "wokes" or pseudo wokes are new white supremacist
Chris 14 napja
this is the best cringe comedy of 2021
Bernardo Romero
Bernardo Romero 14 napja
Isn't this the same guy who tried to have a rap career saying "f*ggot" in almost everyone of his shitty songs and when he found out no one liked his shitty music, he instead turned to make pseudo-inspirational videos to appeal to the lowest common denominator? Lmao. And no, I don't want to "cancel" him. Just stating facts- he sucks.
Bobbeguille 14 napja
we never even got to hear the joke
Rest up King von
No one need gay friends
Diya Sudharsan
Diya Sudharsan 14 napja
Its funny how people cut down trees for a piece of that says 100 or 50 on it when that piece of paper is made out of a tree to..
sray 14 napja
This vedio came at the right moment for me
A.K.Drawsa Multiverse79
A.K.Drawsa Multiverse79
Bruh,Why is this so accurate
J android
J android 15 napja
Dharr man v2 actually changing lives actually stooping him to dharr man is too far for this guy
Ghou 15 napja
This man deserves more than 5mil
Dan Gertez
Dan Gertez 15 napja
What abnice reminder bro
scott halden
scott halden 15 napja
I realised this wasn't dhar man half way
Dxuser5 15 napja
Dhar man, the cooler dhar man.
Rusty1 15 napja
This is giving me the motivation to make a lgbtq joke infront of gay people.
Kiilaslammas 15 napja
A dude with 2 braincells leading an army with 1. Selling your soul ALWAYS has a price. Remember that little buddy :)
Yung Money Mesc
Yung Money Mesc 16 napja
“Hate the sin, not the sinner.” YES!!!
gunnarmuhlmann 16 napja
BlueRD 16 napja
Thank you for making justice for all the people who gets cancelled, especially mcyt youtubers and twitch streamers
MA3 Productions
MA3 Productions 16 napja
Worst acting ever
Foxycat 11 napja
So dar man can slide on that but not prince is it because he's black
Steve Burnett
Steve Burnett 16 napja
Prince...check your biz email please...Thanks!
Sized Joker
Sized Joker 16 napja
This guy speaking facts
thank god prince ea finally addressed the issue.
Vedant Bhatt
Vedant Bhatt 17 napja
He makes TED talks look like a bunch of fools...
Boubacar BAH's SHOW
Hello Prince Ea. I love it for good. Would you be my coach, please? I'm Boubacar BAH from Guinea Conakry.
using dhar mann titles i see
B00Meddiction 17 napja
No wonder why millennials are bad comedians
then benagcz
then benagcz 17 napja
Men you are Brilliant!!!
Joey Ramos
Joey Ramos 18 napja
Imagine I’d cancel culture got canceled that would be the day the world takes a step forward
Jamis Rose
Jamis Rose 18 napja
See, offensive jokes are hilarious. I hate when people say "well jokes are supposed to be funny" no, funny is subjective. The reason it's called a joke is because it's not meant to be serious.
Advait Chougule
Advait Chougule 18 napja
The WOKE word itself is very offensive
WWEE Network-Wellness
Laura Zucchiatti
Hell yeah 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 she's the same actress from the Starbucks video, she acts angry very well
S G 19 napja
How come this video hasn’t blown like the other ones?
tiktok slav version
Than i saw the "woke" t-shirt i knew instant what's she gonna say😆😆😆
MatrixGaming 19 napja
ea becomes dhar man but a little bit more not repetitev
Dhaval Jain
Dhaval Jain 19 napja
This is better than dhar mann
Hanif Syahti19
Hanif Syahti19 19 napja
Yes i like this 💯
Cj7002@WimpyFan 19 napja
"The greater the light, that shadow gets bigger" this is a man of great words ♥♥♥
marvellously 19 napja
I hope more people watch this.
Arlo Playz
Arlo Playz 19 napja
Stupidity isn't a virus but it's sure spreading like one -Sandy Cheeks
Arlo Playz
Arlo Playz 19 napja
Cancel culture has done nothing but ruin the internet
Arlo Playz
Arlo Playz 19 napja
I'm guys is actually used between both genders when referring to a group
Gamer's Adventure World
The Dhar Mann titling right there…
Daniel Gerstung
Daniel Gerstung 19 napja
this absolutely atrocious bruh
Evan White
Evan White 20 napja
😒 Anyone who must say, "I am the hero," is no true hero.
Christiantus Opara
Tell em man, the flipping everything now...
F2P Xiao
F2P Xiao 20 napja
Un related but this is how I feel about school If I had to write an essay on the importantce of homework, I would CITE EVEDINCE of why it’s useless and are just force feeding us then to throw it up on the test. sure it’s my grade but can it determine my future? I want to be an artist, how does knowing that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell prepare me for art school? How does that essay prepare me how to pay taxes? How will that essay teach me how to get a job? We need to teach students about REAL education. -Sincerely, a random depressed 7th grade student.
Sok Tau
Sok Tau 20 napja
Hell On Head
Hell On Head 13 napja
Well he's right...
logan lynn
logan lynn 20 napja
lol your woke but still asleep
Mimi Cakes
Mimi Cakes 20 napja
This is beautiful. What an inspirational video ♥️
yea no
yea no 20 napja
1:23 try telling that to Twitter
Rab Tech
Rab Tech 20 napja
*Really yo this happens what!👀🤯😳*
HehexD 21 napja
You are awesome bro!
thetrueunicorn chink
That netflix sound
Prachin Ranjan Giri
And this is actually going on ......🙃 So sad to see the world turn out like this....
On3d3R_Lvst1nG 21 napja
So many gems. Lets make this go viral
STOP wasting your life (2020)
Megtekintés 6 M
STOP Saying "I Love You"
Megtekintés 3,5 M